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shout out to the easter bunny - - Silly Rabbit, Tricks are for swingers! :) Mav

Swinging ,Or cheating? - - We NEVER play with a half couple. This is for several reasons. First, we don\'t believe anyone who has permission. If they really do have permission, great, but we\'d rather err on the side of caution. Secondly, we have had \'single\' guys who\'ve turned out to have girlfriends and the girls tend to get upset when they find out their boy has been screwing my wife. Never very understanding. Lastly, someone I knew had his best friend murdered recently. The man was shot 4 times in his bedroom by a jealous boyfriend who had found out his \'ex\' girlfriend was screwing someone else. That\'s not something either me or my wife is interested in dealing with. Double murder is never a good thing, and people commit these kinds of crimes of passion all the time. People are always welcome to do whatever they like, but i\'m sure most people here agree that those who are \'half couple\' people give swingers a bad name. Swinging isn\'t cheating, it\'s participating with your spouse in new adventures. Cheating is screwing around behind your spouse. This leads to all kinds of complications. We became swingers to have fun, not to deal with crazy, jealous people and complicated situations. It\'s never fool proof to play with anyone, but we feel playing with \'half couples\' is asking for problems.

UTAHFUNFRIENDS - - [quote=utahfunfriends]A female friend and I will be hitting up Park City and looking to meet open minded singles for fun.... I’m new to the area, and wondering if there are any recommended Lifestyle bars or clubs?[/quote] Hmmm, you’re on a swingers site asking about where to meet single people 🤔

Cap d'Agde France - - We wonder if many members have visited Cap d'Agde in France. It is tw world's greatest swingers' paradise. It is a nudist resort with ove 30'000 naturist in resdence at any one time in the summer months, with several swing clubs open in the evening. We try to visit once a year. Let us know if you a a couple interested in joining us

what the f#%@ was he thinking? - swingers still deserve respect - That is totally over the top. We see a few single guys from time to time and would never have anyone who messaged like that meet us. That is not only in poor taste but one stupid guy! I don't know what some of these guys think! If you want to succeed be a gentleman and send a nice message respecting my wife.

Hot wife - - "My Saturday job involves quite a few liberal athletic co-workers..." Damned socialist swingers wanting FREE sex handouts! [em]Emo_84[/em] LOL

"Swinger Robots"?? - WtF?, Now, on top of everything else, we have to worry about Robot Swingers? - Obviously, tongue in cheek (probe in USB slot, whatever) - but the new login kinda sucks.

Children - - am a momma bear when it comes to my kids. They know am a nudist but they DO NOT know my lifestyle. The reason why they don't know about it is because I think in their teen age years they have a lot to worry about and also they are discovering the world outside the home. I give them a lot of advise and talk a lot to them to the point that they know what is swinging but again they do not know that we are swingers. My 14yr old daughter knows that am bi because a lot of her friends are bi and she was very confused as to the whole thing. Not even our closes swing friends know my kids. We each talk about our kids and brag about them. I have met theirs and this summer we are planning to have the families join but this is ONLY because we have been friends for a while and we talk and know a lot about each other even private problems that only the closes family members would know. I know how they are with their kids and they know about how we are with ours, so I am comfortable with them meeting them. I chatted with a cpl for a long time and we even played a few times. We got comfortable with each other and in one conversation the topic about the kids came up... We talked and bragged about the kids. After a few weeks I was asked if I wanted to see their kids on cam. I said ok just because we had played and talked a lot. I saw their kids and everything seemed normal. It turned out after a while the mother told me her daughter was bi and she loves to watch her daughter have "fun" with her friends. She sits back, plays with herself and tells her daughter what to do, another thing that was disturbing to me is that this person is a high school math teacher. MY KIDS ARE OFF LIMITS... even when am chatting, emailling or just checking the site my laptop is posittioned in a way that no one can see the screen except who ever is in front of it. I also know that newborns till about 4 or 5 depending on the child development is ok to do as you please, but I remember things when I was 5 years old, things that my mom says but you where so small. To my opinion anything older than that should not be exposed to anything. There are so many sick minds out there. YOU JUST NEVER KNOW WHAT THEY ARE THINKING.

Orlando on the 21st - - I don\'t mean to be negative or difficult, but the general \"lay of the land\" for swingers in Orlando - has been discussed here before - with the conclusion that aside from Tastebuds (which is wonderful, but meets each *Saturday* night - not on Friday when you\'ll be there) - there really isn\'t much in the way of \"public\" entertainment. You can enjoy Rachel\'s Steakhouse (near the airport) for some great steak and topless dancers, or your best chance is to see if you can hook up with a private party - or *make* a private party somewhere - because Orlando is desperately trying to keep the \"Family\" image - and clamps down hard on anything \"public\" for swingers - or even just good-old nudity in strip clubs and such. It is ironic that Vegas has the same problem: in the city of Vegas - one cannot be *nude* in public shows. Particularly funny because when the Swingers and the Soccer kids clashed at the hotel near the airport recently, one person said \"Orlando isn\'t VEGAS, for goodness sake\" (meaning that MCO is supposed to be MUCH more wholesome - whatever that means). Anyway, not in any way shooting at you - just kind of sad that a big, tourist city like Orlando - hasn\'t managed more \"action\". It may be there, but it\'s \"underground\".

5-6 males - Gang bang squad - I suspect that setting up a gang bang that most swingers would actually attend is rather difficult. I suspect that includes the original poster. I suspect the OP is just scratching the surface with this post and that this post in and of itself is part of the vetting process. Smart!! What does

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