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Texas Swingers

Secret Swingers Club Ogden, UT - Clubs - Oh wow! That is awesome to know!

Single Males - - [quote=CTA313][quote=EVILDOERS] ...get a girl to join you....Not only do you now "bring more to the table", but you have the added credibility that if you can find and finesse a girl into joining you in this little adventure we call swinging (whether it be a girlfriend, a wife, a second cousin twice removed, or just a hot fwb) you might just not be a giant douchecopter.[/quote] Ignoring the need to "finesse" someone and unhealthy gender stereotypes in general, this line of reasoning is a little troubling as it presumes that a male's company is inherently worth less. Or that an absence of semi-romantic relationships somehow speaks poorly of his character. I personally think approaching someone whom you aren't already fairly close with and soliciting to go to a swingers party is a bit out of line. Especially if her company is sought as an accessory to demonstrate to others that he is not, as you say, “a douchecopter”. Call me old-fashioned. [quote=EVILDOERS] I know we can't be the only people who secretly wonder just a little bit about some single guys and why they aren't with somebody. Do they secretly hate women (yes, we've met some that actually do), are they just too lazy (or busy, maybe...but hey, we're all busy) to find someone, are they serial killers and/or just not very nice guys? [/quote] Oh, I hope you are! That's a really unfortunate outlook to have. Promising relationships take time to find, let alone build to the requisite amount of trust and stability to try things like this. In the mean time, I don't see anything wrong with someone pursuing their interests while still holding out for someone worthy of their emotional investment. To me, that behavior is quite attractive should be respected! It doesn't get any better than someone who is confident, self-actualized, and motivated to pursue their desires. Sadly, it sounds their gender influences whether this is seen as a desirable trait. I'm not sure how long you've been out of things (30 years?), but it's easy to forget the struggle when you're comfortable in a marriage. Things are more fluid. People don't feel the need to settle down like they used to. [quote=EVILDOERS]I know many will say they've tried and swinging is a deal breaker for most women. After almost 3 decades in the swinging trenches meeting and talking to other people, both couples and singles, we would disagree....many, if not most, women could eventually come around to the idea of swinging once they feel safe and secure in a relationship.[/quote] This is just confirmation bias if the evidence comes from a sample of people you have met while swinging. [quote=EVILDOERS]...those of us who DID put in all the blood, sweat, and tears into a relationship and allow it to grow to the point of daring (don't think for a second we aren't risking a LOT in opening up our relationships to other people!) to allow others access to our significant other sometimes wonder why some others want to take a shortcut to all the sweet swinging bennies with little or no risk on their own part.[/quote] If you're not comfortable sharing your wife with someone you might view as a potential competition, you definitely don't have to. On the other hand, there are a lot of people enjoy it :) This smacks of the old “you must suffer as I did” chestnut. [/quote] Yes, I agree, "finesse" was a poor choice of words. In my defense, I was at work and rather in a hurry to make a point...that apparently I didn't make well (and my attempts to also be humorous apparently fell flat too). Rereading my post it does smack a little of mild gender bias but I can assure you that it wasn't my intent in any way and most certainly is not my outlook on women, relationships or life in general. My intent was simply to advocate approaching swinging as a mutually desirable activity that two partners desire and share equally in. And not that it matters, but I've shared my wife with probably over a hundred men, married and single, and I've never thought of any of them as competition. But I never thought of swinging as "sharing" my wife either, but instead as her deciding to be sexual with another person and me being totally okay with her decision to do so. Sharing her, to me, almost denotes some sort of ownership or at very least some kind of permission that I would have to give. Both those ideas are not a part of our relationship. Perhaps the concept of "competition" in swinging interactions is a single male attitude? I don't know. And I didn't mean it in any way, shape, or form as a "you must suffer as I did" trope but simply as the idea that we invested a LOT of hard work and time making our marriage what it is and together deciding to risk opening it up to the excitement and also the possibility of harm that is swinging. I think, perhaps, that sometimes single people in the lifestyle don't quite understand the very real possibility of permanent damage (or worse) to the relationship that couples who swing are flirting with. For many (most?) of us, our marriages/relationships are THE most precious thing we have. What, if anything, are you risking? A bruised ego?

