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If you are looking for Swingers in Delaware, then Swingular is the place for you. We have hundreds of thousands of swingers all over Delaware looking to meet new people. Choose a city for a list of Delaware Swingers in your area. If you do not see your city, choose the closest city to you as it will show you swingers within 100 miles of the city in you Delaware selected.

Delaware Swingers

Where have all the SWINGERS gone? - - We are young but we have been in the lifestyle about 5 years. What happend to the to the lifestyle of the 70's. Todays lifestyle is full of dull and boring people. No one partys anymore. So many people just want to meet and fuck. Where did all the cheaters come from, I mean what is a straight single male swinger. Let us know if you're out there. We need new faith.

Burnt out from searching - - [quote=ThroughTheVeil]Maybe the problem is that you're shooting too high? I mean, don't get me wrong, everyone has their preferences, and at the end of the day, you shouldn't do anything (or anyone) you don't want to, but were in a similar boat of having to reach out a lot and getting rejected, a lot... even after making quick contact (or even longer contact) with a couple. Now if we didn't care who we met up with, we'r would have a different couple every night we had free time and some to spare, so having standards is important for time management also. What I'm saying is, if you're frustrated with how little (quality) contact, maybe you should give more people the benefit of the doubt. I can think of couples that we initiated contact, 4 or 5 times before meeting, and then when we finally did, had a great time and became good friends, but that also meant reaching out to couples 6 or 7 times before realizing we were wasting our time swallowing our pride over them.[/quote] The Lord and Lady of the Veil (Vale?) make a very good point. We've found that MANY swingers (Ourselves included.) are somewhat predispositioned (Yes, I know that's not really a word.) to constantly be on the lookout for what we might consider the perfect or ideal couple/connection and thus ignore people we might actually end up having a fairly great connection with because they didn't check one of our boxes for things thought we were looking for. Far too often it's too easy to overlook a good or even great couple when searching for the perfect one (That might not actually exist!). How much great or even just good sex might we be passing up in the pursuit of perfect sex? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Playing with \"swingers\" vs \"nonswingers\" - - We try to never let the two groups of friends mix, atleast the topic. His eagerness is a bit scary that he would jump at the chance to do it. I would take it slow and see how it unfolds and not just plan a meeting the next time you get together. I would also keep your other half in on this plan and make sure they are in for it as well. I\'m sure you already do this just hopefully reinforcing what your already thinking. Not sure how much that helped.

Secret Swingers Club Ogden, UT - Clubs - Friday nights are lifestyle friendly. This Friday is Steampunk theme. Haven't seen tomorrow's password yet. Password just gets your cover waved. I think we'll be there tomorrow.

FWB Anyone...??? - Seeking FWB - Couple to Date - We're an attractive, fit and fun couple looking for the same - FWB. We've dated 3 couples in the past 6 years and have had a blast! Since we've been in the LS for a while, we're picky and know what we want. We get a lot of friendship requests but no message to go along with it. We don't consider ourselves "swingers", we don't want to go to parties, not our jam but we do like to meet new people and see if the potential is there to be exclusive. It is hard making sure all 4 people have a connection but we've done it before and it has been fantastic so we know it can happen. Anyone interested...??? **Check out our profile and send us a message if you like what we're laying down ;)

Do you mix your vanilla and lifestyle friends? - - We tell anyone who is a late night friend, ie: serious friend, vanilla or not that we have an alternative lifestyle. It has made things so much easier. Our vanilla friends are closer. We make it very clear that we don't have any interest in sex with them for concerns about ruining what is a already a good relationship. I am not talking, work vanillas, they don't need to know. I am talking about people with whom we go dancing or bar hopping. Why lie about who you really are? The whole reason for jumping the hurdle that is the "lifestyle" is to be free with who you really are. Then you are supposed to hide it with people who are supposed to really care about you? Nope. Because of this, it is really cute when we throw a party or get together. The vanillas spend the whole time excitedly trying to guess who the swingers are. Most of the time it doesn't take much to guess. This reminds me of what got us started on this course. We threw a mostly vanilla roller skating party with some vanilla friends. They invited a whole bunch of people and we invited a whole bunch of people. We invited 3 couples who were swingers who did not know or probably didn't care to hide what they were. The vanilla couple invited once swinger couple totally unaware that they were swingers. We got very outed that night. lol It went really well so it carried over as a "good idea". Piper

