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New Mexico Swingers

YOLO Cruise April 26 2009 - swingers cruise - the way we look at it,,,,all these couples who "won" the cruise,,,,owes a round of drinks..!!!!! (wink)

Why are single guys being band from all the upcoming parties? - Did some clown out there mess it up for all single males? - Our group, (Tampa Bay Lifestylers), has a handful of single males. They are a select few. These guys are known around the area as decent respectable guys. They know how to work a room without "COCK BLOCKING" or pissing in anyone's corn flakes because they pay attention to the room. Most are smart enough to sort of lay back and watch. They know that all the couples or single women that ARE looking for a SM to join in will ask (if they don't already know), if there are SM's there. Our group does not play on the premise that (I AM GETTING LAID NO MATTER WHAT), and the guys know this. So none of these guys feel the need to push anyone. They also realize there will be more parties and that everyone is comfortable with them at a party they will be invited back again and again.. There are WAY more BI women in the lifestyle and this usually means that married guys are more likely to stand there. This makes for even less room for single men as well. COUPLES, (Which is where SWINGING came from), are more frequently looking for additional WOMEN to join in, thus brings in the single woman. Yes, there are the peeps looking for a single man to join or just take the wife away for play alone, but it is far less frequent. Therefore most groups and clubs are allowing all single women and only a few single men.. I have also heard couples talking about removing SM all together from parties and clubs. My thoughts are simple but controversial. I think SWINGING is a COUPLES thing. All singles are just dating or becoming "SWINGERS" to just plain get laid.. To me, and don't get pissy, if I were a single man and could get away with joining the SWINGER WORLD, I would do it in a minute because most in the lifestyle are in it SOLELY for sex.. Like a drunk working in a bar. Just a note for you single guys. Sit back and watch. Don't be pushy or try to impress women with your job or your possessions. They DON'T give a SHIT about what you do or where you live or your HARLEY. If they are interested in you it is all about your body and your COCK!!! So try laying back and letting them come to you. I know this works VERY VERY WELL for my single male buddy..

Why do you swing? - Why not? - [quote=DEEPMOAN]I started early in college, wasn’t called swinging but partying, had been with women already but the threesomes and larger parties started then too. Had gotten married after grad school to someone that hadn’t experienced any of it. Started as pillow talk when he asked about my past, I asked him then if he seriously wanted to know, in the back of my mind I knew I shouldn’t bring it up. But things in bed weren’t great and I had tried and was trying to talk about it but he didn’t take suggestions well. So I thought putting it all out there might help. In the beginning it did help, we were trying new stuff just between the two of us but always talking. Then he asked if I still knew anyone, told them pretty much everyone you have met of my friends had been or still are involved. He asked if I what sex with her or her or her, but then reluctantly asked if I had sex with him or him and told him. Those two I had threesomed with, been with her and her and him and him. We would have great sex while I was telling him about the parties or whatever. I asked him if he wanted to go to a party sometime? I made sure I asked while we were not having sex so he could absorb it all or hope he would. At that point personally I don’t think I would need to swing but the thought of starting up again was certainly exciting for me as well. Am sure you can probably understand how this all went. Unfortunately he didn’t have the mind for swinging, talking about it or fantasizing about it he did. Thought the best thing would be for me to invite a couple over. Friends of mine that he had gotten to know, he was quite taken by her. I had always had a great time with them. I spoke to them both to see if they were interested, told them how we got to this point. They said they would be up for, us three agreed we would take it slow and let him try and get a handle on how things progressed. Had asked him if he wanted to be in the same room with things heated up? We would see how it went and make a decision then. My gf thought it might be better if they were separate and he didn’t have to worry about me in the room with him. All went great, dinner and drinks, out by their pool, the 4 of us were talking about all and at one point Tina grabbed him and took him to their bedroom. Was telling him I had no idea how this was going to go, but relaxed and started having some fun myself. Very shortly after I could hear them in the kitchen, she and I had talked that before they came out she would take him somewhere close so I would know they were on their way out and I could stop rather than be in the middle of something. Her husband knew as well. Tina and my husband were telling us how much fun they had but I knew something didn’t go well. Finding out he was asking Tina about my past, all sorts of questions, things he didn’t ask me. Of course Tina’s response to all were I don’t know, we got home and in bed I was asking how it went, he was telling me a bunch of shit, how he got her off, how much she loved it, a lot more of the same, also how much of a stud he was and she did things I never did. He asked what we did, told him not much, mostly talk, had given him oral, why just that, because you were gone less than a half hour, but told him we were talking. So much for the great sex after. Like I said earlier, he just didn’t have the mind for it, nothing I was going to do or say would have changed that I believe. After we went to a couple of house parties, but the pillow talk had stopped and knowing after he saw me had sex at a house party it wasn’t going to continue like our marriage, snide comments about me with other men and other reasons were the end of our marriage. Was meant to be single, truly believe that even when I get a romantic connection now with a partner, man or woman.[/quote] That really sucks. Sorry to hear that. It makes me laugh (cringe?) when I hear so many swingers talking about vanilla hunting and/or converting their friends to swinging. The harsh truth is that MOST people simply cannot handle swinging and are best left to their fantasies about fucking other people recreationally.

