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If you are looking for Swingers in Colorado, then Swingular is the place for you. We have hundreds of thousands of swingers all over Colorado looking to meet new people. Choose a city for a list of Colorado Swingers in your area. If you do not see your city, choose the closest city to you as it will show you swingers within 100 miles of the city in you Colorado selected.


Colorado Swingers

Bitchfest here...... - - Having been in this lifestyle for quite some time, I've seen more than my share of drama. I think the most common misconception is that everyone is on the same mindset. This is not the case for most. You would think that going to a meet and greet set up on a Swinger's site would be a license to "Act" like swingers to anyone you recognize from the site in a public setting. However, I've learned quickly that because everyone responds differently, it is best to assume nothing and take nothing for granted and put on your thickest skin and expect drama. If nothing happens, and you make a connection with some one or both, then build from there and have fun. I have more fun when I go with no expectations and have them wildly exceeded, than to go full on and have the evening ruined through taking drama filled responses personal. However, I don't think that because some people may have jealousies, that they have the right to treat people rudely. I think there are many who can work on this a bit more and realize that we are all in this to have some fun.

sh*t swingers say - to preach to the choir - Guilty as charged! Lol.

Real Swingers Nasty Play Party Saturday the 14th - Cum meet couples that like to play in Draper - This is the nasty house party and it is in Draper this is like the Red Rooster of Utah, This is for couples and single women, Cum meet and play all you want and if a orgy is a fantasy of yours we have the orgy room, This is the nicest group of Utah swingers we have ever met we have now had swingers from Wyo,Texas, Idaho and Florida that have been here, They say finally Utah has a party place for Real swingers, So cum on party with us this is BOYB and a pot luck and best of all it's free, E-mail us for more info and time. hope you will want to cum and cum an cum.

Who is going to Younge swingers week HEDO? - anyone going? - From what I have heard Hedo is the most SM friendly resort, does anyone else know of any others? I am planning on having about a month between jobs this year and want to do some traveling.

New Swingers Club in Utah - Gauging interest in new club - We'd come

This is F**ked Up! - You might want to Lock up your Self Made Swinger Sex Tapes after this! - That was great! Thanks for posting it! We are entering a time where, now that the swingers of the 70's are getting to retirement age, this could easily start happening more often.

Swinger & 🦄 Bait - An experiment to attract swingers and unicorns. - Lol. I think about 9months ago a couple asked me some questions about pineapples in a cart and if I knew what it meant.. I said nope and really did not.. now that I am here and woke it all makes so much sense. I think the pineapple in the physical cart is interesting BUT having a pineapple in the cart conversation and showing a picture of pineapple in the cart may also be more interesting and effective.. and when it comes to pineapple in the cart.. lol. I am pretty sure I can construct a few open ended comments and reply seeking questions

Interracial Fun - Taboo Or Good Fun? - KRISTY>>> Sadly, I think that your original message and its intent was lost in translation. However I would agree that a theological approach is probably not the best route to justifying your position. Not that you have to, but you CHOSE to, and THAT opened you up to more criticism. JLEONARDTREESVC <<<------Are you serious? Are you listed in the yellow pages like this? \'Cause I have this big ass oak tree hangin\' over my awning that I need taken out... Just kidding dude. However, I was wondering what gave you the impression that we ALL know it is \"wrong\" as you stated in your post. Do we all KNOW it is WRONG? Strong statement. VOODUEXMAN>>> My Nigga! You went and got you a sista! WELCOME TO THE FAMILY bra! You see, I can talk to him like that now because we both black! Yeah dats right, you black now. You know dat sista workin the shit outta him! Yeah boy! Mad props to any white boy who can lock down a sista! We gonna work on your ebonics a little bit, you know...teach you how to akt black \'n shit. A little Shlitz Malt Licka fix you right up. Little 50 Cent in da ride. Dont worry \'bout dese haters son, me and T4REAL69 gotch\'ur back baby! LMFAO Oh for goodness sake...nothing is all that serious. We are swingers! Let\'s all swing! Luvbugs! (mR.) :h

Lifestyle parties - - well alecia, you have been to my store and you are a very beautifull young lady, and a swingers party should be meet and greet, and not judge by color, sex or sexual oriantation, all on this site should be willing to know someone before judgeing them, so let start a party of all swingers big small, tall gay straight, bi invited all luv all walt

Am I hot or not.... - - PSPLAYDATE criticizes single males saying that they are not swingers and that they do not belong on this site... but PSPLAYDATE also says: "...many of the couples here enjoy hooking up with SMs (we are guilty of that multiple times ourselves)." So, you like to have your cake and eat it too? That's a little hypocritical. Edit: Sorry for rehashing this subject! I didn't realize this was such an old thread when I replied.

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