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Sturgeon Bay Swingers

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Black Ring, Right Hand - How to tell if someone's a swinger - [quote=EVILDOERS]OMG! Just had a client walk in and notice my black tungsten wedding ring (I've had one for a couple of years now.) He told me that it I were to wear it on my right hand it would indicate I was gay. [/quote] There are some gays who wear their wedding rings on their right hands (solidarity against "the man" who doesn't let them marry, etc.) -- but "black" isn't a specific thing in the gay community as far as I can tell from some quick research. The middle finger on the right hand is apparently reserved for the asexuals. (People who aren't interested in sex). Although given that there are roughly 8 such people in the United States, I wouldn't stress too much over being confused with that community. If this gets any more complex, we're going to need a right-hand-ring governing body. =) I view the black-ring on a swinger-looking couple as the final checkbox of "oh.. yup.. definitely swingers... look.. both wearing black rings on the right hand". If I just saw a random person with a black ring on a right finger, I wouldn't think anything of it. I would just like to see it become more of a thing in Utah, like it is elsewhere in the country. =) My wife and I wear ours when we go out together for date-night... otherwise we don't bother with them. I know none of this will stop folks from screaming and yelling at how ridiculous it is -- But if you ARE going to scream and yell, don't forget to continuously remind as many people as possible how much credibility you have on the matter because you used to swing with the Flinstones. (On our swingers cruise recently, we DID enjoy the many stories from the elderly about what it was like to swing before the days of the internet... so this thread has become a bit like a free tropical vacation, in that sense!).

Swinger & 🦄 Bait - An experiment to attract swingers and unicorns. - Stopped at the Draper, UT Harmon’s today. Searched and searched. No sign of any LS folk. Did find some yummy Bread Cheese and Goat Cheese. Is there such a thing as unicorn cheese? Anyone ever milk a unicorn?

OK, the smell just pissd you off what do you do? - - NEVER WAS ASKED TO GO WASH UP , may be when i was a child mom rushed my in bathtub, since i know how to shit i would not leave the toilet with out makeing sure with hot water and plug my finger 3 inch deep to make sure i am clean !!! i would ask you to prove yourself by real seal for some one who put a tissue in to your ass or mouth and found it clean if you are so offended by me seeking advice from other swingers on such uncomfortibule issue it should rase some eyebrowes .lol.

Rock Hill or Close by!!!!!!!!! - Whats Up(2 Questions) - wondering are their really any swingers who isnt afraid of rules and respect what the other couple wants. are their really any swingers who will meet that are not into alot fo e-mail tag,phone calls,etc? Heck,,look at us...if we are that god ugly,,,let us know and we will retire. been having to much bad luck here lately with to many bullshitters and want a be'ssssssssss J&C

Anything but Habits?! - Chill Hangouts? - Thanks guys! Next time you guys do a Meet and Greet there we'll have to come for sure! Sounds like a fun place! Do lots of swingers go there on a normal basis? Does anyone know about Metro Bar on Friday nights? I heard that could be lots of fun too?!

This one time at Swingers Camp - Discussion about N by N camp out - Damn we missed meeting so many people most we didn't even know went up there so just a idea how about another campout before the end of the year. To all we met thanks and to all we didn't meet hopefully next time. Thanks again host hostess and all that helped

The Forum - For What It's Worth - [quote=FREERIDESTL] LTFOL...WTF are you talking about? LOL [/quote] guess you ain't been here long then: http://www.swingular.com/swingers/i/5254/ so whatever did happen to GSC and their tantrum?

Why are there so many swingers from Utah? - - Hey, Florida can hold it's own her too!

Single Male Market - Need feedback on a feature idea. - So maybe the couples and females who use this Male Market, need to register as do the males, and put out a new pic every 3 months too..... Not sure about that aspect of the proposal as I do know a lot of people in my area and do not really want my face out there for anyone who signs up to see. Perhaps that Idea of allowing us to manage the photos like we do now to reveal to specific people. Wait, register males, couples and females, to register or be a member of the male market, control pictures as to who sees them, Hey that sounds like what swingular already is..... It is called membership..... or subscription. There are way too many who rather than allow or accommodate single males, that are REAL and participate and mind the rules of etiquette, set by the couples, who are doing everything to exclude them. I am a great guy, and I know several others here from meet and greets, who really fit well with couples or single ladies. I have had some great and regular fun with members of this site. I admit there are several really jackass guys on here looking for God who knows what, but there has to be a better way, than to segregate the "single guys" from the rest of the heard. Some casual meetups I have had on here, were kind of sketchy. Going in, I had some of the same concerns about the couple that many of you say you have about the single males on here. Turned out it was great fun for all involved. I have had some really rotten couples here who play the same games that are complained about on single men. We are all adults on here (supposedly) and should be able to be aware and savvy on here that we don't have to have mother or father always looking to protect us from every little peanut, fall or stumble by writing really hard software, then get all kinds of complaints about their work that does not match each and every special member. This lifestyle is not an exclusive right for the "Elite talk a lot, do nothing Swingers" who seem to make all the rules. There seems to at times to be a lack of civility. This site has served me well for a lot of years. I just don't know about the reason for all of this new proposal, what is really behind it, and why now. Don't even reply with dumb, sarcastic reply's, it is my opinion, and I don't want to hear from the crackpot regulars, as much as from those who have positive responses to the problem...

Swingers Party - Doesnt mean who ever is there is open to everyone elsa - Just because you fall down on your bicycle doesn't mean you quit riding it :-) -D-

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