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If you are looking for Swingers in Iowa, then Swingular is the place for you. We have hundreds of thousands of swingers all over Iowa looking to meet new people. Choose a city for a list of Iowa Swingers in your area. If you do not see your city, choose the closest city to you as it will show you swingers within 100 miles of the city in you Iowa selected.


Iowa Swingers

Other than the SLC spice party? - Who's not going? - We're not going I agree With D&T please Express your opinions it gives me something to read LOL Anyhow My Opinions,, Having never been to a spice party I cant Judge an actual spice party. I went to a party with the same crowd and felt like I was at a middle school dance where I just wanted to be a wallflower and pretend I wasnt there. Very Clicky, I am sure If I became a regular there and got to know some of the people I am sure that would change. But I dont want to. I will point out that I felt the same way at my first party from another group.. However in the crowd we prefer to hang around Its the same way (we're like Arent those the spice party people Ewwww !) Just kidding ! we dont really. However we dont go out of our way to go over and chat with these people either. We have met Robert and Jen, (got our VIP LOL) and M & M and well all the other couples everyone is picking on here and they all seem nice enough Are we a match as swingers and potential sex partners Nope leave it at that the reasons are obvious. I am way too much man for them to handle LOL... Happy new year to all our friends tip a few back for us We're homebound NYE this year Blew the wad on christmas.

Whats wrong with our profile? - - ok.. did some only 22 couples in colorado between the ages of 25 to 40, that have pics, and have logged in, in the last 5 days.... just not alot of colorado swingers on this site....

Wear your damn masks! - COVID-19 and your junk! - [quote=DELICIOUSLYWET]We can’t just wander around COSTCO not wearing a condom and give the people around us an STD. Yes as lifestyle people we are already somewhat predisposed to a somewhat riskier social life than what a lot of other people might find acceptable for themselves. With a virus that’s airborne it’s not that difficult to pass it along with out the consent or such close proximity a sex to those around us. Hence, the mask recommendations. Swingers that don’t understand respect an or consent, will tend create drama.[/quote] Amen. Particularly the last sentence in your opine.

We have heard about it many times........... - Couples that are swingers - Thanks for all the great advice. We still would love to hear more. In this specific situation we had talked about boundries and thought we all understood them. The first time the guy came and then kinda got wierd as my husband was still with his wife. That should have been a huge red flag for us. The next night they still wanted to hang out and confirmed with us they were cool with everything and how he is just shy. So we decided to give it another try. We thought the way he handled it was very rude and immature. Granted when things get started your feelings may change after you have already started but you should never just walk out. We would have understood and if he would have told us how he felt. We will take this as a learning experience and hope it doesn't happen again. Again, still open to more advice.....

Tooele swingers party 2 - Doing our second party - So we were going to try for the 20th but unfortunately my wife will be workingso were going to rry to move it up or do it the following weekend. But it will be this month ;-p ill be sure to contact thos interested and we will make a kik group once we hammer out our plan.

Jewellery, logos, etc to identify other swingers - We would like info on websites catering to discreet items to let others "know" we are in the lifestyle - you know thinking about a Necklasce or a Bracelet would be cool something for the girls and the guy not just one

Are you still interested! - Dynamics amoung swingers - Actually, we can't seem to figure out what the f...k anybody in "the lifestyle" wants. It is becoming one of the most frustrating things we have ever done. Everyone seems to have all these issues, rules, drama, etc., etc. I thought we were all just trying to have some sexual fun. It's almost like a second job. Geez!

Black Ring - Who has theirs and how have they caught on? - [quote=IN_UR_DREAMS]Explain the black ring thing further. My personal situation is I am not a swinger, I am not part of a couple, I just happened to get involved with a swinger couple and my guy gave me a profile on here. So I don't count as a swinger, I'm just a single girl who likes dick very very much. And people involved with swingers are a good source for easy NSA dick. But I have no problem wearing a piece of jewelry that might let other people see that I have a wild side. As it seems, no one notices, but if more people try? Like seriously if there is a special ring or other piece of jewelry that announces to the world I am a slut and proud of it, count me in. [/quote]Your getting a collar, when can we got to the pet store?

Mon chalet - Swingers motel - Mon chalet was a great place for the weekend its a must try hot us up if you want info

Saturday up North - who's out for fun in the ogden area tonight? - Dear smedine beep in the swingular system maybe... but I still am in clearfield utah, and still have the nasty!!!!! store and giving 50% off to swingular swingers today on all items.. and maybe free if things go well smiles if you know what I mean lol. so come see me and say hi so remember are friend at swingular 50% off thats one hell of a deal on adult toys...!!!!!! thanks luv all walt 801-525-1583 store phone....;)

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