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Pennsylvania Swingers

Pennsylvania Swingers on Swingular

If you are looking for Swingers in Pennsylvania, then Swingular is the place for you. We have hundreds of thousands of swingers all over Pennsylvania looking to meet new people. Choose a city for a list of Pennsylvania Swingers in your area. If you do not see your city, choose the closest city to you as it will show you swingers within 100 miles of the city in you Pennsylvania selected.


Pennsylvania Swingers

Another Swingers Show on TV - - Sounds like it is time for a Secret Sex Lives Party

Las Vegas - Swingers clubs ect. - or both are great. Each a little different. Definitely would recommend flirts over playhouse but that's our opinion. You can try playhouse one night and flirts the next.

Swingers dying out? - Is the utah swinger community dying or becoming to needy? - We enjoy meeting new couples as well. The problem with getting out there more often, is our work schedules. We've gone as far as to send a picture of ourselves or cell number to try and meet new couples. Maybe we're doing it wrong, lol. But even a simple "No Thank You" is better than not getting a response at all.

Help With Wife - Wife has fantasies but is super hesitant to experiment. - [quote=EVILDOERS]Personally I think you might be a little too eager (can't blame you, we all were when we started) and pushing just a little too hard to make her fantasy a reality. Rather than trying to find a way to get around the "Catch 22" of her fantasy maybe just explore it more verbally and see if it evolves into some kind of scenario that she is comfortable with that more easily can happen in the real world. The most successful swingers we know, ourselves included, arrived at where they are by being open and supportive of each other's fantasies and desires without forcing them in any way. In other words, be patient, explore your fantasies verbally and maybe role play, a LOT, with each other before you jump into anything that either of you isn't quite ready for. You might be surprised as you fantasize openly and honestly how your fantasies might evolve and become something that you eventually can and will make a reality. You know your wife better than anyone and maybe she does need a little nudge but most of the swingers we've known over the years who've crashed and burned did so because one partner pushed the limits too fast and didn't wait for the more hesitant partner to catch up. In our case we were quite surprised and what our fantasies morphed into when we really dug deep and talked about the truly deviant (by local standards anyway-lol) aspects of our fantasies. Sorry, I know that's probably not the kind of advice you were hoping for but it's been our observation over a rather lengthy swinging career. Another thought, if you're bound and determined to make your first swinging experience a MFM, is to find a guy who is okay with just watching you two play or maybe getting involved in some soft swinging...i.e. back rubs and or touching but no intercourse. We were soft swap for the first year or two of our swinging life and it was great fun and took the pressure off until we were ready to take the next step. Best of luck! edit- Sorry about what now seems like a long rambling response. In my defense it was pre-coffee. [em]Emo_79[/em] [/quote] Damnit! Evildoers is right again!

Young swingers party - sold out, who still wants to party ? - [quote=LOOKIN4FUN369][quote=CHEFFETTE][quote=LOOKIN4FUN369]We are getting off of track of what this post was created for, it wasn't to make fun or the party or who is attending age limitations. it's was to see who would want to party for those who can't attend due to it being sold out. [/quote] I thought the point of RECON's post was that if age is being verified prior to tickets going out, it isn't actually sold out.[/quote] I doubt they verify the age, just took the money and ran lol [/quote] That would be a brilliant way to make a bunch of quick cash off the oldsters, promise they'd be surrounded by nubile youngsters, then shrug your shoulders when it's mostly a wrinkle-palooza of 60-something men who'd have to admit they lied their way in.

The Black Ring - How to spot a swinger - No its not a new disease :-D it's something seen several times regarding spotting your fellow swingers. Here's something going around on a simple way to identify yourself as a swinger. It's simply a black ring. Not going to give a long explanation that's already been done here. Sounds simple and easy you'll see Mr and Mrs playground wearing one at our next outing.

can we swing and still not be in sin ? - - YES WE CAN ! there is ways males and females may swing and thay will not be in sin I WILL BE BACK TO EXPLAIN......ok, I am back and will define the issue as much as i can and realy want to see your knowledge and views, so first let me say some major history that all people in the world know and should know Especially all people liveing in The United States Of America our beloved country witch its finding fathers inscribed in every coin and dollar " IN GOD WE TRUST " , I will start with the Presidential Recognition of Ancient code of Ethics House Joint Resolution 104, public Law 102-14 That reads : President George Bush signed an historic resolution of both congressional Houses , Recognizing The Noachide Laws as the " bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization " He urged the U.S. to take lead in " Returning The world to the Ethical Values contained in the seven Noahide Laws " . so we the people know what is right and wrong ,we the swingers want to know what we may or may not , YES INDEED we most of us in swinging are not stupid and fear God's award and punshment and this is the point of this thread i am asking all who fallow a religion what does your religion permit in swinging and is not called SIN for example , such as all singles may swing and it is not a SIN all males can fuck up any female including your wifey provided your are not fucking a wifey married according to your religion or soft swap laws pent. laws the diff. laws that apply only to males or only females , there are so many diff. laws lets talk about it and sort it out , we all know the basic laws of Noachide and i found most swingers go by it , some had said to me 'with you or in this case or this couple we can go only soft swap' it was amazing to me to hear this from a swinger... let me put it this way" we swingers are Religius waste up on top of the belt... but very liberal waste or belt down" i would like to add to the people who claim "atheism" you people are Equivalent to cannibals if you are not afraid of god you can kill ,steal , rape, do anything a big animal does to a small one or as a big fish does to a small fish and that is scary you are willing to murder if you won't get caught !!! i would not play or even be with you behind closed doors......NOTE to readers all postings after i came back to define this issue starts after page 3 please reply to the "sex laws " of your religion only we are not here to debate or dispute any religion thanks;) ;)

Hello summer - Swingers couple party - [quote=Gitterdone]Who said anything about an asset? What makes women's filters different than men? If I decide to identify as a female do I need to be sponsored? I'm asking because I'm sure more people would like to know. I have been to parties and I've seen both single males and couples get kicked out. Both sex's can be rowdy when alcohol and sex are involved. Are you talking about the aggressive instinctive behavior than men have? If so, there's a lot of guys there to put them in their place. I'm not a social bug and I'll sit in a corner and mind my own business and only talk when spoken to but thats my personality at any event.[/quote] Probably better to just go back to my original answer... if you have to ask, you're probably the reason why...

Young swingers party - sold out, who still wants to party ? - [quote=BMSHELL][quote=CHEFFETTE]That would be a brilliant way to make a bunch of quick cash off the oldsters, promise they'd be surrounded by nubile youngsters, then shrug your shoulders when it's mostly a wrinkle-palooza of 60-something men who'd have to admit they lied their way in.[/quote] I think you just described the business model of every swinger-club in Vegas. =) [/quote] Where would you put such a club, purely in theory? :scribbles notes furiously:

Fly-fishing Swingers - New Swingular Group - Strip and Mend?????????

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