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I'd like some advice.....really, I'm serious. - - We've always gotten a chuckle while running into co-workers on this site, or we discover they are swingers. This has happened quite often, and it's remarkable what a fun common interest it is to have with someone with whom you've only had a working relationship. As for the play part, we rarely if ever approach or intimate that we'd like to play with them, and let them approach us. Swingers should not be embarrased about being in the lifestyle, and if they are...one must quetsion "why"? This is also assuming that if they prefer discretion, those with whom they associate will not let the proverbial cat out of the bag. Even though they may not be seeking single males, why can't you still maintain a friendly relationship with them; undoubtedly the chances of running into them at meet n greets, or house parties exists. You never know, they may get a good chuckle as well. Just be polite, and not approaching like the cliche, stereotyped single male expecting sexual favors from them. Good luck! ~J~

Forum Community - EVERYONE!! - This is a good site that rivals Playful Swingers only a lot less cliqueish!! Let's get these forums moving, come on folks ask and reply.

Parties - Venting - I think part of the problem is that the games ppl play ALWAYS have prizes and the prizes are getting bigger and bigger and they want to make sure EVERYONE that plays gets one. Of course they don't want anyone to feel left out sooo... Buy a bag of popscicles and say yeah everyone get creative with the person on your left (for instance) popscicles are cheap and if you make everyone in the game shuffle before you start the game then hell... You just met new people and sucked on something together, lol. Just trying to say get creative with inexpensive things... Decorations, prizes, games... NONE OF US ARE SWINGERS BECAUSE WE LIKE TO FIT IN WITH NORMAL PEOPLE RIGHT? This Saturday should be a great party. Idk cause we've never been but, Tif and Doug aren't buying everything for everybody. Bring your own meat (hell John and I each like different meat anyways) and everyone bring a side for Potluck kind of thing. Anyone who can bring a gift to give as many prizes out as they have gifts that are donated. Don't get me wrong I'm sure this party isn't FREE for them to throw but, the more people throw in the things that they just have generally laying around with them it's sure as hell got to cut the price of throwing the party back for them. It's not like all the prizes are all going to be cheap or anything either. (Idk what all the prizes are but just John and I are donating some AVON gift baskets $20-$150 values but, I sale it, it's discounted for me and I LOVE wrapping them so hell I'm giving something away so I can keep my stock current and Never let my product go bad, that's something that anyone who sales anything should be doing and, hell it's getting close to the end of the year so I get to give something away it makes people happy and I a few months its all a tax write off for me! How can you go wrong?). I can't think of ANYTHING wrong with it and my husband and I get to watch and participate in a wet t-shirt contest. Maybe those throwing the Hallowen parties should give prizes only to the people that come in costumes that were recycled, reused,given, loaned, homemade or made out of things they had in their house and NOT give prizes to ANY of the costumes that were purchased or that ANY money. That's the kind of party that's funnest to go to, when someone had to get creative about what to use and find a way to make it ALL free for everyone. Besides if you didn't spend $500 bucks to get your costume you won cry so much about weather you did or didn't win a damn prize. WE ARE ALL ADULTS RIGHT??? We don't ALL cry if we don't get what we want hopefully. There would probably be more parties for more people (not just people who that they know) we'd ALL have more fun if different people could come that just DONT now because of the cost we would all have more people to FUc|< if that changed. Everyone just ask Tif what they're doing to keep this BBQ as pay for your own meat and have some FUN!!! This one will hopefully be AWESOME!!!

swinger ? or not. - - At what point are you a swinger? Is it simply the action of knowing your secure enough to allow each other to enjoy the company of another , or once you have actually done it. Not questioning our ability to find pleasure in the arms of another couple. However the fact remains we still never have. We were lucky enough to to have been involved in a couple hazy threesomes. (same partner) So...... are we swingers or something in between ?

Can bieng Mormon (LDS) and a Swinger co-exist? - - We are aware of many swingers here in Utah that still attend LDS church services regularly, including one woman that is a primary teacher. There are also many people that send their kids to church, either with neighbors or with other family members. Their attendance at church certainly doesn't inhibit their ability to be effective swingers, so we have no problem with this- we just figure that if they can reconcile it between themselves, then we're good with it.

Male on male - Not sure if this is where this goes, but male on male tonight only. - i'm obviously supportive. i'm amazed that so many supposedly free thinking male swingers on Swingular project such a homophobic attitude. and i'm sure every bi guy on here has been contacted by the male half of a supposedly str8 couple looking to get some MM action on the side. one of the best things about being bi is to learn how much fun it is to GIVE a blow job. i used to think that women were doing me a favor by going down on me. know i know why so many women love it. i've also met women who just wanted me to invite a second guy so they could watch two guys go at it. and women who thought they were dating a str8 guy until he undressed and saw that he was wearing women's underwear. i guess what i've learned is there is a lot more variation in human sexual behavior than i thought when i was younger. obviously the majority of people are more comfortable with the opposite sex...but that doesn't make MM or FF play wrong or ever the slightest bit unusual. imho.

Nightclubs - - Area 51 is great! So is Hukka bar and grill. Not many swingers there, but it is really fun. Their rules are more lax, so it's easy to catch a quick kiss or fondle. I have not been to Habits yet, but I hear it's a great place!

IS it me or is UTah The place to be if your a swinger? - Utah and swinging - After being on this site for a few days, I have noticed alot of the active members are from Utah. :$: :p Is it the fact that this site is largely based there or is Utah A crazy Fun swingers state?

Swinging clubs/locations - - We went out last night. Button Down was full of Chads and Bros and the dance floor was small and uncomfortably crowded. No swingers in sight—just a bunch of kids (seriously, I felt really old there at 36). We bailed at about midnight and went to Moose Lounge and it looks completely closed down forever (**EDIT**: Moose Lounge is still open, it was just apparently either closed or just REALLY dead that night). We were very sad and went back to the hotel for our own after party by ourselves (which went very well for the record). We really liked Friday night moose lounge in the past, I hope something like that starts up again.

Basement party for Friday and Saturday night - On-premise swingers basement parties at Destiny's Basement - Singles Night Friday Night & Pimp and Hooker Night, Saturday night, at Destiny's May 19th & 20th 1028 Williamson Chapel Road, Maryville, Tenn., 37801 Come and enjoy two nights of meeting, greeting, and swinging (optional) at Destiny's basment, in Maryville. I'm having two nights for the curious and the expereinced to get out and mingle, in a private and discreet atmosphere. I have several play rooms set-up for you to experience and watch others desires, fetishes, and fantasies come to life. I also have private play areas for those that don't care for being watched. I have an hanging adult sex swing in one of the play areas, plus couches and sectionals that make out to beds, for more comfortable playing. We have games we enjoy playing too, like Strip Bingo and Strip Poker, and you're not obligated to participate or do anything you don't wish to. You're here to enjoy, relax, make friends and have fun. I have plenty of fingerfoods and set-ups for you, and the parties are BYOB, and we don't have a dress code...ever. There is a door donation for the parties, just e-mail me or call and I can answer any questions or give directions, if you need them. Take Care, Enjoy Life, and Play Safe. Your friend and hostess, Tammy

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