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If you are looking for Swingers in Kentucky, then Swingular is the place for you. We have hundreds of thousands of swingers all over Kentucky looking to meet new people. Choose a city for a list of Kentucky Swingers in your area. If you do not see your city, choose the closest city to you as it will show you swingers within 100 miles of the city in you Kentucky selected.


Kentucky Swingers

New Yahoo Messenger ID post - post your yahoo messenger ID here! - We love this site. Swingers are just cool people.

Pet Peeves - What in the lifestyle bug the hell out of you? - Flaky people. People who seem too scared when it comes to having sex. We don't like spending too much time in the butt-sniffing stage. We understand comfort levels but,we are all swingers and you can't learn to swim by sticking your toe in it. Either get in or get out. Married guys posing as single guys or claiming to have a hall pass. Then, for some reason or another, we can't meet with the Mrs. As if we can't see through your bullshit. And last on my list: We did a couple of bukkakes. It was fun but, we are over it now. We don't need any more offers. If we get any more messages that say, "Hey, would you like a cum facial tonight?" we will ignore it. It is a fantasy which has been fullfilled. Thanks but no thanks

Looking to establish a group of safe swingers - - We would love to be a part of it.

Sexy Soft Swappers - Looking for like-minded friends for hanging out and house parties - Hi all - Apologies for the slow response on this, we dropped our initial message in this forum and then the holiday craziness hit, and it has taken us a bit to get back to getting this rolling. We also had so many responses here, and sent to us in person, that gave us a lot more things to think about in creating this sort of group. We are glad to see so many other groups be formed because of this thread, and we have been working with Nakedcouple5150 (Jonsie) above to try and figure out the next best steps. Jonsie is 1000% times more organized than us and has really spearheaded getting all the requests together into some sort of manageable form for us to start creating groups and adding people to them. We immediately ran into a few things though: 1 - we have well over 130 requests to be in the initially proposed Kik group, and Kik only accommodates 50 per group. Could we use Swingular or another app to include everyone? Sure - But, we specifically wanted to hold this in Kik, so that is what we have done and will continue to admin. I think there are several folks who have set up other groups via Swingular or other apps because of this thread, and I encourage you to hit them up if you'd like to join one of those that accommodates more than 50 users. 2 - We started this thread so that "soft" swingers who often feel pressured in the larger events or groups would have a space where they felt expectations were already clear, but, of course, there are various levels of what many of us consider "Soft." So...... What we have done is decide create a few different groups to accommodate the requests and also to try and group like-minded, and geographically relative, people together. When either Jonsie or I send you an invite we will ask you to rate your level of "Softness" on a scale of 1-3, using these definitions: [b]"1: enjoy soft only 90-100% of the time (kissing, touching, rubbing, light fingering, no oral with anyone but your partner, no intercourse with anyone but your partner)Expect not to be pressured or invited to partake in oral or intercourse partner swapping in the Kik group or at events organized via the Kik group. 2: soft 50-90% of the time (kissing, touching, rubbing, fingering, oral, no intercourse with anyone but your partner) Expect not to be pressured or invited to partake in any partner swapping in the Kik group or at events organized via the Kik group. 3: soft 10%-50% of the time and okay with swapping intercourse [/b] Using your response, we will try and put you into the group or groups that fit you best. If you want to save us some time, you can also use this Google Sheet: to fill out your preferences. Just remember that if you use this, people may be able to see your email address in the "shared to/accessed to" list. Obviously, no approach to organizing all of this is perfect, and if you aren't down with how we have chosen to try and tackle it, we definitely encourage you to start your own groups/threads. Thanks to all you sexy softies for your interest and patience :)

The People of Whoville are Swingers! - Adult Humor In Movies - We are slow and aren’t seeing it!

