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Girls that are into DP - How common is this activity among the swingers? - DVP here any day......she loves it! still hoping to try reg DP though.

Moab Utah - Swingers in Moab - We go to Moab all the time! Would be great to meet up with another couple down there. :-)

Swingers Kickball Society - - Our first kickball game will be this coming Thursday on June 3rd send a message if you want to join the group. Looking for couples.

Disabled Swingers - - "Disabled" is one of those heavily loaded but so vague it's actually meaningless words that our pop culture loves so much. This is a subject I am profounding involved in both personally and professionally. For example, did you know that alcoholism can be a disabling disease under federal regulations, and that alcoholics are protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act just like a child with Cerebral Palsy or a quadriplegic adult trauma survivor in a motorized wheelchair? That's a pretty wide range of conditions and causation! Woudn't you agree? I am a disabled veteran. A huge percentage of former NFL football players and professional fighters have "disabilities." Some CURRENT players do, too! I have a quadriplegic friend who has climbed Mt. Everest. I know an Army Sargeant who is serving in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan after losing both of his legs. And I know alcoholics whom I wouldn't trust to take out the trash. So this all seems very subjective, doesn't it? That's because it is! You cannot put people with disabilities in a box any more than you can people without disabilities. Therefore, it is equally impossible to know in advance whether or not you would be sexually attracted to them. You will have to meet them, get to know them a bit, and see for yourself. But make no mistake: "disabled" does NOT automatically apply to sex! One of the most profound Abilities of people with disAbilities, is the ability to adapt and improvise to compensate for their abnormalities. And some disabilities (like bipolar disorder, autism, etc.) are actually the OVER-abundance of things that normal people have and/or experience in smaller doses or less frequently. I'm sure you've all heard of the medical condition "Priapism" by now. This "something wrong with you" is when the male penis remains erect no matter what...the permanent boner. This condition can be painful, embarassing, highly inconvenient, and a helluva lot of fun for awhile! But to the person toting that thing around all the time, it becomes a disability. Get the idea?

Do you mix your vanilla and lifestyle friends? - - Good question! Really haven't had this come up much, yet, quite like that, anyway, being relatively new to the lifestyle. But...have already encountered the Ohhh...we know some of the same people sort of thing" Even in the big city..it is amazing how often that happens. For me..I can understand why this would make some swingers nervous...never really knowing what you might say to one of their friends about "your " new friend. When I have learned about common connections such as this....my choice has been to not mention them again...and ESPECIALLY not to the ones that know both of us. I learned a long time ago, that I need to be honest....BUT....I DON'T have to tell everything I know...LOL

Anyone else getting sick of clubs - - It is why I joined a pretty exclusive group in Chicago. We meet in a private home...there are no fees...all members are checked ahead of time and all are experienced swingers who want to play and are attractive. I LOVE IT! I exclusively swing there, with people I meet there or if recommended by friends I swing with there. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Black Rings - Do Swingers really? - I have pineapple stickers on the motorhome just in case

Female domme seeking sub or slave - your pain is my pleasure - "...if you want sex, then look elsewhere." Don't mind if I do...since this is, like, a swingers' site and that's kinda the raison d'ĂȘtre. Ever thought about going to FetLife or another site that's a little more specific for your "profession"? Just a thought. You could also put up fliers around your neighborhood or hand them out on street corners while you're out shopping for whips and stuff. Merry Christmas! [em]Emo_12[/em]

What really defines a TRUE swinger? - - ok so what would you classify someone who was considered a swinger by some for 10 years but now that im single does that revoke my swingers card because i am no longer married?....just trying to figure out where all of us that fit into this category falls into for all of you that choose to define someone

Free will versus playing fair. - - Criusers......... This is exactly why we don't really like the group things. Nobody knows what the boundaries are or if there are boundaries. There are lots of different scenarios as far as groups go. Sometimes it's anything goes. Sometimes it's anything goes with some couples but not others. Sometimes there are couples there who are not even swingers, and in most cases, you have to figure that out yourself..... ( that happened at our last party and she was the hottest woman there.) I don't know how long you have been doing this, but the lifestyle is a trip, huh? Never imagined it would be this difficult. But it's still loads of fun, both socially and sexually.

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