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Hurley Swingers

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Single Females or Couples open to single men - - Ummm, swingers are single males, single females and couples with a wide range of play preferences. Now we have single guys blocked because we are not really interested. Everyone on a swinger site should be allowed to participate with any and all willing partners. Bias against single men by name calling just is not a very attractive quality on a swinger site. We respect how others choose to play and show interest when we think there maybe a possibility.

Drink of choice - - Thanks you sexy swingers! Love the advice and the information.

Is the coronavirus harshing your swinging buzz? - Swinging while wearing surgical masks! - With the rapid rise in cases of COVID-19, have you altered, in any way, your plans for things like swingers cruises or visits to lifestyle resorts? I assume that at LEAST nobody is likely jetting off to Wuhan to hook up with that hot Chinese couple they're been emailing with. [em]Emo_49[/em] What other things are you or aren't you doing or do you think it's totally overblown and you aren't concerned at all? [img]https://www.xxxneoncity.com/image/4b5efb380e26c1488468595245c6a420.jpg[/img]

LDS Swingers Survey - Will any former/active LDS swingers take my survey? - done

Other activities? - Do you only meet swingers for sex? - Hmmm we chatted with a few friends and here is what we came up with of stuff we do with our lifestyle friends: Tutored a playmate thru a few classes in her Finance program (Females who are intellectually curious are so hot) Helped reroof a house Installed a new hot tub Hung new lights Install Windows Went to the Renfaire with Families Went to the water park as families Went car shopping Helped someone pick out a new house Counseled some folks thru a credit crunch Helped write a couple

Damn Utah couples! :) - - ALL4MYPLEASURE, Mormons didn't get you into the lifestyle, swingers did LOL! BTW, nice to see other Greeks in the lifestyle. After all, we Greeks are pioneers of debauchery. Granted, the scene is ok here. It lacks on-premise clubs and many of the other lifestyle related dances and such, but I won't complain too much. We prefer the scene in a state that is more liberal where you don't have self-righteous religious zealots trying to force feed the populous their dogma. Times are changing and the population of non-lds is growing and it's voice will be heard sooner or later. -D-

Listing of LS group travel and dates - - DeliciuoslyWet. Been trying to do my research (OCD helps with that) and from what I can tell your concerns are probably not a lot to worry about as far as creepers and such. After reading reviews and talking to many different couples, it sounds like the atmosphere at most places is a safe and mostly respectful one. I haven't heard a lot of complaints about people being overly aggressive or a nuisance. Obviously you have control over your own body and if you are firm with most people I don't think it should be much of an issue. You might see some things you might not want to ( one person told me of the 350 pound guy who was naked walking around with an ice cream cone and an "innie" for a weiner, all the while checking out the hot women. Creeper material? For certain. But dangerous or uncontrollable, nah. And as far as people buying the packages, if you purchase through a site and go with a group, only that group is allowed into the activities, something I think is worth paying extra for. Also, it allows you to see who is going prior to the trip and you can chat and make some acquaintances before you even meet in person. As far as sex and having people around you don't want there, that's easy. Just go back to your room. If you are having sex in public then I think you are basically giving everyone a thumbs up to watch. In short, haven't heard the horror stories of the "sociopath" though as with any party, even our Vanilla parties, some people do drink too much. Life happens and all you can do is control yourself and limit your interaction with the Cray-Crays. The nicest resorts are the Desire. It sounds more like a nudest colony at times so I don't think we would go unless there were a takeover. If you want to walk around naked, have the best accommodations and MAYBE get to play, I'd try Desire. If you want a party scene with lots of swingers, Hedo or a cruise. The majority of people who go are swingers, so a lot of opportunity to play. If you just want a fun place to go topless and and maybe meet some swingers, Temptations is cheaper, but only about 20-30% if the guests are in the lifestyle, so the chances of you finding someone you really connect with is reduced. The cruise has thousands of people, so the best chance of meeting all kinds of people, but I hear it can be overwhelming. It sounds like on a cruise, to make the best of it, you need to be outgoing, talk to a lot of people and not care about the older, less-fit crowd mixing in. There are a lot of super hot people on the cruises as well. Just a huge mixing bowl of peeps. Anyway, there is my ramble. I think we have settle on Young Swingers week in April at Hedo2 or the Cruise. Not sure yet.

swingin - thought this site was a swingers site -

E'one, The Don

This guy doesn't want to reason. He just wants to bitch to hear himself bitch. I am just going to continue talking about what I want and they can deal with it. Their crying didn't stop any of us. I say leave him to cry by himself in this pathetic thread.

-Don- "Ich habe einen kleinen Vogel in meinem Kopf."

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Swingers dying out? - Is the utah swinger community dying or becoming to needy? - Yep, swinging's as dead as a doornail. We're thinking of taking up pornographic cross- stitching to fill the void. [em]Emo_96[/em]

Have you ever... - - OK, in the interest of playing, here you go: Had sex outside? yes Had sex in public? (movie theater, concert, theme park) yes Had sex in an unusual location? yes Had a threesome? yes A foursome? yes More than a foursome? yes Had a happy ending? yes Been tied up? no Tied someone up yes Been to a sex club / swingers club? yes Watched a porno? yes Been in a porno? Professionally? no Wore a costume / role played during sex? yes Recieved a spanking?yes Given a spanking? yes Paid for sex? No. (not directly, but dinner, drinks, etc...?) Had sex with someone you weren't attracted to / didn't like? yes Had sex with someone you didn't know / just met? yes Traveled more than 50 miles to have sex? yes How many States / Countries have you had sex in? 8 states Favorite position? being straddled while sitting. Had a 'nooner'? (skipped out of work / school to go have sex and then returned) yes Had sex at work? yes With a co-worker? yes Slept your way to the top? no Preferred location of "money shot"? Inside a nice wet pussy Women - sexiest outfit / lingerie you own? describe in detail Men - best pickup line? Pull my finger Preferred hairstyle? (on you and on others) Shaved bare? Landing strip? 70's fro? Other style? shaved or trimmed neatly Underwear choice? Ganny panties / tightie whiteys? Thong? G-string? Commando?anything easy to remove Easiest way to get you turned on? her talking dirty to me Worst mood killer? Him talking dirty to me. Preferred style? Soft and romantic? Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am? Hard and fast? Hair pulling, ass spanking deep and rough? Yes Please. Piercings? Love 'em Tattoos? Love 'em more Shoes / socks on or off?On. It means we can't even wait to get undressed all the way. Do you fantasize about other people when having sex with your spouce / usual partner? Sometimes Who is your fantasy partner? Who's available? Describe the perfect sexual encounter... My next one Willing to give me your answers in person? Naked? Absolutely!!!

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