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Rosendale Swingers

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Why are there so many swingers from Utah? - - It is a very site by site thing. Iowa looks like they have a lot of swingers to if you go by Swingvillage. and of course that is where the site it at... St Louis area, same thing based on that site. Hey Florida, you guys look like a rockin bunch, we might have to grab our group and head down....

Do your friends and family know about your lifestyle? - - Its funny that this post came out, I was swimming laps last night at the pool in town, and the lifeguard came up to me and started telling me how she heard there was a swingers community in Blackfoot, and how what a wild town its becoming.

Friday Hangouts? Moose... Nightshade??? - Looking for Fun Friday Outing - We have been to Moose Lounge a few times but its been a few months. Usually have fun. Definitely more fun with a larger group of "stylers" there. It is an interesting mix of "swingers" and younger gay/bi/straight people but they all mix well and makes things kind of fun and interesting. Just curious if people from here still go to Moose or if there is a new better spot.

Observations from the other side of the room - Some unsolicited advice - All good advice. You should give seminars to the GAZILLIONS of single males who think female swingers are nymphomaniac, wanton sluts who will fuck anyone, any time, anywhere and that their husbands/partners are pathetic, impotent cucks who don't know how to please their partners and need a "real" man to satisfy their wives/girlfriends. You could make BANK teaching the utterly clueless how to act like a gentleman and do a service to the lifestyle by helping to weed out the twatwaffles who have no business even ATTEMPTING to enter a lifestyle they know nothing about and should leave immediately!

Find Nudist Swingers - - Looking for Nudist Swingers in West Michigan,around 50 or older

Pink flamingo - How many swingers have a pink flamingo in their front yard? - We have pineapples on the trailer and black rings lol

Sturgis 2009 - - I plan on riding out with some vanilla friends. which wont be as much fun as it would if they were in swingers though! any single swinging ladys going that would like to ride with me? let me know.

Young swingers party - sold out, who still wants to party ? - wife is 36f, I'm 48m We didn't get tickets Cus I'm over 45 but no biggie. Since most big parties you pay $50.00 to get in, Spend another $50.00 on drinks and snacks, you talk to people and still don't get laid.

Jewellery, logos, etc to identify other swingers - We would like info on websites catering to discreet items to let others "know" we are in the lifestyle - I can see from the responses there isn't much out there? The one link we tried came up as invalid....so we're hoping someone has one they are willing to share!!

seniors - why is it so difficult to find senior swingers or single ladies? - Wow...I don't think Tequila Rose needs to jump on this one, as your "opinion" is very clear, and gosh...just right out there, ain't it? However, we simply want to state that in our "opinion", your "opinion" is found to be completely lacking in tact, good intent, social grace, and was completely unkind. If you felt such a necessity to answer with such...how can I put this..."honesty", then could you not have done it with at least more flair and less bluntness? I am not going to get on my "we're all going to be there someday" soapbox, because that is stating the overtly obvious. However, I certainly hope that by the time we get there, we don't run into many people either in or out of swinging, that would have such an utter lack of integrity and social etiquette to tell us that we are no longer considered viable and attractive members of society to at least someone. We wish the best of luck to the senior gentleman, and may he find exactly what he's looking for!

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