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motorcycle rides - - We have a sport touring bike (tracer 900) and love to go on long rides, we'd love to do a swingers motorcycle trip.

What a difference a Gay makes... - Our first foray into the swinging public, not what I expected. - Reading all the posts here and looking at the photos on the profiles make us wish we were in utah.You truely are a lovely lot. The couple in Spring Hill look good too...And Texas.......stc We went to a swingers club once..ONCE!!We found it rather cliquy. We didn't know what to do there,people were wandering off to rooms,we didn't know if we should follow,wait to be invited or whatever. My wife got more interest than I did(from single guys usually),and being basically shy,I just stood back.Everyone seemed to be chatting and ignoring us. We travelled quite a way to get to this place,and we won't go again that's for sure. It seems to us that house parties are the best way to go to meet new people.we tried those with some success. We once went to a lesbian bar just to see what it was like.I tell you,they were really friendly.People chatted to us,wanted to know where I was from because of the accent.We didn't go to pick anyone up(fat chance for me,they were all gay girls..LOL)But had a great time.

Lying About Your Age? - Is lying about your age considered proper? - [quote=MAGNETIC]Does age really matter? I know several couples on this site and others that have porposely lowered their age. Basically, lying about how old they are. Is it considered proper among swingers to lie about how old they are? If they lie about their age, what else are they lying about? Once you find out how old they really are, and knowing they lied, would you trust them? Or, can you say you are younger if you look younger than your age? Does lying about age fall into the same catagory of deceit as posting pictures that are 5 to 10 years old, or saying 10 lbs or more overweigth is "Average"? Would having a penile implant or hysterectomy matter. Some would think it would matter more than age would. What's your opinion?[/quote] Does age really matter? Of course not. However...when is it ever apropos to lie about anything in the Lifestyle.... Kind of a no-brainer.

Symbol Question - -


Not a guru, just takin a guess. Amy could be correct in that it maybe referencing swingers. LOL. I was going for the literal approach.
-Don- Proud member of

swingin - thought this site was a swingers site -

E'one, The Don

I included this song in another thread to lighten the mood. So I will add it here as well. WAAA1101 is only here to argue. His original question was answered on the very first page. He is not here to resolve anything. I think we should just let this one go. I heard his point and I do not agree. I, like everyone else, will continue posting what I want on this site. WAAA, heard our point and doesn't agree. We all know where we stand. 10 pages should tell him and us, that no one agrees with him. I am not gonna sit here and read this stooge anymore. He quit making me laugh. What I will do if this thread continues is take my own path with it. Consider the song my first act of defiance LOL.

-Don- "Ich habe einen kleinen Vogel in meinem Kopf."

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Sturgis 2014 - The wife and I are wanting to know where the swingers play @ Sturgis - Last year, I know that there were several lifestyle groups at Glencoe. There was a group from another state that I ran into but I don


Swingers In Uniform - Pay your memorial day respects here. - http://www.fallujah.us/videos/ There are only a few examples of what our loved ones have been putting up with over there. Makes me wanna hug everyone of those beautiful bastards over there. an example from the link above: http://www.fallujah.us/videos/Fighting%20in%20Mosul%2002.mov Can anyone else provide any? Hey if you look in this video you'll notice some are still in there PT Gear... this indicates they are in a defensive position and were attacked while some where on personal time. Think about that while you're sitting on your couch. Damn!!! D&T

Mexico! Come with us!!! :) - Trying to put together a group of Swingers to go to Mexico with us! - Oh come on...132 views on this and no one wants to come? What gives? It cost us only $1700 with airfare for BOTH of us and as a group would be even cheaper. Cum have fun ;)

Swinging/Polyamory - I just wanted to hear other people thoughs on this....... - We think the problem is that people see the equation "sex = love". IOW, if I have sex with you, I must love you. Therefore polyamory and swinging are the same. After all, if I don't love you, I won't be having sex with you. The way I see it, swinging is like a game of golf or tennis. I might play a game with you but I don't love you. Similarly, I might have sex with you but I don't love you. Poly, IMO, is basically having a relationship with that other person and sex is involved on some level. Kinda like "I'm in love with you and oh, BTW, lets make love" The way we see it, swinging is about exchanging sexual partners for recreation sex. In an orgy situation at a party, you can have sex with that person with zero words exchanged. In a poly relationship, there is a real connection going on besides just sex. Sex becomes incidental just like it is with married couples. With swinging, there is no emotional attachment. Is that a good thing? Well, it depends. We need to understand the very simple nature of things. We do this to avoid that. That is human nature. Many swingers DON'T want emotional attachments and avoid them because of the complications they cause in the first one. Are there benefits to the attachments? You bet. Is there a price to pay for that benefit? But of course. Is it worth it to you? That depends on your viewpoint. In our life as a couple, the problems poly cause BASED ON OUR OPINION (your's may vary and no right and wrong here) do not outweigh the payoff. IOW, we don't think the benefits of a poly relationship are worth the problems it creates based on our opinion. YMMV

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