Lake Nebagamon Swingers in Wisconsin

Lake Nebagamon Swingers

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Orgy Party by Swingers Circle in Las Vegas - - We have asked to be removed from all of their mails on multiple sites. Have not been but have not heard good from people who have. Recommend finding other things in Vegas, there are plenty. Just our 2 cents.

The males of couples I need your help!! - I am trying to understand my husband and male pride.But been that I am not a male this is hard.So please help. - being in the life style u will meet alot of people that are looking for different things in different ways . most have some kinda of rules . but there is a few wives that can play on their own without the hubby around . but please remeber that most couples do it with each other cause they enjoy watching each other enjoy themselves with another person . the life style is for people to explore thier fantasies . the couples are very open and honest about what they want and dont want and they want to meet people who are looking for what they are look ing for . the more rules u have the harder it will be to find the friends you are looking for . dont ever do anything u dont want to do . or make your hubby do something he isnt ready for . it willonly back fire . but i think it would be helpful if u pampered your husband a bit . to let him know u love him . and u are happy with what he has to offer you . him not wantitng another man around at all shows some jealous issues . and it might be a good idea to talk about that . even if u are only wanting to be with women u still should talk about any kinda of problems like that . him being young he is new to this stuff and might not understand how swingers see and think and feel about this kinda of stuff . swingers are very open and treat sex and the body different then normal straight people . ill give u an ex. if he takes u to a reg bar iam sure he has to fight off the other guys that are trying tomake their move on you . the other guys are normally rude and pushy and all of that . at swingers parties they are not like that . its more of a loving and shareing way . they arent trying to put the moves on you in a disrespectful way at all . the best thing i can think of since u dont want any guy around is to put your profile up on all the girl sites looking for other girls . you will find alot more ladies looking for what u are looking for thier then on swingers sites . cause ill tell u they are hard to find on swingers sites . but then what u are looking for is girl on girl and then u will run into the problem of your man wanting to be there . just like he doesnt want other men around . alot of the ladies looking for other ladies dont want men around . so the same thing that your hubby is not wanting from couples . guess what yall are a couple . and alot of single ladies only looking for other ladies is going to see yall as a couple and are going to have aproblem with your hubby wanting to be there . like i said the more rules u have the harder it is to find what u want . i am in no way telling u to change your rules or anything like that . so please dont take what i am saying the wrong way . u will find what u want . but it will just take longer and u will have less picking to choose from . what been u find the ones u are looking for it will be worth the wait . i really liked the idea that someone said , it was to find a couple that has been in the life style for a while and let them help yall meet new people . at the club we go to they have couples that greet and help newbies find some friends. and just because u arent looking to play with couples doesnt mean u can t meet new people and hang out and go to parties with couples . we love meeting new friends . and we love to invite people to the club and hang out with them . and help them meet new friends . once u meet new friends u will feel better and more relaxed . when u go to clubs u just tell the people what u are looking for and if they arent it then so be it . no harm done . i really think u should talk to your husband about why he feels so strong about the other guys not being around . cause that will cause problems being in the life style . dont be judemental towards what he says but listen to him really good . and i think if he was friends with other guys in the life style that might help him feel more relaxed . but if nto then please dont push him . its not worth it . i have always been into ladies and not men . it is so hard finding single ladies that we both can click with . so we found it easier to find a couple that was looking for what we are looking for . i dont mind light touching and stuff like that . but i am not looking to play with another hubby . so we make sure its ok that way . only girl on girl and then each finsihs with their own mate . . well i gave u every idea that i can think of to help yall . so good luck . and have fun . naughty dreams freaky kitty

KUTV News Story on Swingers - News - The article stated that there are alot of that nasty stuff taking place in Kaysville and Farmington. Now why have we not been invited to these sleezy events? We can't imagine our 3 parties a year was what the article was referring to. Simples Edited for Evel, looking at it called for a revision.

swingin - thought this site was a swingers site - Oh...And by the way...He prefers chubby gals...They are lot more fun...BUT will make exceptions for those thin women who so desire :D

Poly-Swingers - Moving beyond FWB relationship - Lucky you... wish we could have that again. BTW, the Zebra Lounge is NOT even close to a poly relationship and the outcome could happen to ANY lifestyle couple!

Latest Tiger Woods Family Portrait - - One thing I love about a forum it does expose those folks with NO SENSE of humor. All the late night shows are having fun with this story, I can't wait to see what SNL has to offer, should be a hoot. If we can make fun photos and jokes about "Presidents" (and we have for as long as I can remember) I don't think a "golfer" should be off limits, which of course [u]he's not[/u]. Here's some jokes posted in another swingers forum here in Florida, so far I haven't seen anyone there start [b]whining and crying [/b]about the jokes. Perhaps our over exposure to sunshine has caused our [b]HUMOR ORGAN [/b]to become [b]ENLARGED[/b]. Apparently the police asked Tiger's wife how many times she hit him. She said "I don't know exactly

Vegas Bound March 23-25 - - There is also a Swingers Luau party on Saturday the 24th. I think it is ok to post the link if not admin please delete if necessary. http://www.eventbrite.com/event/2904456307/eorg

New Lifestyle Cruise Ship Take Over Offer - Great offer for your group! - Do you have a group of 6 couples or more and are you looking to put together an upcoming travel package for the upcoming months? Then we have an offer for you! Swingular.com and Yolo Cruises, the company behind the first ever, full sized cruise ship swinger takeover, are offering you a group deal. The Friends & Lovers Package Purchase 5 cabins and get the 6th one (an ocean view cabin) free! All cabins must be booked together on the same day using your group or lead name. This offer is only available from Swingular.com. To book your package, call Yolo Cruises at 866-699-9656 and tell them you want the Swingular Friends & Lovers package. Offer expires February 15th, 2009. So come join 2100 other swingers from around the world as we take over the Carnival Legend on April 26th. We'll journey out from Tampa, Florida to the Western Caribbean for a 7 day extravaganza. Swingular will be on board hosting parties and meeting members. All of the pools and hot tubs allow nudity and there will be designated play rooms for those who want to have some naughty fun! Each night will feature a different themed lifestyle party as well. This is one vacation you won't want to miss! For more detailed information, please visit http://www.yolocruises.com.

Girls that are into DP - How common is this activity among the swingers? - Like almost every other women who responded, i love DP as well. As soon as you find the right people the walls can start coming down lol

Dungeons & Dragons Online Game - anyone else or just us? - anyone else play DDO? plays like WOW or everquest but free mostly and alot funner alot more of a challenge We play now and again and wonder about other swingers that may play online games maybe group up and talk on there as we play? talk about multi tasking killin monsters and setting up dates lol/// http://my.ddo.com/referral/pepsi_phreak_79 if your lookin to try it out otherwise we are on the sarlona server My cleric is necrophiliak she has a rogue named valitia

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