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If you are looking for Swingers in Illinois, then Swingular is the place for you. We have hundreds of thousands of swingers all over Illinois looking to meet new people. Choose a city for a list of Illinois Swingers in your area. If you do not see your city, choose the closest city to you as it will show you swingers within 100 miles of the city in you Illinois selected.


Illinois Swingers

Handling aging and lifestyles - How do you handle getting older? - [quote=HYM4CYN]Something none of us can control at present is growing older. For most of us, getting older means physical and some mental changes. These changes have a tendency to make us less desirable especially to the younger crowds, yet the minds of the maturing swingers still feel the need for participation along with the attraction for others. So, the questions are: How do you handle getting older and finding yourself less attractive to others and less involved. And, what are your age boundaries, if any. The youngest you will participate with and the oldest you will friend and why. We have our own opinions, we will express later, but we would like to see what others think.[/quote] We have no age boundaries, when we were in our 20's we would play with people up to their 60's. Now that we are in our 40's, we play with couples in their 20's occasionally. We had played with couples younger than our youngest kid lol. Our secret? If a couple does not like us there may be a million reasons for us to worry about it. We had been turned down by older and way less attractive couples than us. We just move on to the next one, stay positive and don't overthink shit.

Single Men Meeting Couples - Are Single Men Treated Un Fairly In The Lifestyle - In an earlier response someone wrote: ______________________________________________________________________________ *** Short & Sweet: In our opinion, we don't view single men in the swinging lifestyle as swingers - more like single men wanting to have easy sex (most of them anyway) with someone else's wife. They bring nothing to the "table" that another man "within a couple" could bring. *** ______________________________________________________________________________ What anyone brings to the table in the lifestlye is highly subjective; it would greatly depend on what you were looking for in the first place wouldnt it? While we have met quite a few single men who were lying assholes, we have also met as many who were complete gentleman who earned our respect and trust. As for having "easy" sex with someone else's wife...well, it shouldnt be all that easy should it? That is, unless we as couples are as indiscriminate as the single men are about with whom we have sexual relations. What is the proverbial "table" anyway? What you bring to the "table" is YOU, or yourselves if you are a couple. What you have to offer can only be valued by those who would recognize and appreciate your contribution. It isn't a swap meet. (My wife for your wife.) That is a classic misconception about who we are and what we do as lifestylers. During the "key " parties of the 70's this was the general attitude, but those days are gone. We are a much more sophisticated breed now, who have exprienced a sexual evolution unlike anything our parents could have imagined, thanks to the addition of the internet and sites like this one. There are GAY swinging couples comprised of 2 MEN. We have no desire to date them, but we do not disagree with their right to participate....Are they swingers? Absolutely! Why not? They seek what we do for all of the same reasons. Who are we to determine their place, or value in the lifestyle? A lot of couples take a very narrow view on this subject, which to me is very sad. I am here to tell you that the word "swinger" is absolutely NOT synonymous with the phrase "wife swapper". That archaic, stupid phrase only hurts us as lifestylers, and is not truly representative of who we are, and what we do. "Threesome" does not ONLY imply 2 women and a man. We come in all flavors, with varying desires and fantasies to fullfill. Many times (and we have seen this too many times to count in the last 13 years swinging) it is the MAN of the COUPLE who is too insecure to allow HIS wife to be with another man, 3some or couple! So they only date single women... or attempt to atleast. LoL. I am not saying that this is true for everyone. But I have seen it too many times to count. The hypocrisy is staggering. Everyone makes choices, and we are all free to make them. We do not judge those who choose to only date couples. YES, there are single male assholes in the world. The fact that they are single does NOT make them a health risk. Swinging COUPLES have far more sex than ANY of the single men I know! Most of the COUPLES we know have done things in the clubs that these poor guys can only jerk off too in their dreams, with far far more regularity. A well dressed, well mannered, MATURE, professional male who is not cheating on his spouse, looking to attempt cause trouble in someone's marriage, and wants to have a great time with an honest couple is out there. We have met scores of them! Police officers, doctors, lawyers, business cant sell me that they are all midnight "corner store" Johns looking for a cheap sexual fix with any pussy that comes along. Geesh, guys have standards too. I have FAR MORE sex than ANY single man I know! And so do the rest of you couples! Unless ofcourse they are college kids, and then....come on! What wild and crazy college aged 22 year old man ISNT looking for pussy in bars and strip clubs? Is THAT who you would swing with anyway? If there were as many single women swinging as single men, there would be quite a few single WOMEN assholes out there too. We live right next to The University of Maryland, so I employ some of the biggest hookers I have seen anywhere, anytime. I say, pick through the weeds, be selective about with whom you have sex (shouldn't we anyway?), and let the chips fall where they may. Thats what the lifestyle is all about. Just my $1.25... Luvbugs! (mR.) ;)

