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If you are looking for Swingers in Oklahoma, then Swingular is the place for you. We have hundreds of thousands of swingers all over Oklahoma looking to meet new people. Choose a city for a list of Oklahoma Swingers in your area. If you do not see your city, choose the closest city to you as it will show you swingers within 100 miles of the city in you Oklahoma selected.


Oklahoma Swingers

Playing with \"swingers\" vs \"nonswingers\" - - Okay this probably doesnt make alot of sense, but here goes. We went to the bar the other night and met some new folks, regular guys that aren\'t in the lifestyle- that is they are just regular single young guys. I love to flirt so I had picked out a particular nice guy and we were playing pool etc. Well I happened to mention that hubby and I were swingers etc.... Now my question is, do you only play with someone else who\'s into the lifestyle? This guy really wanted to get in on some action with me and now thinking about it, I just feel nervous. It has brought back old anxieties about when I was single and all the single assholes out there that were looking to just get laid and kick you to the curb. At least in this lifestyle, you get to know people and there is a certain kind of understanding about sex and you usually know that the person you will be fucking cares about you in some respect. I am trying to make a decision about whether to let this guy in or not for some play. I just can\'t decide how I feel about it. Any input would be appreciated!!! XOXOXO Jen

Moose Lounge Tonight, November 17th. - - We had to work. Too bad there isnโ€™t a Saturday meeting place. Or we would have definitely been down for finding a couple(s) to mingle with. I mean we are swingers. And this is what we do. Any couples out there wanting to a more quiet, personal evening? Couple do dinner first to check chemistry. Then let nature do the test. ๐Ÿ˜›

Anyone else getting sick of clubs - - It is why I joined a pretty exclusive group in Chicago. We meet in a private home...there are no fees...all members are checked ahead of time and all are experienced swingers who want to play and are attractive. I LOVE IT! I exclusively swing there, with people I meet there or if recommended by friends I swing with there. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Singles who are married and cheating - - JenandBrandon: Spot on! If you can't discuss this with your spouse, 1 Don't do it! or 2 End it and move on! Don't drag them down into the gutter of lies deceit and broken trust. Blueeysinutah: You are honest, and discrete. You're right your kids don't need to see this. But the fact that you are honest with your husband, whether he agrees with you or not (as you are separated and seeking dissolution of your marriage) shows the kind of integrity, so quickly evaporating from our larger society, that is to be commended. T4REAL69: If you mean to imply that having open sexual relations with others means that as swingers we have no right to define any morals, there are plenty of places in which you may live in your sainted paradise. In our experience the greatest thing we have found among REAL swingers is integrity. This is one of the greatest and most anciently recognized virtues. Without that societies based on social contract of any kind will revert to total lawless brutality. The concept of "The Rule of Law" is a social contract, and has no hold where integrity is absent. As for our part, we do take self proclaimed singles at their word with the honor system. We appreciate the honesty of those who do tell us about their situation, and decline any opportunities to play with them, as we don't need any of that kind of drama (buckshot anyone?) Even for those who are in the lifestyle and have a "hall pass" we will make a best effort to confirm with all parties that it is ok before we do any play. We do not feel it our place to "out" anyone whom we have discovered as a cheater, as this is something between them, with whomever they are espoused, and with whomever they are involved. If push comes to shove, we will however not hesitate to "throw them under the bus."

Men, oh men, where are your pics... - - Sooo agree with this!!!! We hate when we see a nice looking female, then nothing of him. As much as my wife loves me, she is never going to play with a couple until she gets to see what she can play with too so it is not an "unpleasant surprise" like the one time we rolled the dice...lol . We don't even contact anyone anymore unless we see both. We have tons of face pics in the private album, almost to the point where someone asked if we were "really" swingers because that is all there was, Now we have body parts in there too,:) Women, be proud of your man and show him off!!!!!

Alaska Swingers - - Finding men in Alaska should be easy since they outnumber the women about 15 to 1. Finding couples might be harder and single women will be nigh unto impossible.

Opening your marriage - How did the conversation come up? - It was pretty much a mutual idea. We both grew up in very strict religious (Yes, Mormon.) households. We took each other's virginity on our wedding night after a rather weird ceremony in the temple. Immediately we decided that we REALLY liked sex. We started discussing our fantasies and both wondering what we might have missed out on growing up and not being able to explore sexually like many of our less religious peers. We also enjoyed reading and telling each other erotic stories in bed. One day a few years after we got married, while living back east, I wandered into an adult bookstore to grab the latest Penthouse Letters and a cheaply printed "magazine" of adult ads for swingers caught my eye. I bought it and took it home. We'd read, of course, about swinging in Penthouse Letters but had never really considered that people actually DID it. Not too long after that, after MUCH fantasizing, we found ourselves parked outside a small house party, chugging Bartles and Jaymes, and daring each other to go in. That was in 1989! [em]Emo_12[/em]

Hood Piercing 911. I need advice.......... - - [quote=MASSMN]WHY DO IT AT ALL! Can't you enjoy Orgasm's with out?[/quote] In case you haven't been told this, you really come off sounding like a Darwin Reject Prick. Get over yourself. Stop questioning why SWINGERS allow the female half to have sex with other men or why women get their hoods pierced....It's fucktards like you that give single males a bad name. Sheesh,take a fucking midol and stop acting like a twatwaffle.

South Florida Mar.23-Apr.5 - - John (Tech). Platos has been out of business as a swingers club for about 6 or 7 years. Trapeze is the biggest and best club in the Ft. Lauderdale area.

Tooele areas - Who is from tooele - [quote=Harleynight12345678]The Kik group was fun but no one met...and I mean some swingers in the area๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜† my nad[/quote] Are you not willing to travel. Their are ton's of peeps on this site looking for single males.

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