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We are wanting to host small intimate parties - - [quote=UTCPL]Wow, the amount of emails we have received I think maybe we will just rent the convention center. Whoever is interested send us an email. also thinking maybe we should organize some kind of regular play party & rent out a block of rooms somewhere. Anybody want to talk about that mail us. The whole idea was to get away from the meet n greet & just do what everybody really wants & have a play party. [/quote] That sounds like what we've started doing here on this side of the river. You want to come sit and BS that's fine. But we're going to get naked and do what real swingers do. Believe it or not, some people are actually shocked by that.

Personal Web Page - - We never worried about the webpage here. We have our own. http://www.swingers.ws

KUTV News Story on Swingers - News - Blah,blah, non swingers talking about a lifestyle they no nothing about.. thank god I don't have tv..

Young swingers party - sold out, who still wants to party ? - [quote=LOOKIN4FUN369][quote=BMSHELL][quote=LOOKIN4FUN369] I doubt they verify the age, just took the money and ran lol [/quote] "Took the money and ran" ? Really? The system does check the age the couple claims to be in their Swingular profile before allowing them to buy a ticket. [/quote] But a person can change there birthday on swingular and your system will allow them to purchase tickets so there not really a full proof way to keep the older from buying tickets [/quote] True, there will always be a smarter full.

Eureka ATV UTV Poker Run - Elks lodge charity - Rally in the pines looks fun. May look into planning that. You know other swingers that go?

So you think only single men can be crude? - Guess again - Here's a classic: (I've never posted a private e-mail before but this is a REAL goober, he didn't have time to read our "Noval" but would like to fuck me till I pass out) From: WELOVLIFE Subject: No subject Date: August 6, 2006 (9:15 AM) Hi Mrs Fun I did not have time to read the noval, but I can keep it short and sweet. If you want hot sex then e-mail us. If you want a big dick in you than e-mail us. If hubby wants some good pussy than e-mail us. If you want to fuck until you pass out by all means e-mal us. Barb & John

Now if "John" had read our profile he may have figured out we might not be the best couple to send his "Shell Station Graffiti" too. We have to block all single men because they have a few goobers among their ranks, what happens if we have to block couples? Answer: Maytag-Repair-Man Swingers R- US (Lonely People)...

Polyamory - three (or more)-way RELATIONSHIPS - [quote=TOMNTAMMY]Getting in to a relationship like that can be fun but dangerous too we have done this before it was fun but short lived if you spent time with one then the other wanted the same amount of time it go crazy good luck and have fun TomnTammy[/quote] We did have some issues with that in the beginning, but we were able to iron them out. We do kinda have a guideline that we try to keep everything as equal as POSSIBLE, given the circumstances (ie he's living out of town right now, while the women live in the same city). Basically, we have as much time as we want all together, but we try to keep the couple time even. So last weekend, Ms HB2 went to visit Mr. HB. So Mr. HB and and Ms. HB1 planned a weekend for the end of the month that had to be rescheduled because of work issues. He had planned to come down for St. Patrick's day anyway, so now he is just coming a day early so Ms. HB1 can have a night alone with him...which to be perfectly honest, is a better move for me (Ms. HB1), financially speaking, because my car is so crappy that I was going to rent for the drive up to his place, lol. This plan has worked out very well once we got the kinks worked out (no pun intended). The two Ms. HBs do have lunch together most Fridays, since we both get off work early, although that is just girl-hangout-time. We usually go to the mall and window shop and stuff. BUT that time doesn't count as our "alone" time. We also get that just as often as each of us gets time alone with the Mr. We are an equilateral triangle in every sense of the word. When Mr. Halfbaked and I get married, we are also marrying her. In fact, Ms. HB2 would be perfectly willing to marry me instead, and I'd be happy with that, and so would Mr. HB, but we all like Ohio, and want to stay here, where same-sex marriage/domestic partnership/whatever you want to call it is not legal. Ms. HB2 has children from a previous relationship (BEFORE the guy she was with when we met), and they have met us both; we are both planning to have children with Mr. HB, and we will raise them together, though we haven't worked out how we're going to function in public (schools and such). We are actually looking for houses right now. We are kinda flying by the seats of our collective pants, which is why we decided to post on here, looking for advice if anyone had it. We figured out early on that to handle the jealousy that was bound to come up (as it did, because we're only human), we had to make this as equal as possible. Mr. HB and Ms. HB1 have been together for six years, and Ms. HB2 is less than a year into the relationship...so she had some jealousy issues with how well we knew each other, and such. Ms. HB1 had some jealousy issues with the NRE that was going on with the other two, and Mr. HB was *quite* afraid that the two Misses would decide he wasn't worth the effort and dump him all together. Also, we figured that if we wanted this to last forever (and we do, not that MOST people don't start relationships where marriage is an assumed future with the same goals), we had to recognize that there were FOUR relationships that deserved and required equal attention and care: Mr. and Ms. HB1; Mr. and Ms. HB2, Ms. HB1 and Ms. HB2; and all three of us. I guess what we're looking for is either someone who has a long-term example of success to show us, so we could ask them how they did/do it (as a lot of newlyweds want to know from long-married couples), OR a place where we could find such people like we found this lovely community of swingers. P.S. I (Ms. HB1, the one in the pictures) do 99.999% of the posting on here, so when the pronouns switch from "we/us" to "I/me", it is a safe bet that you are hearing from me. If either of the others post, they will identify themselves, too. :)

Young Swingers Myspace Swinger Party@Club Hedonism - - Ya, right? WTF is that all about?

Vegas: Swingers circle or couples oasis? - Which do I prefer - H2O, Couples is about 10 minutes from the Strip. It is southwest of the end of the Strip. It is a private house with a big parking lot in back (gravel, so ladies watch those heels or get dropped off by the entrance). The way in is not at the front of the house, it is actually in the driveway past the garage area (that are now play rooms). Contact them at couplesoasis.com and they can give you directions/info.

Kik group for UT swingers. - Contact me if your interested in joining a KIK group for Swingers - interested 71440cuda

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