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New Swingers Club in Utah - Gauging interest in new club - Remember the mansion in Draper on 13th east? That collapsed under the weight of its’ own overhead, although I certainly give the organizers credit.

YOLO Cruise April 26 2009 - swingers cruise - Hello everyone, coming from Georgia! Can't wait to start meeting everyone in person. Oh yeah, round of drinks and lap dances! We are driving in on Saturday and still trying to decide where to stay. Any suggestions?

Swingers Kickball Society - - We are interested.

Another Swingers Show on TV - - video clips are available on the website - http://health.discovery.com/tv-shows/secret-sex-lives-swingers/secret-sex-lives-swingers-videos/hali-throws-a-swinger-party.htm

FNG ,but hey I get it... Really - - I am encouraging people who are really interested in this lifestyle to be genuine and courteous. I may be throwing some meet and greets as soon as I get a girl who will help me host. (parties a big work) but I got the house for it. I would love to have a party every 60 days; so we, being a small and select few who really enjoy our lives to the fullest can have a setting that is open and not costly to meet folks who live near by and really want some genuine people to interact with. I hope we can be as active as Utah seems to be. I have emailed a few of you here some no response, others great tips and genuine friendly advice. Remember it is not a party with out you. California Orange county I know you are out there I do what I can to promote this lifestyle and pioneer for new friends, lovers, acquaintances and referrals. If I could get some friend invites that are Local I would throw some nice baby hugh hefner* parties. I am just getting involved and I have some great game, genuine personality and very approachable. I am not easily embarrassed but can be hurt. So a simple ignore or no thank you is what I would recommend. I am not expecting a love connection from any or all when I get an email or a network add just expect real genuine swingers who can commit and be courteous if and when I do throw a meet and greet. So is this thing on?:*

The elusive unicorn.... - Any such creatures here? How many couples have caught one? - Married here with a single female profile. When I swing, I always do so as a single. I've run into several women who do something similar to me or as shared above, who swing with known couples and friends their partners have approved. There certainly are truly single female swingers on here but my experience has been they don't stay single or around terribly long. Some advice....I've participated in quite a few FFM swinging experiences and the very first thing I look for is being treated as an individual, not just a walking vagina serving up your fantasies. Unicorn hunting can be pretty toxic for the extra F, which burns most of us out quickly. This isn't meant to sound harsh just a reminder to not lose sight of the real people involved and how much that can enhance the experience. Personally, I don't respond to people who don't read the profile, don't treat me as a person rather than a fantsy fullfiller or who want the quick, easy, goodbye focused hookup. I like to enjoy the human(s) I'm with as it enhances the sex for me. OP.. what does incorporate a unicorn into your lives look like? If it's more polyamorous focused, any advice you get from swinging will probably not serve you super well. I have some resources I can share that are more poly unicorn focused if you'd like. Otherwise, I wish you good fortune in your search.

Mexico! Come with us!!! :) - Trying to put together a group of Swingers to go to Mexico with us! - I will see if I can take off from work but we do need a vacation, to let loose.....

NEW RIDING CLUB - LOOKING FOR MEMBERS - [quote=COWBOYMISSKITTY]We are starting a new riding club in north west ohio to be know as SRC ( swingers riding club) . Any one in the area that would like to join please let us know if you are interested.[/quote] Distance be damned - sign me up for a membership.

Young Swingers Myspace Swinger Party@Club Hedonism - - Ya, right? WTF is that all about?

Vanilla "life" just doesn't taste as good! - What else doesn't "taste" as good? - The dirty little secret of the lifestyle (Okay, there are a LOT of dirty little secrets! LOL) is that it's VERY hard to go back to Vanillalandia and not become bored to death. We've known SO many swingers who "quit" the lifestyle and no longer want to have recreational sex with others but nonetheless still try to hang out with swingers and go to swing parties and such. *shrug* [img]https://media1.tenor.com/images/856456b4fac99f838d6946c988a34f7b/tenor.gif?itemid=8607839[/img]

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