Sturgis 2014 - The wife and I are wanting to know where the swingers play @ Sturgis - Been to Sturgis three times all three times stayed at the Chip. It was a blast non stop partying. Lots of sexy people and you make of it what you want out of it. The thing we like about the Chip is the concert line up. Big bands included with the cost of the camping for the week. A few restrictions but not many. Don't know if they have concerts at Glenco but we wouldn't mind checking it out some year. Wont make it this year it seems to run with the BBR in Idaho every year. Have fun and hope to ride with a few of you this summer. Dave and Jackie

Bubulaplease - Confidentiality - [quote=PROVOCATIVE]While we're talking confidentiality, I read an article about our future president's plan to increase domestic spying once again. He's also called for a boycott of Apple because they won't allow the government to have a backdoor into their phones. Texts to Android phones, however, are vulnerable, even when they originate from an iPhone. Phone data is also at risk. The article mentioned that apps like Signal and What's App are the only ones that are government hack-proof, but the person you are texting must have the same app. Another question I have to ask is: How safe is the Swingular phone app? I'm hesitant to use it on my phone after the inauguration. [/quote] The NSA probably already knows you're swingers. And if they don't, Google almost for SURE does! lol And as far as increased domestic surveillance after the inauguration, I think you only really need to worry if you're, like, a Muslim...or a minority...or a liberal...or a woman. [em]Emo_10[/em]

Swinger & 🦄 Bait - An experiment to attract swingers and unicorns. - People have tried many ways to signal to others, I think they work but others may be apprehensive to approach me. I do get a lot of smiles.

New to this all - - Single guys don't exactly have an easy time of it in the swinging world. It's made up mostly of couples with the occasional Unicorn (single female), and many couples have a "we're trading, but you're not providing the female part of the trade" attitude, which goes all the way back to when what is now called swinging was called wife swapping. And the vast majority of couples who are interested in inviting a single person to play with them are looking for a female, not a male. There just aren't very many people looking for a single male, and there are tons of single guys looking to be involved. So the numbers are against you. Besides that, it's hard for a single male to meet people. They're allowed to attend only a very, very few parties and/or events unless they have a female with them. Even the male half of a known swinging couple often isn't welcome if the female half isn't with him. He may be in a couple, but without the woman he's just another single guy. Your best chance at someone being interested in you is online at a site like this. But, again, there are gazillions more single males than there are people looking for them, so the competition is pretty tough. To be a "winner", you usually need to be relatively young, pretty good looking, and fairly fit. Unlike in the outside world, what the guy looks like is more important than what the girl looks like. So if you want to generate any interest, you have to post pics. And while nudes are a good idea if you have the body for it, straight dick pics are not, unless it's 10 inches long or something. And even then it might be a turn off more than a turn on for lots of people. If you don't have any pics of yourself posted, those difficult odds you face morph into impossible odds. If you do manage to attend any parties or events, chill. Don't be aggressive. Single males have a rep for assuming that any woman at a swinger's function wants to jump into the sack with them. From what I've seen, most single males aren't really like that, but enough are that single guys get labelled as a group, so the best way to behave is as if the woman you're talking to is someone you just met at some "normal" party. The only real difference between a swinging woman and a "normal" woman, whether she's single or in a couple, is that she doesn't think that it's necessary to be in some kind of a relationship with someone in order to have sex. Female swingers are just as selective as women in general, and while her presence at a swinging party does mean she's interested in sex, she might not be interested right then, or she might not be interested in you. And a good way to turn that interest off if it's there is to act like it's a given that she wants you. The most important thing to remember is that it's always up to the woman. Whether anything happens, and if it does just what happens, is her decision. So post some pics, be just as respectful to any swinger women you might meet as you would be to any non-swinger woman and if she's part of a couple be respectful to her man, and good luck.

Unanswered emails - Why do people not take the time to respond? - Well we have to agree with everything \"CHAMMY-FL\" wrote ..we too find ourselves busy in life with working out,working,running 2 of our own forum boards as we only seem to answer e-mails from cpls that strike us right away...when we have time we will then go through cpls profiles and pictures. We are not hardcore swingers(which means we do not need to be in the lifestyle every weekend) Hope this helps everyone xoxoxox Jodi & Luke:)

How to find other swingers - - We're working on various items for the 7946437. Vern and I own a full service printshop and we have those bands in stock. Also we would love the opportunity to print for C2S. We love working and networking with those in the lifestlye. Feel free to contact us. Missy & Vern

What about the lifestyle didn't meet your expectations? - Preconceptions and disappointment. - SRO said: "Evil: always good topics you bring to the table. So you think because people like sex they should be good at it? I know a lot of people who love food but suck at cooking. haha. Maybe having too many options on the table can also make people lazy. I don't have to try hard if I know tomorrow is another partner. To some it's the quantity and not the quality. But I can see why the expectation would be there." While I agree with your premise in principle, I would argue that by sheer repetition alone swingers would eventually have to get at least a LITTLE better at sex...or succumb to swinger Darwinism and 'de-select' themselves from the lifestyle. LOL

fantasy football league free trying to get only swingers in leag - free autodraft fantasy football league - oh and so ya know you wont find dolphinwolf as one of the teams. I used our other account name wolves4play as my team name. Just she had this account up when I sent out the forum, lmao.

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