Curious Devil - Political Science Project - Posted By: TEQUILAROSE Reply posted on: Jan 22, 2008 - 9:40 pm -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You're not even validated Devil. You've been on the website less then a year and have less than 2000 profile views. I think we see now, why you are frustrated with swingular and yet here you are. You do know that I am also able to see your private pictures. LOL! Your wife talking to the mike on one of them the other shows her opening her shirt over a pink cup and near a half gallon of liquor. LOL! =D -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Thats because we don't use this site like the others. We have validations on SLS and SDC and LL. 2. Those are pictures of me princess - Mrs. Devils and yeah, we have some dirty pictures LOL Don't most people? and seriously did you call it "talking in the mic"? LMAO. 3. The other picture was at a party ~ ya know those things swingers do in real life ;) I don't drink rum but my friends sure like it, cranberry n vodka is my drink of choice but either way... what are you saying? I'm over 21, are the laws different in Utah or something? hahaha

The vent! - Judgements, I'm so tired of them. -

YMAN48, The Don

Our condolences. As for your problem with swinging is concerned, I think it is that you are single. Most people have a hard time getting couples to come if there are single males allowed. This is been our experience. We are from the Pacific Northwest too and The clubs like the Ace of Hearts in Portland have nights dedicated to single guys and the couples interested. While I think "swinging" is open for anyone's involvement, the majority has always and will most likey always be couples. Most couples don't entertain single males. Those that do, should have the right to do so. However, the majority of us don't. While you maybe one of the exceptionally polite and respectful single males that are few and far between (in our experience), most people do not want to ruin their night being bombarded by single males and most will decline to come. Have you ever thought of bringing a date to the party? You should know that most people like things even. Try bring a date. If you are trying to remount the horse in the swinging scene you are making a mistake. Try normal dating. Trying to change the way people think because your life suddenly changed and took a turn for the worse probably won't do any good. Whether people admit it or not, swinging is a couples thing. If you want to better your chances of success with swingers, you have to play the game. Bring a date. That's best way to put it. Again our sympathy for your loss, good luck. We wish you the best. Perhaps you should put swinging on hold and seek a basic relationship first.... I dunno man.

-Don- "Ich habe einen kleinen Vogel in meinem Kopf."

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Just looking for other couples happy with super soft and no swap - There must be more of us out there? - Im getting so confused. Seems there are so many rules and borders. I was in a room w a soft swap couple and the attitude was rude and didnt even want anyone watching and had the doors closed alone, now Im sorry but why would you go to a swingers club to have sex in a room alone and doors closed, how stupid. Been turned off to "soft swap" ever since. I respect everyone's bag but if you dont respect others, you'r not gonna get it back . Im very glad Im in the vegas swingers scene and not utah anymore.....and BTW any old couples I used to swing w....Mike will be in Vegas soon! lol

swingin - thought this site was a swingers site - TR, NO i am not on here to hear my self bitch i am tired of u fuck nuts getting on everyone forums and fucking it up due to your two cents that isn't worth shit. to bad when u was leaving the site u did not go through with it i would of paid for u to leave i know it would of save a,lot of headache for everyone that r to chicken to stand up to u and the other computer rambos on the site, if u do not like me postsing THEN FUCK NUT WHY DO U KEEP POSTING ON THE FORUM AND U keep bitching about it, i think U r the one u like to hear himself bitch dumb ass have a good day!!!

Single Females/couples. What makes another couple stand out? - - [quote=Marman]What makes a couple stand out to you? We are new and VERY inexperienced. We aren't sure how to be noticed. How to connect with like minded individuals. What draws you to someone's profile? What makes you message them? What keeps you interested?[/quote] The situation in Utah is different than many other localities because there is not much of a club scene. By that I mean swingers clubs, most large cities have at least one or more. These are places where you can meet friends to have sex or fool around or even make new friends. They are very popular in Houston, we have 5 clubs. While its not what we like many younger people do like them. You probably will not meet a single girl but you could meet a couple or single guy. Some couples prefer swinger resorts or cruises for sexual activity with others. We prefer dating other couples and getting to know one another over drinks and if everyone agrees then getting naked and exploring our boundaries. Of course attraction is the first thing we notice but how a couple expresses themselves in their profile really makes a difference for us. Parties are also a great way to meet people and meet and greets are also. We have no problem emailing couples we are interested in or think we might be attracted to and we probably get a response 10% of the time and maybe end up meeting less than half the time. Usually if we meet something happens sexually if everyone agrees and is having fun. Your profile reads well and you are young and attractive. You need more pictures of the both of you even if they are just fully are partially clothed. One pic is unlikely to get the attention you seek. If you want to start with a single lady your chances go down significantly because there are few of them out there and they get to be particular on who they choose to meet. With single men its just the opposite, there are many and they will mostly meet anyone. Look at some of the other profiles and see what you like and try to incorporate that into your profile. If you decide to be really particular on who you meet then you will probably meet fewer people. Patience and a sense of humor about the whole thing will go a long way in helping you have fun times in the lifestyle.

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