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If you are looking for Swingers in New Jersey, then Swingular is the place for you. We have hundreds of thousands of swingers all over New Jersey looking to meet new people. Choose a city for a list of New Jersey Swingers in your area. If you do not see your city, choose the closest city to you as it will show you swingers within 100 miles of the city in you New Jersey selected.

New Jersey Swingers

swingin - thought this site was a swingers site - No-one much on this site are even from our area anyway. Gumby up baby!

Swingers gone bad?? - -


It is a double standard, because it is wrong both ways. A teenaged boy is in his prime during this age and is victimized by the older woman because she is using his heightened libido as a means to seduce him. He, being underaged and immature, is not able to make a sound decision just as a female, the same age, would not be. Many people don't view it the same way because guys, as teens, would not usually decline such an offer. We fellow guys can sympathize with the kid. It is not the kid we are talking about though. It is the adult commiting the crime. So to ask guys what they would've done in that circumstance is irrelevant. It is still a matter of an adult taking advantage of the na

swingin - thought this site was a swingers site - If I look at my life in general I spend a hell of a lot more time talking about a whole lot of things, compared to talking sex...and even less time actually having sex....SO I guess we do have to fill the rest of the day after those exciting 20 seconds....

Sturgis 2009 - - I plan on riding out with some vanilla friends. which wont be as much fun as it would if they were in swingers though! any single swinging ladys going that would like to ride with me? let me know.

Moving - - Justin- You might want to look deeper into what Utah is all about before you dive in. Just because you can see a few hundred swingers that appear to be cool, doesn't mean that the other 2.2 million Utahns are so accepting and fun. Living in Utah has some very good benefits (aside from the abundance of swingers)- these include the mountains, the desert, the skiing/snowboarding, hiking, biking, boating, camping, etc. pretty much whatever you want to do here, it is available. We have four distinct seasons, which are nice, if you like hotter than hell summers and super cold winters. The negative side to living in Utah is a little more hidden, and harder to explain. Simply put, if you don't fit in to the predominant culture (conservative, religious, Caucasian) you might not be happy here. Not that there aren't liberal, non-religious, non-white people here, but many locals look down on anyone who is 'different.' Also with one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, and with less jobs available than most places, it might be difficult to find work in Utah. I hope I haven't pissed anyone off with my reply... Just trying to give Justin (and everyone else) a little bit of insight on what Utah is about Mr U

Staying a couple in the lifestyle - - [quote=Sofutosuwappu]Our experience so far: Religious > naturist > meet naturists/nudists who are swingers > soft swap > non-religious > full swap with couples same room > full swap separate room Thoughts?[/quote] Wow - what a great thread Sofutosuwappu! I just read some of these responses today. We're actually shocked! Evil - 60 couples . . . WOW! This has not been our experience at all. While we are relatively new in the LS (since 2015) and we definitely have less LS play experience than most who have commented - our experience has been very different from that described . . . both in terms of our own evolution, but also in terms of what we have personally witnessed with friends. ALL of the couples we have met in the LS are still together and in loving long-term relationships (as far as we know). Part of that may be dumb luck . . . part of it may be in the 'rules' we set for ourselves. We don't play separately . . . part of the fun is seeing your partner receive joy, pleasure, and excitement! We also specifically seek out people in Long Term relationships . . . and we have stayed away from profiles that intimated a DTF (down to fuck) kind of mind set. Not that there is anything wrong with that - we don't judge . . . just not something we have been interested in. We are attracted to beautiful relationships. As for our own evolution . . we are STILL very religious, we jumped into the LS first . . . and THEN became nudists 🤣 We have made only a slight adjustment to our play style from our first adventure, and we have no interest in becoming 'non-religious' - we have found the LS to be a continuation or advancement of our understanding of the Judeo-Christian commandment to 'Love One Another'. Maybe we just haven't been in long enough . . . maybe we are self-deluded and are secretly living a life of cognitive dissonance . . . but so far so good. One HUGE change is that when we first started in the LS . . . we thought we would want to be completely anonymous . . . going so far as to create 'fake names' etc. (I know . . . but we were still virgins . . . we feel SOME guilt about that . . . but we have subsequently repented!😉) We thought that the less people knew about us . . . the better. That changed 180 degrees within the first 6 months of our stumbling into this LS. Now . . . we only seek friends . . . who can be genuine friends . . . and if that progresses to any type of sexual exploration . . . all the better . . . but the friendship rules. I'm sure we still have a lot to figure out in this regard - but we cherish our new and longer-term friendships . . . and honestly can't wait to spend time with these people. We are missing the summer live concert venues . . . and we can't wait till the next time we meet with friends. If that makes us 'poly-amorous' . . . then consider us 'guilty as charged' - We have somehow managed to maintain significant and deep friendships with just about everyone we've played with. We don't see that changing. Hope that helps - thought it might as far as providing an alternate perspective. We love the authenticity and honesty shown to us by friends in the LS - we honestly have a hard time now maintaining vanilla relationships . . . whats the point??🤷‍♂️ Thank you all for the riveting discussion!

International Swingers Day - How are you celebrating? - [quote=EVILDOERS]We left some Jager and condoms out for the god Eros and then had the fam over for a big celebration. [img][/img][/quote] guy on back with solo cup [img][/img]

Saturday up North - who's out for fun in the ogden area tonight? - Dear smedine beep in the swingular system maybe... but I still am in clearfield utah, and still have the nasty!!!!! store and giving 50% off to swingular swingers today on all items.. and maybe free if things go well smiles if you know what I mean lol. so come see me and say hi so remember are friend at swingular 50% off thats one hell of a deal on adult toys...!!!!!! thanks luv all walt 801-525-1583 store phone....;)

Explain why you like being a swinger - - Hold on. This a Swingers site. We thought it was the PTA! Swinging has awakened the animal that lurks inside of us and allowed us to embrace it and savor all the tasty wonders we have encountered.

Utah moms (Mormon) TikTok drama - - [quote=Gitterdone]I don't know who that person is but I do know that swingers will ways throw others under the bus. It's happened to me several times mostly to get with the female I was with. Men will tattle on each other in hopes that the female will leave and run to him which never did work. Nonetheless the attempt was there. They ways tell and swingers always talk. Yet this entire time I've kept so many secrets about others and never will reveal anything. Too bad no one else does. I've been around for a long time in the lifestyle especially when I was a couple. We knew about marriages breaking up. Two of who I know personally. Actually three now that I think about it. I'll never name anyone. All I ask is the same respect and keep it to yourself.[/quote]We don’t understand it. We get misery loves company but why sink everyone around because you are jaded.

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