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If you are looking for Swingers in South Dakota, then Swingular is the place for you. We have hundreds of thousands of swingers all over South Dakota looking to meet new people. Choose a city for a list of South Dakota Swingers in your area. If you do not see your city, choose the closest city to you as it will show you swingers within 100 miles of the city in you South Dakota selected.


South Dakota Swingers

Then there's this. - Enjoy! - [quote=Sm435]There is no argument nor debate. Sorry for you mask protagonists, but you lost. There are mandates all over the country and we still keep pumping out huge numbers of new cases every single day. The only thing this mask mandate ever did was enable people to feel empowered and place blame in others. We are all fighting the same virus, all of us, but people who buy in and think they are better or smarter than others take this as a way to point fingers. You posted a news story that labeled every swinger at that a party as a SPREADER and the party it’s self as a SUPERSPREADER event. This is 100% backed up by facts that includes testing everyone at the party for covid, finding some with advanced cases that cause almost everyone else to leave that party with covid right? Or in reality they busted a swingers party and have no real fact that covid was involved in any way. This is called non-factual news. Reposting non factual news, and labeling people who decide to go out and live as “spreaders” is the same VERY POOR TASTE as labeling all the homeless people in Pioneer Park as HIV STD needle junkies. You have facts to back that up to right? Or again, you’re throwing labels on people you feel are less than you and don’t fit nor follow your views. I’m sorry but those people living in the park are people too. We love swinging because we love people. New faces, old faces, all of them. We have dear friends in the lifestyle we do NOT share the same views on politics nor covid. But when you sit down and hang out you find that we are all so similar. We wanna live happily, feel safe, and have a little fun when we can. What the world needs right now is love and compassion, not finger pointing and blame. How about we all make a deal on this forum to only post when we have something positive to say about someone else, or something fun and exciting we want to try or do. When we have an urge to repost or comment on something negative we put the phone down, take a deep breath, and put that energy towards something positive like pleasing our spouse or sending a lifestyle friend a compliment and let all the negative shit get buried under the positive![/quote] This. 👆

Secret Swingers Club Ogden, UT - Clubs - For tonight, what's the PW for the ladies?

KUTV News Story on Swingers - News - Based on the previews, it doesn't sound like it's going to be a positive story. People who didn't set appropriate boundaries and blame the swinging lifestyle for their failed relationships. Even vanilla relationships will fall without open communication, honesty, and trust. At least with this lifestyle, we know our partner is thinking about sex with others. Those in monogamous relationships have to hide that from each other, even though they do think about it.

Adult Vacation Recomendations - We need some help what to do or where to go! - [quote=KRAZYGIRL]So here is a perfect deal for ya. There is a group of 20 or so people from here going on a cruise in feb and it will go to Putreo Rico. And Leaves on Feb 7th for a week. It has all of the items you wanted and more. But time from kids is so much in need at times, just need to be an adult. [/quote]Can you also email us information on this Cruise & how long it will be we are very interested thank's

Spitroast - Mfm - [quote=COUPLE4_U]Single male swingers,,,, Really doesn’t make any sense to me[/quote] The thing we love most about the LS community is that the people are more accepting, less judgemental, and certainly more friendly than those in general society. But, unfortunately, that seems to be different here, and it's pretty offputting. Ironically, your profile says "maybe" for single males... No need to be passive-aggressive. If it doesn't fit your style, then ignore it and move along. OP, we hope you find the perfect single male or male for your first spitroast experience, and we hope it's everything you wish for!

Secret Swingers Club Ogden, UT - Clubs - The FB group is hidden, so you won't be able to search it. But if you're in other lifestyle groups, just post asking if any of your friends are in the unspoken group and one of them can invite you

Can I say hello? - What to do in public - Really for us it depends on the people that recognize us and whether or not they have some common sense and are sensitive enough to be careful when necessary. If they are the type of people that can say hello in a public place and be friendly without flaunting their swingers insignia and secret handshake and singing the swingers theme song and such then we have no problem being approached in public. The local churches all have the ultra vocal keepers of the faith that have to define everyone and everything under the Johnny one note shallow interpretation of their religion because it is too terrifying and painful to be a whole complex person and therefore they live for the pats on the back that come from the endless recitations of their creed. There are people that become far too single minded in all sorts of pursuits including swinging that can become just as annoying and dangerous. Where we are when you see us makes a difference too in what we consider appropriate. If we are in the grocery store or out to dinner with friends or family then saying hello is fine but we ask that anyone that approaches us please leave the swingers content completely out of what you say to us. Do not hit on us. Our friends and family know the two of us are busy and social and we both have friends as individuals and as a couple that we have met in a variety of ways so people say hello to us, which they do not know all the time anyway. Some people that we know are clients and so if we do not offer an explanation about how we know you, our family and friends assume it is probably from work. If we are at a bar and obviously looking playful and sexual in are demeanor and dress and you want to approach us fine, but even then be a bit discreet in your initial approach. If we are talking with someone or obviously with someone then be a bit discreet because we party with vanillas too. If they are people that we trust we probably won't care if they get a hint of what you and we might share in common. Many of our friends and even our family members know we are not always 100% monogamous and they also know we are multifaceted and involved in many things so non monogamy for us is only part of who we are and what we do and not a defining consuming aspect of our lives. We tend to shy away from saying hello to people in public places that recognize as being in the lifestyle unless we already know them because we do not want to make anyone uncomfortable.

STD Testing - How often are you tested? - The only thing is that the test results are pretty much only good for the day they were done. Unless someone gets tested and then stays in a vault cut off from anyone else until the test results come back there is no way to determine if they are still STI free. Even accounting for incubation periods an STI test is really only good for that MOMENT when your blood was drawn. Bottom line if you're going to swing first be okay with the real and inherent risks and second protect yourself to the extent that you feel okay with those risks. We do our homework about what diseases are out there and then act appropriately. To us it only makes sense to assume that EVERYONE has an STD (most adults are seropositive for HSV type 1 or 2 which are now almost interchangeable as to where they can and will induce a primary infection) and to protect ourselves accordingly. People that are super paranoid about sex cooties prolly shouldn't be swingers. JMO Not even going to mention how some VERY common STI's don't have a reliable test and thus aren't routinely screened for.

Bubulaplease - Confidentiality - [quote=PROVOCATIVE]While we're talking confidentiality, I read an article about our future president's plan to increase domestic spying once again. He's also called for a boycott of Apple because they won't allow the government to have a backdoor into their phones. Texts to Android phones, however, are vulnerable, even when they originate from an iPhone. Phone data is also at risk. The article mentioned that apps like Signal and What's App are the only ones that are government hack-proof, but the person you are texting must have the same app. Another question I have to ask is: How safe is the Swingular phone app? I'm hesitant to use it on my phone after the inauguration. [/quote] The NSA probably already knows you're swingers. And if they don't, Google almost for SURE does! lol And as far as increased domestic surveillance after the inauguration, I think you only really need to worry if you're, like, a Muslim...or a minority...or a liberal...or a woman. [em]Emo_10[/em]

Swingers Vacation Spots - Help us - What would be your ultimate Swing Vacation Getaway spot, and why? Dont be surprised if we steal your idea and go

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