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If you are looking for Swingers in Illinois, then Swingular is the place for you. We have hundreds of thousands of swingers all over Illinois looking to meet new people. Choose a city for a list of Illinois Swingers in your area. If you do not see your city, choose the closest city to you as it will show you swingers within 100 miles of the city in you Illinois selected.


Illinois Swingers

Not getting much action on here - - Swingsites, I think, are dying a slow, painful death and one day in the not too distant future will probably cease to exist. We've been on a number of sites since the early days of the interwebs and most have gone under...and the two we're still on are in danger of becoming extinct. There are just too many other platforms and apps that make it easy for people, especially younger swingers who are already predisposed to use those methods, to find and hook up with other people. It's really too bad because swingsites offer an arguably better, more discreet, way for people to browse other's profiles and pics in relative safety before they decide to venture off to meet.

Male anal stimulation - - And some wonder why the norms of the world call swingers perverts. There a lot of women that don

Lifestyle parties - - well alecia, you have been to my store and you are a very beautifull young lady, and a swingers party should be meet and greet, and not judge by color, sex or sexual oriantation, all on this site should be willing to know someone before judgeing them, so let start a party of all swingers big small, tall gay straight, bi invited all luv all walt

Sturgis 2009 - - I plan on riding out with some vanilla friends. which wont be as much fun as it would if they were in swingers though! any single swinging ladys going that would like to ride with me? let me know.

Just curious are we the only ones? - Just curious are we the only ones? - The black-ring on the right-hand has quickly become the new "standard" on how to tell if someone's a swinger in public. (No, it's not a sure-indicator, but it's gaining traction FAST in the swinger community -- especially outside of Utah where Swingular isn't so well known, and there's not so much of a swinger-bubble). - It started off as a discussion on Kasidie a few years ago. (Many people think it's been around longer, but I've never seen any verified instance of it referenced prior to about 5 years ago... would love to be corrected on this with hard proof, however). - Several swingers bloggers and podcasters picked it up and endorsed it. - Almost all of the larger online swinger communities are now endorsing it. - It's even been mentioned a few times on PBTV's show "Swing". - We recently went on a swingers cruise and saw LOTS of couples wearing them. It's actually got some real traction..... The great thing is that it's small. It's cheap. It's not obvious to anyone else. It's easy to 'deny' if you ever ARE caught ("Oh.. I just liked the ring..").. My wife and I both wear them now... But we've never seen them "in the wild" in Utah... We found that they made a great conversation starter. More Info here: - - - Swingular tends to create a little bit of a bubble for us Utah people... since the rest of the country uses other sites. The black-ring concept is trending elsewhere, nationally... and not so much in Utah.

Gym - - [quote=EVILDOERS]Gold's in Bountiful is FULL of nasty swingers. [em]Emo_12[/em] At least one class teacher and one trainer. [em]Emo_89[/em] [/quote] Really? Both of us are there all the time and never realized. I've never though to look good for the gym I really just go to work out. If you ever see a red head guy lifting weights or in yoga or a lady with a brace on her right arm in zumba there feel free to ask if they are PandJ we will probably get really excited.