ADMIN: Survey Says - Site Updates for Priority - We completely agree about the mobile experience. Everything is mobile now. It would be nice if the groups on Swingular were more useful as it is a bit intimidating to try to replicate somewhere like FB. We would like to be able to message, view profiles, get notifications, etc. via a mobile app and not have to log in to the main swingular (not mobile page) to do much at all. Swingular is definitely the best gathering option for swingers in Utah, but I agree that the experience could drive users to other apps. J&H

Swingers cars??? - What ya driving?? - Looks like the Camaro is the official swinger car. This was the first one in Utah in 2009

Single Male Market - Need feedback on a feature idea. - So maybe the couples and females who use this Male Market, need to register as do the males, and put out a new pic every 3 months too..... Not sure about that aspect of the proposal as I do know a lot of people in my area and do not really want my face out there for anyone who signs up to see. Perhaps that Idea of allowing us to manage the photos like we do now to reveal to specific people. Wait, register males, couples and females, to register or be a member of the male market, control pictures as to who sees them, Hey that sounds like what swingular already is..... It is called membership..... or subscription. There are way too many who rather than allow or accommodate single males, that are REAL and participate and mind the rules of etiquette, set by the couples, who are doing everything to exclude them. I am a great guy, and I know several others here from meet and greets, who really fit well with couples or single ladies. I have had some great and regular fun with members of this site. I admit there are several really jackass guys on here looking for God who knows what, but there has to be a better way, than to segregate the "single guys" from the rest of the heard. Some casual meetups I have had on here, were kind of sketchy. Going in, I had some of the same concerns about the couple that many of you say you have about the single males on here. Turned out it was great fun for all involved. I have had some really rotten couples here who play the same games that are complained about on single men. We are all adults on here (supposedly) and should be able to be aware and savvy on here that we don't have to have mother or father always looking to protect us from every little peanut, fall or stumble by writing really hard software, then get all kinds of complaints about their work that does not match each and every special member. This lifestyle is not an exclusive right for the "Elite talk a lot, do nothing Swingers" who seem to make all the rules. There seems to at times to be a lack of civility. This site has served me well for a lot of years. I just don't know about the reason for all of this new proposal, what is really behind it, and why now. Don't even reply with dumb, sarcastic reply's, it is my opinion, and I don't want to hear from the crackpot regulars, as much as from those who have positive responses to the problem...

Advice anyone? - Questions - no baby, most of that was in Utah lol (couple of swingers on here , too). I'm always respectful ( I love women the mostest) and try and have fun. But I am thinking about deleting my account, not really gaining anything or meeting anyone decent. And people don't seem to read my profile. Whats the point, I always work when people come to Vegas anyways. Or I get what should we do or go in Vegas. I'm a tour guide now, but I work for free I guess. I'm in a bad mood sweets, lol, sorry.

Cuckhold? - - Usually a cuckold relationship is when the Wife finds 1 or more dominate lovers. She will usually find all her sexual needs outside of the marriage. Most common is that the husband still pays the bills, maintains the home but isn't allowed to "enjoy" his wife. many times it begins with the Husband being unable to satisfy his wife due to his lack of size or skill. He convinces his wife that she should seek others for her pleasure. She then may find the sex from others to be "better" and then no longer desires sex from hubby. He still loves her so her stays with her, and she loves him just doesn't need his dick, and finds herself bored with their sexlife. There are many websites dedicated to this lifestyle, most of them are just crappy interracial sites, since that is a common theme, but if you look you can find more information out there. Also try looking for the term "Hotwife" that is more along a line with the swingers lifestyle.

Game ON....which sign is Hornier...(is that a word?) - zodiac signs of swingers? - Leo here. :h

trip - - is there any swingers on or near smith mountain lake interested in possible meet?

Swingers - a couples only lifestyle? - Are singles considered to be swingers? - We don't care either way...but, Yolo cruises and Swingular, amongst others, have partnered together to sponsor a "Lifestyle" cruise for couples & single females only, thus excluding single men. Go figure. Oh, Hugh Hefner is still legally married! Go HEF! What about the term poly-amorous for singles? eh, who knows. Commence the a** ripping.

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