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Green Valley Swingers

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Wife sharing - Let’s see some fun adventures - Swingers cove at deer creek? A real thing?

exspense of taking husband and boyfriend to party - - [quote=PITMOMMY]you know what i was originally think when i started this was that, iam masculine in my relationship with both guys, they both have more feminie than masculine qualities, then i read posts on here about homophobic guys who dont dp because they dont want to touch penises, its like wtf, then iam wondering where bi sexual men fit into this swingers community who are supposidly open mined, i would think that if this community were so open mined they would see a person as a masculine or femmine spirit, what if my bf like feminine guys, will there be any at a lifestyle party? what if a guy likes masculine women how many will be there? the closed minded nature of these parties sets the whole thing back to before the sixties, they might as well only allow straight wife swapping and no bisexual men allowed[/quote] I will admit my mind is not that open. I wouldn't enjoy seeing any bi men activities at a party we would leave. We or mostly I dont find those thoughts sexy. However I have seen bi couples and group all bi parties forming on Craigslist. However I doubt those parties are held someplace with a heated indoor pool and Spa. But for $12.50 each you should be able to cover the cost of a suites. But then you will need some liquid spirits but you wont have a bartender so you will still ave to mix them yourselves. Or I am sure you can task one of your escorts to tend bar all night long.

Swingers Next Door! - ABC news story on Swinging! - Damn. Don't have Playboy TV

Ideas on Swingers Car Rally..... - Ideas on Swingers Car Rally..... - sounds fun...If only we had something to show off...LOL

Single Males vs. Unicorns - this is ridiculous - I block ANYBODY that has repeatedly made himself/herself/themselves annoying, obnoxious, and/or rude. And I have more married males (who's wives ARE around and part of the couple's playtime) act inappropriately than I've had single males. But yeah... if someone is acting obnoxious and I don't wanna hear it (or read it I guess), I use the block button. Works wonderfully. And for the other topic that's surfaced. Plenty of these single men can find dates. They just choose swingers due to their sexual preference. If you wanna get rude and say single men are here cuz they need to steal someone else's girl... couldn't this also go for married men? Or the women for that matter? Seriously. We're all here cuz we have this particular sexual preference. Now play nice and block those that don't know how. :P

Why are there prostitutes on Swingular? - - I know.. I was just being a smart ass. But it was ME who posted her profile link. ;) You're welcome to everyone who is using a swinger site to find a sex worker! I heard that EROS is better for this.. but give swingular a few more months. It might just catch up!! [quote=Mrnmrsb][quote=ANONYMOUS]I do marketing for a living if anyone wants to hire me. ;)[/quote] I was referring to the prostitute being a smart business person for using a swingers web site. Because as everyone has pointed out. WAYYYYY TOO MANY SINGLE MEN and not enough single women.[/quote]

Swinging on the increase. - - I think they are everywhere!! LoL...especially down in the Draper, Sandy area...I threw a rock to see how many swingers houses I could hit in any direction and I averaged two out of every three houses were swingers...the odds went down the further south I went tho...lol..people just started getting mad at me and/or invited me to church.. Evildoers you guys probably don't have to look very far I'm sure...we always enjoy reading your funny posts, and some of your pics are hilarious! Love the mini Tabasco bottle...lol...the Mr was goin to do one with a chapstick but it was too close in size ;) ;) ;) ;) .... Back to the topic...we think swinging IS on the rise too. The link is a pretty good article, similar to others we've read. I hope more n more people join the club (as long as they're ready for it) ...its been a good thing for us and we have had some amazing experiences and met some great people.

whos your Fantasy girl on swinguler - Tell us who & why and what you would like to do with her - Well being that I have actually met this couple in person, and find them to be the *HOTTIECOUPLE* they claim to be, I choose her. She is TALL with a HARD body and what a great smile, plus she has a sense of humor. Here is the 2004 swingers talk awards and I'm getting a gaggift, as I had double hernia surgery on Monday and went to the awards on Friday.

This one time at Swingers Camp - Discussion about N by N camp out - Wanted to also say thank you to everyone for an "Awesome Birthday" on Saturday. I am one lucky girl to have so many wonderful friends. Thank you WWD for the birthday cake....yummy. We had such a good time. Love you all, Sara

KUTV News Story on Swingers - News - Yep! We have seen couples dicorce. If you are not 100% in love and sole mates that can date togather then maybe you better check out Ashley Madison or contact your ward bishop! I love my Bob and enjoy our friends and every experience we enjoy or laugh about togather. We like what we like and if you don't like us!!!! Well you are probably needing a little therapy! Lol

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