Obama's Roadtrip - - [quote]Fair enough. Then why rely on them for anything that likely wasn't adequately studied?[/quote] Likely just does not do it for me...When the numbers are given AND shown how they were gathered, I tend to believe they are fairly accurate. [quote]Let's take your Pepsi/Coke example. There is likely nothing befuddling about your scenario. Just one possibility: Where are the two Florida products bottled? Maybe it's the water.[/quote] Both bottled locally, it is chalked up to being a preferance thing. In WI, lived there for a while, it was called pop or soda, unless a VERY specific thing was needed, a Mountain Dew for instance. In the south, it is a Coke no matter what it is. If someone in the south offers a Coke, it could be Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Diet Rite, Sam's Club Soda, etc. [quote]I'm glad you agree with the logic. My Bachelor's is in Social Welfare (Psych Minor). Human nature is only a bitch of a thing when you get out there a few standard deviations. The bulk of us are as predictable as rats.[/quote] Believe it or not, I have 2 BA's (econ and int. rel.) with a minor in social work. So I am very aware of social science standards and SOME believe that we're predictable. If you have a smaller sample, we are fairly predictable, especially when the sample is taken from a specific group of people (swingers for instance, better yet, swingers in a specific region), once you get to the larger populations (nationwide for instance), human behavior is not easily quantified. Try being the ONLY conservative in all the social work classes, it was fun! Then again, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. [quote]I propose that as an economist you are simply looking at things with a limited perspective. [/quote] Possibly, but I also have a rare ability to look at it from an outsider's view.... [quote]There is simply no question that if a person's basic needs (food and shelter) are met, there is less motivation to risk the consequences of violating societal rules.[/quote] I can see the logic of this, however, we are Americans, we always want MORE, we are constantly bombarded with images of MORE, we are constantly told that without MORE we are incomplete, etc. What are the consequences of violating societal rules? Food, shelter, clothing, TV, etc? Really tough there. Look at prisons in Mexico, if your family does not provide, you starve, more than likely. THAT is consequences, it is a deterrant (sp?). IMHO, one of the reasons for our increased crime rates is the lack of public punishment. If every time you turned around, you saw a group of people in black and white stripes mowing lawns, trimming trees, etc. on the side of the road in leg chains, it would cut crime considerably. If they did public executions, it would cut crime dramatically. Then again, I am a staunch supporter of heavy penalties for crimes, especially when they are repeat offenders, most of the social scientists are not. They want more rehab and such, which I also support, BUT only for first timers, not for repeat offenders. Anyway, I am thoroughly enjoying our debate... Next!

Secret Swingers Club Ogden, UT - Clubs - It’s open to the public, so yes if you meet the dress code and show up you will be accepted in. It isn’t exclusive to LS and there will definitely be a mix of vanilla in there too.

Cumming - In pussy or mouth - There is nothing sweeter than cumming deep inside a woman. And where we are not super active swingers we do have one friend who we have known for a long time and know his sexual history extensively, and there have been a couple occasions where he came inside her and Oh my hell was it hot and even hotter when i unloaded inside of her after him.

Hosting a swingers Party - - Two things which may cause problems.. Does OK have any laws which prohibit or limit or place restriction on the number of people who can be in a room or place for the purpose of having consensual sex? And as part of the first question, Is there a restriction on how many may have sex together... like sodomy laws..? Then if you collect money for any purpose it may be considered a business and a permit may be required to meet state law? Two clubs in NC in different locations have closed because of violation of state liquor laws. The parties have been being held in one place for 5 yrs and it was on private property and they charged nothing save for a "donation" to defray costs of setups and food that they supplied for their parties. The local constabulary determined that the Booze that was present (this is a BYOB situation and no liquor sold) in the home(which they called a business) without a license is in violation of state liquor law. They couldn't bust them for sex violations since NC cannot see behind closed doors. BTW both of these places conducted parties on Saturday nights regularly.. So please check regulatory bodies about sex laws and about liquor laws.. Tell them point blank that you want to have a lifestyle party in a public building in a suit or group of rooms that will be closed to the general public and that no alcohol will be sold or served but that people are encouraged to bring what they wish to drink and like any responsible person you will not allow people to drink and drive..You know that if people get intoxicated and have an accident the people who own the bar or who threw the party can be held responsible for contributing to that accident. You can have lifestyle parties without hard booze.... and have plenty of coffee abvailable for people who need or want it.. Be careful who you invite too..know who is at your party that they are not from the local constabulary.. Oh and NO DRUGS allow in the door.. Drugs on the premises can get people arrested who have nothing to do with drugs and you arrested as the people who rented or own the property. Just a few pit-falls that could cum up an bite you in the butt.

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