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If you are looking for Swingers in New Mexico, then Swingular is the place for you. We have hundreds of thousands of swingers all over New Mexico looking to meet new people. Choose a city for a list of New Mexico Swingers in your area. If you do not see your city, choose the closest city to you as it will show you swingers within 100 miles of the city in you New Mexico selected.


New Mexico Swingers

Know any Mormon swingers in SoCal? - Single girl in SoCal wants to know! - [quote=YOUNGHOTFUNCPL]Our single girlfriend lives in SoCal and wants to find a Mormon couple she can play with. She is 30, 5'9, brunette, and fit. Know a liberal LDS couple in So Cal? :)[/quote] Weirdest thread ever. Really? Wow

Swinging in Utah - What makes A Pretty Great State a great place to swing? - So I could be totally wrong about why I think Utah is right up there (at least considering our relatively modest population) with many places that are much more...well let's just say cosmopolitan. Thought an informal little poll would be fun to get some feedback as to why others think the lifestyle scene is so active here in Zion. 1) It's all the warm sunny weather and sexy, sandy beaches. 2) Something in the water...other than fluoride. 3) It's rebellion from the influence from the LDS church. 4) A younger population equals more hormones and horniness. 5) The high alcohol beer makes us lose our inhibitions quicker. 6) Utah is no different than any other place as far as the number of swingers, etc.. 7) It's so cold here we have to swing to stay warm. 8) We're wired for swinging because of our ancestors and their polygamy. 9) We grew up reading Prayboy and Repenthouse so we're just bundles of hormones waiting to burst! 10) The churches missionary program teaches us to share the gospel so we're all just trying to share the swinging gospel with others. 11) Because green jello is a natural aphrodisiac. 12) Because we're all curious as to what REALLY goes on behind those "Zion Curtains". 13) Because hottubs remind us of those nice warm baptismal fonts. 14) We're jealous of the polygamists who can have hard core swing parties without ever leaving home (and they are never sausage fests!). 15) It's a mutant virus spread by brine fly bites. So, here's your chance to let everyone know why YOU think we're all a bunch of horny little carrot snappers. [em]Emo_12[/em]

looking for a girl...Right Now! - - Kind of typical of your single male, they are a dime a dozen. The real swingers among them are as rare as a precious gem.

Girls that are into DP - How common is this activity among the swingers? - I absolutely LOVE DVP. Regular DP is not an option considering my ass would would declare mutiny but the feel of 2 rock hard cocks in my vagina is just one of those OH MY GOD feelings that makes me tingle for hours. But if you aren't secure enough to cross swords then you prolly wouldn't be very good at giving her pleasure while it's happening. I really really really need to do it again and SOON. Ironically....I won't have kids tonight. Who wants to cooperate? ;) xox Tammy

Friend collectors or swingers - - My opinion, which hasn't changed in ages, is this, and I'm not chastising anyone, just offering my 2 cents. One of the recurring and biggest problem that swingers face is that they decide what they personally like, or want, and then assume everyone else should choose the same path or they don't understand why how everyone else doesn't feel the same way they do. I've read the forum posts for years and the same questions recirculate on a regular basis. "Why don't people want to be the type of swingers we are?" "We don't want friends, we just want to have sex." "We don't necessarily want to have sex until we are friends." "We really only want friends but rarely play." All valid forms of the lifestyle and perfectly acceptable to different people. The lifestyle can take work. It typically isn't easy and will take some time and effort to achieve your lifestyle goals. Sure it's helpful to post your desires in your profile but I'm sure people read those only rarely, or maybe they are drunk searching, or maybe they can't read. :) There are all types. Try not to get frustrated because someone else isn't following you lead. Be patient. Within one or two convos you should be expressing your goals and figuring out the goals of the people you are trying to get to know. Get a system that weeds out the people you are't interested in, something that works for you. You will get better with time and hopefully someday what you are looking for will be much easier to find. However, until then, realize life isn't black and white, nor is swinging. There are as many varieties of swingers as there are ice cream flavors, or flavored condoms. haha. Don't expect others to want the same thing as you but certainly look for those that do. Be patient, kind and realize everyone is possibly looking for a different scenario than you. Some people love to send blind requests, some hate it. Right or wrong, it's life. Accept that there is mound of bullshit between you and that perfect couple/single male/female/trans/group/poly/donkey/toys only/DTF.... (Well, you get the point we are all looking for something different)that you are looking for. So don't be frustrated. Accept it will be a challenge and work on better ways to make your life easier. There won't be a good answer only many shades of grey. "Don't try to bend the spoon, for that is impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth... there is no spoon. Then you will see it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself." And to the single males that post ridiculous stuff? WTF? Ugh. You make us all look like mentally disabled Neanderthals. "Me have dick. Me like pussy. Stick it good."

Sturgis 2014 - The wife and I are wanting to know where the swingers play @ Sturgis - There is usually a group that stays at Glencoe Campground..even if you don't hook up with anyone, the fun can't be beat there! I'm sure there will be some at the Buffalo Chip as well, but campground wise, Glencoe can't be beat, in our opinion.

C- A - Any swingers clubs around Salt lake? - Redemption, in Herriman, is the only new place that I know of.

(Utah) Golf get together... - Any golf meet and greets going on? - I love this idea! Golf has soooo many terms that can be turned sexual!! I think playing golf with a bunch of swingers and talking dirty the whole time...whoa what a sexual build up for great fucking afterwards. Count us in!

Where Should we go? - Have flight vouchers, where is a good swinger spot? - We've been to Hedo in Jamaica, Desire in Cancun, Caliente Caribe (formerly Eden Bay) in the Dominican Republic and the Swingers Cruise - all destinations multiple times. Our experience says it doesn't matter where you go as much as who you go with. Since there is never a large contingency going from Utah, we always try to book when there is a takeover by a group. Every time we have been adopted as soon as we got there just as if we had always been part of their group. We also usually go the week of Halloween. It's always a nasty celebration and it's at the very end of hurricane season. We've come close but have never had trouble with the weather yet. I think Desire in Cancun is the easiest resort to push the rules to the limit. Hedo II in Jamaica would be second. The former Hedo III in Jamaica was a bit more restrictive. Caliente Caribe has recently become lifestyle friendly after Eden Bay was purchased by Caliente Resorts. Before, they were just a nudist resort. The swingers cruises allow nudity on the pool decks but you have to be dressed anywhere else on the boat with the exception of the playroom which is on one of the lower decks. Also, you usually have to remain dressed on the day the boat is port until that evening when the boat sails. Some ports are exceptions when the boat is anchored far enough away and they take you to shore on tenders. If you like to take pictures of you and your partner on vacation, Desire is the most friendly. Hedo really frowns on pictures even if they are of you or someone in your group with their permission. We have managed however, to accumulate thousands of digital shots from all the resorts combined over the last few years. We have had a blast at each resort/cruise and will continue to go back. But, we've found that it's all what you make it.

Are swingers moral? - Who determines what morals are? - [quote=CRAZYFOXTCU]My previous comment was in no way intended to say that soldiers are immoral. We need them and they provide a courageous service for all of us. Just to say that those who seem extreme (the gang banger) may be acting in a way we can understand and possibly relate to.[/quote] So what you are sayting is that 9-11 was really a moral act and Iraq was simply a moral responce to that act?

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