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Georgia Swingers

Bi - - Well, Utah does has one of the highest if not the highest population of gays per capita. So we know there are a lot of bi-men here. But this is still a very conservative state and they like to keep things under wraps. We've found in most religious societies there are large groups who push away or break away from what is socially acceptable in that area. In rural Utah there are some towns that are 100% Mormon, yet in Salt Lake City the numbers are less. I thinks its 65% non Mormon to 35% Mormon. Our profile name is bi-couple, but I (male) am not attracted to men, but to the Transgender. I am more attracted to Feminine energy that the Transgender carries not the Masculine energy of men. We believe that there are three sexes, male, female, transgender. Yes that means that a person could be Tri-sexual. We are a very,very open couple and consider ourselves to be more Polyamorous, than swingers. But we respect all sexualities and lifestyle choices.

Christain Swingers? - - COOL THREAD!

NEW YEARS EVE IN FLORIDA - - We will be here 90.00 dollars no reservation needed prime rib and many other items on there menu plus party favors at midnight and breakfast early morning......see you all there!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to CLUB ELITE! Tampa Bays Premiere Swingers Club Club Elite, located in Port Richey Florida, was founded in September of 2007 for the purpose of providing a home to the swinging community of not only Tampa Bay, but the entire nation. The owners, Eric and Angie, have been ambassadors of the swinging lifestyle for over a decade. They have hosted parties all over the state of Florida and have also managed several clubs and events in the Tampa Bay area. Through their years of service they have become very well known and loved through out the swinging community world wide. With some assistance from a close knit group of friends Club Elite began to take shape on August, 6th 2007. A location was found, licenses were acquired, and construction began. The club illustrates the love and passion that Eric and Angie have for the swinging lifestyle. They have poured their hearts and souls into the creation of Club Elite and are making it the home for Floridian swingers and swinging visitors from around the world. Be prepared to experience the Elite side of swinging. Club Elite is sure to be the soul destination for swingers who demand only the best in atmosphere, friends, location, and experience. Club Elite is truly the home of homes for the elite swinger. Please come in and experience the lifestyle as it was meant to be experienced! Only at Club Elite! Much Love, Eric and Angie

ogden meet and great - - Yes club wet. I wasn't going to say swingers convention or put up a sign just a get together.

Spam emails. - Do they make you wanna? - Are we the only ones who get emails that are obviously spammed out to who knows how many others? Do those spam emails with extremely generic words make your nether regions tingle? Do they make you want to say, "What the fuck, I'll fuck whoever sent me this blatantly copy and pasted message."? Do they make you think, "Well, I'm certain this sincere individual is not only sexy as hell but also coronavirus free so what do I have to lose?"? C'mon. lets hear it for those who put the absolute LEAST amount of effort possible into trying to hook up with other swingers! [em]Emo_93[/em]

Going out on a limb... - - I'm not sure that what I am about to say has anything to do with this thread, but I am beyond pissed right now and I feel the need to vent... so here goes. Why do single males have a hard time? On another swingers site, a section of our profile states.. "Please be discreet when sending us a Yahoo instant message." There's nothing worse then having a message pop up on the screen that says "YOUR WIFE HAS GREAT TITS ARE YOU INTERESTED IN A HUNG SINGLE MALE?" While showing off your vacation pictures to visiting relatives, friends, etc." So what happens.... a message just like that pops up. I type back and say "Why would you send a message like that?" "Do you have any clue who is looking at this computer screen right now?" I get back... "I'm on [swinger site name] and I like your pics... do you want to meet?" I point out where it states being discreet on the IM and I add "What the hell is wrong with you sending messages like that?" Here's what I get back.... "WELL YOU'RE THE ONE LETTING STRANGE GUYS FUCK YOUR WIFE" Now we've played with many single guys... and I know that many many many are really nice and intelligent and mature.... but this one really set you all back several notches.... It just isn't worth it when I'm clued in to the mind set that exists among a percentage of you.

Looking to establish a group of safe swingers - - Hello! Very interested in meeting people and establishing a trusted circle of friends. Professional, educated, and fun ;)

Straight women FEW and far - - Just shows you where a simple question goes to bashing I love it swingers are suppose to be mor open minded and more layed back then vanillas but a simple thread like this shows you how down hill swinging has went !!!!! Some people take moron to a whole new level !!!!! Heres a saying if you don't have anything nice to say then keep your mouth shut ....... Just sayin Badboy

KUTV News Story on Swingers - News - "A former swinger and faithful Mormon reveals the dark side of the lifestyle and how it ruined her marriage." Hopefully it covers the good sides of the lifestyle too.

Are swingers moral? - Who determines what morals are? - Morals are a set of rules we live by; some can be bent, some can be broken, right? It's that thing that allows people who are religiously devout to swing despite whatever teachings there are about such things; it's that "twist" in thinking that allows people to be bi- or homosexual and all despite what the majority has to say about it. It's all about what works for you within the framework of what society considers to be moral. There's right and wrong... but it's really about what's right and wrong for you, isn't it? And, really, if someone busting your ass about your "immoral" behavior, well, what skeletons do they have hiding in their closet, hmm? To that end, isn't it a matter of he who is without sin casting the first stone? I'm thinking there won't be a lot of people reaching for rocks... Rob

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