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Is the chat room always dead? - - 2nluv, you are 100% right in your first statement as you stated dont be shy about makeing a true point, maybe its time for 2 chatrooms , 1 for swingers and sex fun for this should be an adult site and the second for' the friend makers chat '....

Who thinks swinging should be just like ordering up an Uber? - - Just, you know, click on your phone and find a willing couple or single and 'wham, bam, thank-you, ma'am' after it's over you use your phone to immediately give them a rating. There could even be a short questionnaire about things like whether they argued about using a condom, whether their nipples were disgustingly pierced and even if their breath smelled like ass. Just think of the time this would save sorting thru 'binders of swingers' and trying to pick someone out based on a glorified Tinder profile. [em]Emo_28[/em]

Couple in Sandy - could use some tips - - Our online community has it's problems with fakes and flakes. Real people are often not that easy to nail down so we can all get properly sexually "nailed" for a few understandable reasons too. People in Utah, more often than not have large extended families living nearby who drop by, invite you over, have all sorts of family events we want to attend. Utah employers tend to be demanding of their employee's time. Between family get togethers and work, Utahans tend to be busy. Most of our extended family members, and employers are probably still stuck in a more repressed sexual mindset, so for most swingers, swinging does not naturally or comfortably flow into our mix of family time and our work obligations. Hey, this is true to some extent everywhere, just maybe a bit more exacerbated here. Patience and a bit of spontaneity tends to allow for some great sexy adventures. If you stop and think about it lust and patience don't go hand in hand. When we are in the mood, we want to be all about the mood at that moment. The right place, the right time, and with the right people takes a lot of forethought. Desire motivates the planning. When it all falls together and we can just really, really, really let go in the moment, is when all the fantasy and desire become a magically orgasmic reality. If only it were easier! It's hard not to get a bit cranky, when a plan falls apart, if only temporarily.

Swingers in a vanilla bar... - - Dr. Ziggy... How would someone approach a couple in a vanilla bar if you suspect (or know from a reliable source) that they are swingers? (And the wife/gf seems to be quite friently.)

Vegas Trip! Suggestions Please - Suggestions - go to couples oasis thats a good swingers club

Hosts Needed - Looking for local hosts in each major area! - Hello Chris and I would love to host in the Ohio area.. We host swingers all the time when in the area...We've been in the lifestyle for over 6yrs now and hosting for over 2yrs. so if you are interested in having us host please feel free to let us know...

Cupled MEN - Info - It's not just a Utah thing. But this site has it the most since couple v single males for a lot of us old time swingers we've learned to adapt to the changes screen all request piture or not and weed out the not real head gamers to where others still think its couples only hobby.

Identifying Swingers! - Lots of talk and now some action! :) - I think it's cool. I would definelty wear it because I could give a fuck what people think. However, it's not as discrete as it should be, if you are targeting everyone in community. An innertwined couple is cool though. It is cool that you are taking the bull by the horns. -D-

Bi-Sexual - lifestyle questions - Heterosexuality, homosexuality and bisexuality are all normal and healthy sexual behaviors. Perhaps the majority of men are in fact heterosexual. Majorities don't define normal or healthy but they certainly do affect what some people openly accept and or embrace. More main stream studio pornography, early on, not only accepted but glorified bisexuality in women. Straight men, who may be in the majority, are excited by women, and therefore watching two women sexually excited together, having orgasms would most probably be exciting. I think so. Most of us, perhaps, tend to accept what we enjoy, and therefore, perhaps main stream studio pornography opened the door for a larger segment of the population to accept bisexuality in women. If some straight men endorsed it and that allowed any woman with a straight significant male other, that might know that she has bisexual interest, to go ahead and admit it then it might have become more openly practiced. Bisexual female behavior perhaps became more openly common within the more sexually exploratory non-monogamous communities. In the case of swingers perhaps the "trend" even began, and perhaps still does, just a bit, to socially penalize heterosexual women.

When You're Shopping the Scene... - - We don't have any experience at the 'swingers market' such as the former Habits, Sandy Station, etc. We would like to try. Is there anything that we should wear that would signify our interest? Our experience comes from meeting people online, then meeting at a public place for bedroom time afterward. So, this 'scene' thing is all new to us.

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