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If you are looking for Swingers in Idaho, then Swingular is the place for you. We have hundreds of thousands of swingers all over Idaho looking to meet new people. Choose a city for a list of Idaho Swingers in your area. If you do not see your city, choose the closest city to you as it will show you swingers within 100 miles of the city in you Idaho selected.


Idaho Swingers

Single Males - Question - I'm a single male and I stick to profiles that say single males,HOWEVER most don't respond or either get ugly about it,what gives *anyway*, Do yall women not like the play of two men giving you that special loving, or is the male part telling us to fuck off in so many words,because he is looking for *women*, Think about it I feel most women never get to see the e-mails form the men!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been swinging for 13 years and 10 years as a couple!!!!!!!! . I saved the e-mails for her from single men and she would pick and choose for her-self, not me for *HER* and she would choose guys form reg ( size) ( 5" x 4" ) to very big (9" x 8" ) Black guys or white guys , No mid east or others she liked American dick "LOL" I wtach,Play with them then me her would enjoy each other after they left I loved sloppy seconds,and cream pies we had a great time and I sure do miss them to, we would even do oral-bi together, I would lick her with a big one slidding in and out doggie style,she would deep french kiss me after she would suck a guy off *HELL* we were really into fun and openminded, Whats Happend to swingers, WHAT Have yall all turned into !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JIM I'm thinking about leaving this sit because of it

Professionals - - Some of our best friends work in retail and construction trades. Some are "professionals." But it IS relevant to how we interract and what everyone's expectations and comfort levels are. If we were construction workers or farmers (for example), we wouldn't give a rat's ass who knew we were swingers. But our livelihoods could and would be dramatically impacted if it became common knowledge that we are swingers. This means a few things are done differently than they would be otherwise: 1. No public face pics. 2. No public names or detailed descriptions. 3. "You show us yours...we'll show you ours" policy with locals. 4. 99.9% "no locals" play policy. 5. When we do entertain locally, it must be discreet. If we go to a public place, there is no cross-couple PDA. If it were not for our status in the community as "professionals" being a matter of eating and living indoors for us, we wouldn' have ANY of these guidelines. We know couples who have met couples publicly who are NOT "professionals" who simply could not respect their boundaries and risked their reputations (thus livelihoods) with inappropriate behavior even after being asked not to. It freaking happens! And it is one of the gravest forms of disrespect/disregard for someone to do this. You think I'm gonna walk into the convenience store where your wife works and stick my tongue down her throat in front of her boss? NOT! And it's the same thing for us when couples disrespect our discretion boundaries. It could force us into bankruptcy. If you have a problem with that and think we're snobs because of it, screw you! Please don't contact us. :@ Rather than say all that in a profile, we tend to just play nice and say "we're an attractive professional couple..." ;)

Single Males - - We too have met quite a few single males who have told us that it's much easier to get laid in the vanilla scene. If that's indeed the case I'd think that at least some of the younger single guys would prefer banging a hot young girl at a bar rather than some 45 year old milf on a swing site. Unless, of course, they get off on the fact that they're fucking a married woman. Don't discount the fairly high number of single guys who think married male swingers are pretty much all cucks and really enjoy the ego boost they get from fucking another guy's wife.

This one time at Swingers Camp - Discussion about N by N camp out - Great Job to the hosts!!!!!!!!!! Thank you. Loved it. First one for me and definitely will be a second. Thanks you to all the wonderful people I met this weekend, you all made me as a newcomer feel more comfortable and welcome than you can imagine. I look forward to meeting you all of you again. Tiki Bar thank you, had a blast... ((((And if anyone ended up with a large table its mine, opps I forgot it...:Please email me, I'll set up a time at your convenience to pick it up)))) Thanks again Thx Frank

Swingers unnerve families at hotel - - ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Time for another poll: Unicorns - - [quote=CHEFFETTE][quote=DELICIOUSLYWET]Well, perhaps, if a woman really wanted to get into a full-time ongoing relationship with two men she might want to consider targeting bisexual men. We think the reason a lot of couples, within the swinging lifestyle seem to want to find a unicorn is because so many swinging wives are bisexual and therefore both the male and the female within the relationship sexually desire women. The three can all share every point of intimacy from flirting to foreplay into sex and multiple orgasms and even the afterglow. When everyone in a sexual encounter, wants and wants to be wanted by everyone else involved then hooray, hooray! Same would be true with a threesome involving a woman and two bisexual men. If both the men were bisexual then all three of the lovers in a DVP as an example, would be equally excited about all the points of intimacy down below and the list would go on and on. [b]Yes the triad would be shunned by the more homophobic swingers[/b] and a lot of couples with a straight male or female only interested in straight men and yes the triad would have to remember that not all people are bisexual when playing with couples with heterosexual men or women. Never-the-less, the threesome could find a lot of joy together. [/quote] Bigots not wanting to hang w/ me would be the best self-selection EVAR. [/quote] That is the way we see it! Just because someone's gender preference is not the same as ours or the most common does not make it any less normal or healthy than our own. Someone may have been genetically born and or shaped or a combination of both to be hetero or homo sexual and only desire one gender and that does not make anyone a bigot. To minimalize to any degree the gender preference of someone else is a form of bigotry.

Private Pic BullSh**T! - - [quote=BLUEIDKAT][quote=SHERA_HEMAN3]I don't get it. We are on a sight to see if we wanna share each other. Why not show everyrhing up front. It's not like i dont want someone with the sane intrests to see what i look like. Why do we have to be private. Ultimatly we are all here for the same thing does it matter if another swinger sees your face. Lol two cents. [/quote] I guess my point is that if other swingers were the only people on here, it wouldn't matter. However, this is and open website that excepts anyone temporarily and anyone permanently with enough cash. THEY DON'T DO BACKGROUND CHECKS! There are a lot of liars on here, plus occasional law enforcement and self righteous do-gooding crusaders. Don't assume its just the ones who hide their faces. And don't criticize me if I choose to be more cautious than you. I may be in a position in my private live where that is necessary. Look at all the trouble facebook causes people looking for a job. Can you imagine if they started checking swingular? Besides I'm in Utah. This is the state where the Church sends people down to Trails to record license plates. This is the state that requires your name be entered into a data base when you go to a bar or strip club. This is the state that allows the printing of a weekly newspaper that shows the arrest report and photo of anyone taken into custody, locally or state wide. I live in Utah. I'm paranoid for a reason. [/quote] I think a lot of it is paranoia. I've lived in Utah 30+ years and have been on this site for over 6 years and others for longer than that. Never had any issues with the state, church or police. Hell I know police officers that are on here fucking away like the rest of us. AND it's funny how many people are church-goin, law-abiding, Mom and Dad types by day and naughty swingers by night. My point was, you don't have to show your face in your public profile. Hence the name "Private" pics. No one can see those unless you ask to see them. Generally people strike up some sort of conversation and develop a level of trust before inviting them to see the full monty. Just a little common sense and good judgement will prevail in this lifestyle. I've yet to see the porn police, but someone let me know when they raid Swingular and throw us all in Mormon jail for being naughty naughty people. :)

Question - do you talk about other swingers? - Hehehe.... Tara - Your Cody is really a hunk and quite the ultimate in men... count me in, but make sure he knows that while I do much in the bedroom I'm NOT doing windows.... k? K_T - Why yes I do :) Aren't I the lucky girl? ((Huggs)) to you all! Enjoy! -Te

Fly-fishing Swingers - New Swingular Group - We booked our flats charter for Tampa Bay over Thanksgiving last night. Woo-hoo!

Mormonmomtok - Tiktok mormon swingers - You hit that right on the head!

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