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If you are looking for Swingers in Alabama, then Swingular is the place for you. We have hundreds of thousands of swingers all over Alabama looking to meet new people. Choose a city for a list of Alabama Swingers in your area. If you do not see your city, choose the closest city to you as it will show you swingers within 100 miles of the city in you Alabama selected.


Alabama Swingers

Craigslist Personals closed now what... - Craigslist Personals closed now what... - It's a PLOT! Big Swinging has lobbied our lawmakers to take down CL personals so they can charge whatever they want just so poor swingers can get laid. They can HAVE my swinging when they pry my cold dead [em]Emo_9[/em]

Christian Swingers - - Posted By: TEQUILAROSE Reply posted on: Aug 24, 2008 - 5:13 pm -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am an Atheist myself. well well well so are we lol k & a

Christain Swingers? - - I believe that a person can be both a good Christian and a swinger. First you have to remember that anyone can use the Bible to prove any point. Many people do this by pointing to a single verse or even part of a verse. This in itself is wrong. You have to take the entire Book into account. Most of what is preached today has no reference in the bible or there are words from God forbidding it. The Bible teaches us not to worship idols but everywhere you look you see crosses and crufixes. The list goes on and on. Today's organized religion is based more on tradition than anything else. The Ten Commandments do teach us to not commit adultry but here is where interpretation is important. The common synonym for adultery is infidelity as well as unfaithfulness or in colloquial speech, cheating. We always know what the other is doing so we are not commiting adultery.

UTAHFUNFRIENDS - - [quote=utahfunfriends]A female friend and I will be hitting up Park City and looking to meet open minded singles for fun.... I’m new to the area, and wondering if there are any recommended Lifestyle bars or clubs?[/quote] Hmmm, you’re on a swingers site asking about where to meet single people 🤔

Cumming - In pussy or mouth - [quote=Utahldscouple][quote=DELICIOUSLYWET][quote=Utahldscouple]Do you have to choose?[/quote] Not sure what you are asking exactly? If the universe really is totally cause and effect, 100% deterministic, and it only feels like we are choosing, then we don't have to choose, because we really can't choose. If it's not, and we are free to choose, then every decision is a choice. If you mean do we have to choose between playing bareback in an exclusive pre-tested group and or playing with or without protection, outside of the group, well, that's relative to whatever honest agreement the people within the group have chosen and abide by. We have spent more time as swingers outside of any such group. Whether we do or don't agree to play with someone, and then what we all agree to do and or not to do together, with any playmates we meet, always involves some discussion about safety practices and other factors. So out in the general swinger's population there are a lot more maybes which come down to choosing. [/quote] Was saying why choose if in the pussy or in the mouth. If you have a group, can't you get both :D? All lighthearted![/quote] I knew you were just having fun! Me too! No, there is no reason to choose if you have a group. Bareback feels better, taste better, and the list goes on. We are aware that it's impossible to eliminate all risk. Bareback sex is riskier than using condoms. A small intimate exclusive group can be a mitigating factor. Mrs. Delicious has developed a latex allergy. When she plays the guy has to use a non latex condom. Few men carry those with them, even in the swinging lifestyle. If she does not have any with her it kind of eliminates any spur of the moment playtimes.

Christian Swingers - - again cudos to Don, its noones business but mine wether or not I ask for forgiveness from god. and best wishes to everyone wether they do or not have fun playing. jeremy

If you're going to blame your customer - At least remove the evidence it's your fault. - I'm the poster child for every fucking error message, connection problem and browser fuck up imaginable on my POS laptop and I don't have any problems at all. And FWIW I'm on another swing site that's MUCH more expensive than Swingular and there are just as many people complaining about these issues and more. I know a guy who does I.T. for the other swing site and it's a fucking nightmare trying to deal with every possible combination and configuration of OS, browser, server, and ISP out there. Not downplaying the problems you're having, just sayin' it's kinda like a ginormous swing party with uber hot young cuties, old fat farts, drama ridden noobs, posers, maybe a bunch of polys who don't know they aren't really swingers anymore, and about a thousand creepy single guys from Craigslist and then expecting each and every one of them to just get along famously and then play Twister on a huge Twister mat with a dude who only speaks Mandarin Chinese spinning the spinner and calling out the color and body part combos.

The New Neighbors Are Swingers - - So clever. My neighbors growing up had all these. My young self had no idea.

Virtual "Cheap Thrill Seekers" - - We empathize with much of what we have read in this topic so far ... Unfortunately, fakes who try to deceive their way into your bedroom and flakes who get their kicks setting up false dates are all too prevalent, not only on Swingular but throughout the entire swingers' community online. For the past three months, we have wasted tremendous amounts of our precious spare time perusing countless profiles and advts, and writing and responding to countless emails and text messages. Despite our concerted almost-daily effort,` we have met only two genuine couples. The vast majority of people we have had contact with over the past 3 months have been fakes or flakes ... and we refuse to play their game any more. These people only exist and thrive on sites like this, and make our pastime difficult and unpleasant, because we allow them to. Evildoers is correct in his/her statement that digital technology has made it easier for people to pretend to be something they are not ... But that depends entirely on the technology being used, which we will discuss in a moment. We (genuine couples) cannot eradicate flakes and fakes from sites like this one, but there are simple commonsense steps we can all take to take the fun out of their participation here. 1. Only communicate with certified/verified couples or females. This is not infallible, but it will reduce the amount of fakes/flakes you come into contact with. 2. Publicly expose and shame all fakes and flakes using the forum. If Swingular doesn't like the forum being used this way they can delete the countless number of posts they will receive, else provide another suitable avenue. 2a. If Swingular doesn't come to the party, start up an online "Flake-o-Dex". It's not as problematic as it sounds if you already have website hosting ( :D ). The major problems with this are getting the site known so people will use it, and moderating the site to ensure that only genuine complaints are posted. But these problems are not insurmountable. 2. Screen your prospects. Stop communicating in text or email after the initial contact ... Advise them by text, email (or on your profile page) that you will want to meet them on webcam (Skype or Swingular videochat) before any real-life meeting. For the most part, fakes and flakes won't contact you again, but if they do, a no-show on cam is far less inconvenient and costly than a no-show in real-life. If a couple or single female are genuine swingers who truly interested in a real life sexual encounter, they should have no inhibitions in meeting you privately on cam. 3. If you only want to meet real couples or females, put yourselves in a place where you will only meet real people and where real people can meet you. Fakes thrive in the anonymity of text-only groups and hate videochat because they can't hide who they are ... So make use of the Swingular Video chat room and stop using text-only groups like Kik to meet people. We both met in a video/text chat room in 2008 (and were living in two separate countries at the time). Many of the people in the room were hiding their faces until they got to know each other (including us, initially) but, from day 1, we could determine everyone's gender and general appearance. Still anonymous (for those that wanted it that way) but no fakes there and none of the problems that are occurring on this site. Well that's our view on the matter ... Whether you choose to consider and try our suggestions is entirely up to you. :)

West/Midwest vs. South Swinger population - - So we have noticed that Utah has a majority of the swing-ulation (swing population) on the site and we're thinking it's because here in Ut. We are denied such liberties such as good beer, gay marriage, being able to buy booze in the grocery store, legalized pot, a corner or city block that dosen't have a Mormon church on it, or a town without a Temple being planned or built! So we figure Utah swingers are mostly either church defectors or people who are just plain fed up with our Mormon dictated state so what we do we do to rebel?? We hump each other alot lmao Utah is here by tagged as the Swinger Capitol of the Great United States of America!! So God bless Utah and this guys wife blowing me lol

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