Polyamory - three (or more)-way RELATIONSHIPS - [quote=TOMNTAMMY]Getting in to a relationship like that can be fun but dangerous too we have done this before it was fun but short lived if you spent time with one then the other wanted the same amount of time it go crazy good luck and have fun TomnTammy[/quote] We did have some issues with that in the beginning, but we were able to iron them out. We do kinda have a guideline that we try to keep everything as equal as POSSIBLE, given the circumstances (ie he's living out of town right now, while the women live in the same city). Basically, we have as much time as we want all together, but we try to keep the couple time even. So last weekend, Ms HB2 went to visit Mr. HB. So Mr. HB and and Ms. HB1 planned a weekend for the end of the month that had to be rescheduled because of work issues. He had planned to come down for St. Patrick's day anyway, so now he is just coming a day early so Ms. HB1 can have a night alone with him...which to be perfectly honest, is a better move for me (Ms. HB1), financially speaking, because my car is so crappy that I was going to rent for the drive up to his place, lol. This plan has worked out very well once we got the kinks worked out (no pun intended). The two Ms. HBs do have lunch together most Fridays, since we both get off work early, although that is just girl-hangout-time. We usually go to the mall and window shop and stuff. BUT that time doesn't count as our "alone" time. We also get that just as often as each of us gets time alone with the Mr. We are an equilateral triangle in every sense of the word. When Mr. Halfbaked and I get married, we are also marrying her. In fact, Ms. HB2 would be perfectly willing to marry me instead, and I'd be happy with that, and so would Mr. HB, but we all like Ohio, and want to stay here, where same-sex marriage/domestic partnership/whatever you want to call it is not legal. Ms. HB2 has children from a previous relationship (BEFORE the guy she was with when we met), and they have met us both; we are both planning to have children with Mr. HB, and we will raise them together, though we haven't worked out how we're going to function in public (schools and such). We are actually looking for houses right now. We are kinda flying by the seats of our collective pants, which is why we decided to post on here, looking for advice if anyone had it. We figured out early on that to handle the jealousy that was bound to come up (as it did, because we're only human), we had to make this as equal as possible. Mr. HB and Ms. HB1 have been together for six years, and Ms. HB2 is less than a year into the she had some jealousy issues with how well we knew each other, and such. Ms. HB1 had some jealousy issues with the NRE that was going on with the other two, and Mr. HB was *quite* afraid that the two Misses would decide he wasn't worth the effort and dump him all together. Also, we figured that if we wanted this to last forever (and we do, not that MOST people don't start relationships where marriage is an assumed future with the same goals), we had to recognize that there were FOUR relationships that deserved and required equal attention and care: Mr. and Ms. HB1; Mr. and Ms. HB2, Ms. HB1 and Ms. HB2; and all three of us. I guess what we're looking for is either someone who has a long-term example of success to show us, so we could ask them how they did/do it (as a lot of newlyweds want to know from long-married couples), OR a place where we could find such people like we found this lovely community of swingers. P.S. I (Ms. HB1, the one in the pictures) do 99.999% of the posting on here, so when the pronouns switch from "we/us" to "I/me", it is a safe bet that you are hearing from me. If either of the others post, they will identify themselves, too. :)

How is it to be in the lifestyle and have small kids. - We are new to the lifestyle. - well we have been in this life style for 4 years now and hav many friends that are swingers tht we dont play with . and they know our kids after we was sure it would been a very safe thing to do. and everybody gets along great . but our kids dont know of our life style . but when they get od enough to know and ask we will tell em the trueth . we have even had a cpl come in from another state one time aand they brought there kids but agian it was a friendship thing and no sex was involved. we dont make a habbit of doing that . if we havent known a cpl for awhile we dont . we even had a falling out with a cpl .but when we see them we still talk to them. we really feel the best meeting for the first timein town ,out to eat . or something like that. and for the new folks trying out this lifestyle is dont be surprsed if all 4 dont click. that is alot harder then you we said we have been in this for 4 years and you would think dang 4 years i bet they have been with lots of cpls. well no 1 full 1mmf and 1 ffm so dont get your hopes up . if it happens it happens carl and hollyh

Tired of Politics and Religion! - - Let me reiterate what others and myself have said.. I also find it funny that people are "tired of reading about politics and religion", when they have the choice whether to read and/or participate in controversial topics. What I have noticed, to the contrary of the minority that complain about these subjects, is that there is far more participation (reading and or writing) with controversial subjects from the majority of this site. This includes the very people that complained. Shit, I mean they actually read the title of the thread, clicked on it, read through it and then take the time to post their judgment of everyone else participating, instead of taking that same opportunity to post in a sex thread or start another topic they deem acceptable for the website. I find a lot less of my friends participate in the forums and on the site all together, when all the forum subjects are sex oriented. Many people, as well as I, find this website to be dry and boring when the only topics in the forum are, "Hey Look at my wife's gaping cooter" or the 10,418, 231, 121st thread about how much some insecure married dude hates single males. This is a sex site and not a single male bashing site right??? HAHA! So instead of going in those threads and bitching and whining like a fucking baby, I create my own... See how that works? Anyway, It's interesting to see in any social group, that there is always someone that tries to limit the group to the boundaries they think acceptable for the entire group. Why are we trying to put conservative limits on a liberal lifestyle? I think boundaries should only be set in matters of legality, privacy and consent. What's interesting is that there are so many conservative swingers here, that would push their ideas of morality and within the rules of this website, try and stifle others freedom of expression and speech. Perhaps you few should quit the lifestyle and go to church. -D-

Meet n Greet - Swingers Meet n Greet - Check out the party section. We are Hosting a Meet and Greet tonight at Evolution Cabaret 11011 US Hwy 41 in Gibsonton Fl. Couples are free cover, Single Males and Single Females are $5.00. Come out and join the fun. Dress is Casual. Make sure you tell the door person you are here for the meet n greet

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