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Swingers now officially a high risk group for STDs and STIs - Do your own research - Edison and his rumoured flings A tree chart created in 2008 during the height of Edison Chen's sex photo scandal. Rumour suggests Edison Chen has HIV/AIDS Jun 30, 2011 The latest rumour from Hong Kong's entertainment circle says the actor may have HIV/AIDS. Take a look at who might be implicated if he really contracted the disease.

Where Should we go? - Have flight vouchers, where is a good swinger spot? - We've been to Hedo in Jamaica, Desire in Cancun, Caliente Caribe (formerly Eden Bay) in the Dominican Republic and the Swingers Cruise - all destinations multiple times. Our experience says it doesn't matter where you go as much as who you go with. Since there is never a large contingency going from Utah, we always try to book when there is a takeover by a group. Every time we have been adopted as soon as we got there just as if we had always been part of their group. We also usually go the week of Halloween. It's always a nasty celebration and it's at the very end of hurricane season. We've come close but have never had trouble with the weather yet. I think Desire in Cancun is the easiest resort to push the rules to the limit. Hedo II in Jamaica would be second. The former Hedo III in Jamaica was a bit more restrictive. Caliente Caribe has recently become lifestyle friendly after Eden Bay was purchased by Caliente Resorts. Before, they were just a nudist resort. The swingers cruises allow nudity on the pool decks but you have to be dressed anywhere else on the boat with the exception of the playroom which is on one of the lower decks. Also, you usually have to remain dressed on the day the boat is port until that evening when the boat sails. Some ports are exceptions when the boat is anchored far enough away and they take you to shore on tenders. If you like to take pictures of you and your partner on vacation, Desire is the most friendly. Hedo really frowns on pictures even if they are of you or someone in your group with their permission. We have managed however, to accumulate thousands of digital shots from all the resorts combined over the last few years. We have had a blast at each resort/cruise and will continue to go back. But, we've found that it's all what you make it.

How to identify yourself as a Swinger - - [quote=STARSHELL1212][quote=LOUISE_DON]Upside down pineapple ?? lol i dont get that at all.....[/quote] Early on, when looking into swinging, I visited another forum. A couple posted a picture of themselves with the caption, "We did it!" Their shirts were off and they were facing away from the camera. A few people posted that they didn't get it. The OP explained that they got upside down pineapples tattooed on their backs so other swingers would know they were in the lifestyle. No one knew what they were talking about. It was sad cause at first they joked that it was a well known sign, but person after person chimed in that they had never heard of it. Some people who had been in the lifestyle over ten years said they'd never heard of it. After a while they stopped trying to convince people and then stopped responding. It was pretty sad. [/quote] Now THAT is commitment! All you poser swinger wannabe's should be fucking ashamed of yourselves. You DARE call yourselves wife swappers? Pffft (disdainful noise)

Rants and Raves. - Tell us your rant and rave for the week.... - swingers need to vent too, we can't all breathe through our ears....

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Why so much hate in the swingers world... - - perhaps TEQUILAROSE was confused by my statement, I stated that alot of people have fetish's but I do not know alot of white couples that are interested in black men, not every woman like a cock over 8" either, there are some but we have not met very many and it seems to be a very select group and type of swinger. I am not speaking for all swingers, I am stating what I have seen in the past and my experience in what others have told me about why they do not prefer single men. I can tell you that "I" have had many men tell me that they have a wife or live in gf and that she is "not into it". In reality its safer for a man that is afraid of losing what he has to cheat on his partner in a swinger enviroment because the chances of it coming back to expose him is much less likely, no connections, no ties, no one knows someone that knows the other person, its very safe. Alot of single men have also told me that they feel that they are bringing excitement to a couples relationship that the husband can no longer provide or that the wife is simply bored with her husband and wants another. These misconceptions are what gives single men a bad name. Guys, seriously, as a woman I can tell you just because you get me excited in bed does not mean im falling for you or I just cant wait until I have you again, it does not mean that I do not get excited with my husband and it does not mean I will be with you when he is not there. I am not a booty call, I am not here to give you a safe ticket to adultry, I am a swinger, I believe in the value of a close friendship with others that you can be completely open, some of the best friendships I have ever had were with swingers that wanted FRIENDSHIP and showed RESPECT. In my humble opinion that is my and only MY definition of a swinger. This statement is not meant to represent any other swingers aside from myself so please do not imply that my statements are a canvas for the lifestyle, there was a question, this is my answer and opinion.

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