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New Lifestyle Club - Announcing New Club In Oklahoma - Anyone that's in Oklahoma may want to know there is a new swingers club opening this month. http://www.okccitynights.com

BDSM and Swingers? - Where does BDSM fit in the swingers' world... your thoughts and experiences? - After 10 years of celibacy following a brain aneurysm which left my wife paralyzed and severely brain damaged in a nursing home, I decided that self-denial is unhealthy. Although I had been browsing swinger sites, plus was given a "hall pass" by my wife 6 years ago, it wasn't until 2 years ago I churned up my froze-up engine. My first new life encounter was with a "girl" much younger than my daughter who quickly introduced me to the D/s (Dom/sub) culture in its many dynamics. BDSM, DDlg (Daddy Dom / little girl) role play, hot wax, floggers, blindfolds, rope and chains.... the whole 9 yards! Since then, I have explored and encountered that Daddy Doms can be blessed with very enthusiastic young baby girls. My current little has many facets and gifted me by registering herself as owned property.... a registered slave. Since then I immersed myself in the culture, found out I was a natural-born dominant, and have never looked back. I stay in touch with swinger friends I met over the years (many are also on my Facebook...lol) and have noticed that kink is playing an ever-increasing role in swinging. The rules between the two are VERY different. I am curious to hear if and how it has become part of your play.

KUTV News Story on Swingers - News - I know why they are scared. Mormons figure if you can get talked into being mormon, you can be talking into just about anything.. old joke, but it works! ;-)

Young swingers party - sold out, who still wants to party ? - We would be up to go to a different one. Let us know .... :)

We have heard about it many times........... - Couples that are swingers - Queen, unfortunately your experience isn't so unique. There are a fair number of people who are curious about the lifestyle and in their haste for some experience, neglect to mention whatever hangups they might have. People fear that if they don't throw in the obligatory "we're fun, open minded, and drama free" statement in their profile they'll appeal to a more narrow range of couples and it will take longer to have a first experience. These people aren't always prepared for what's going to happen and I guess they just *hope* everything will work out okay - a very vulnerable state of mind. This is why there are a few questions I try to harp on numerous times before meeting a couple regardless of what their profile states: Are you D&D free, herps free, what are your boundaries, is kissing okay, etc, because most peoples' knee jerk response is going to be the answer that they know is "correct" but not necessarily true. The key is to ask multiple times, because some people aren't likely to be honest until they understand that you're working in their best interest. Still, there are some people who will deliberately lie no matter what; there's not much that can be done for them. :! Hopefully your first bad experience will be your last. Good luck!

Time for another poll: Unicorns - - [quote=DELICIOUSLYWET]Well, perhaps, if a woman really wanted to get into a full-time ongoing relationship with two men she might want to consider targeting bisexual men. We think the reason a lot of couples, within the swinging lifestyle seem to want to find a unicorn is because so many swinging wives are bisexual and therefore both the male and the female within the relationship sexually desire women. The three can all share every point of intimacy from flirting to foreplay into sex and multiple orgasms and even the afterglow. When everyone in a sexual encounter, wants and wants to be wanted by everyone else involved then hooray, hooray! Same would be true with a threesome involving a woman and two bisexual men. If both the men were bisexual then all three of the lovers in a DVP as an example, would be equally excited about all the points of intimacy down below and the list would go on and on. [b]Yes the triad would be shunned by the more homophobic swingers[/b] and a lot of couples with a straight male or female only interested in straight men and yes the triad would have to remember that not all people are bisexual when playing with couples with heterosexual men or women. Never-the-less, the threesome could find a lot of joy together. [/quote] Bigots not wanting to hang w/ me would be the best self-selection EVAR.

How did you get started? - - Well It Seems we all start somewhere so guess my story isn't that differant than alot of us. I was 19 and in college at the time. One day I was in a local Video Shop and saw the Swingers magazines on the shelf. I thought to myself "what the heck, I'll try my luck!" Honestly, I felt it was all hype to get $6 from me. {they are $8 and $10 now by the way} With somewhat of a "i'll belive it when it happens" attitude I answered about 5 adds that where interesting to me and didnt say "no single men". Anyhow I wrote the letters put them all in a envolope with the $5 and stamps like the magazine asked and waited for a reply. It didn't take to long to get a responce from 4 of them but unfortunatly they all sent me a "no thank you" letter. About a week after that I finally got a reponse from the last couple I had written to. They had written asking me quite a few questions about me and what I liked and all that sort of thing to which I wrote them back a reply. {directly this time though} About 5 days latter I get a call from the man from the couple I had written to asking me if I would like to meet them over dinner sometime. We set up a meeting and it went very well. They where both attractive and in their 40's and we liked alot of the same kinds of things. Being new to all of this though I had assumed that something would happen right away if anything was going to. Wrong! I left that night thinking I was just not what they wanted after all or maybe they were uncomfortable with how much younger I was. The next day though I got a call from the man again asking me to meet with them again later that night at the same resturant, to which I ofcourse said "yes!" When I got there they weren't there yet and my first thought was "great stood up" about 5 or 10 minutes later though they showed up and we ate and talked some more. After dinner they told me they had been late because it had taken a bit longer that they planed to check into the motel they rented for us that night. You can say After that night I was hooked! we met many times after that, almost weekly for awhile. He would sit down in a chair JO and watch as she and I had sex most the time but sometimes he would come over to us and JO onto her while we did it too. For the frist few times we got together he would ask me after she and I where finished if I needed anything else. Being 19 and unworldly I always though he ment something to drink etc. On about our 5th meeting she told me in my ear while we were "together" that he was really wanting to know if he could "DO" anything for me when he asked that. That kinda floored me when she told me that but I got over it and actually kind of warmed up to the idea by the time she and I were through. So, when he asked me that time I ended up getting a Bj from him. We stayed together for along time {2 years almost} until I had to transfer to a bigger college. I am happy I met them because they taught me so much about myself!

Extramarital Affairs and the Lifestyle - Where do you stand? - **Bottom line here is can we just stop all the finger pointing, labeling, and judging? Morals are a personal thing and eveyone is entitled to theirs and I\'m of the mind set...don\'t force yours down my throat and I won\'t force mind down yours.** Wrong. No one is interested in passing judgement here. Simply stating the facts as they are. Also, I think that some of us have returned to the cheating vs swingnig morality issue that we agreed earlier was NOT the intended direction this thread was going in. The issue IS a moral one, as someone pointed out. However it isnt whether or not CHEATING is the same as SWINGING. Since the thread has been joined by so many other now (AND I THANK YOU GUYS FOR STEPPING UP AND SHARING!) several differing points of view have emerged. Some \"vanilla\" or traditional people attempt to convince their mates to swing (MALE OR FEMALE) and for whatever eason that partner says NO. That person can not accept this answer for whatever reason, and decides it is worth risking everything they hold dear to swing. We have explored that. On the other hand, other \"vanilla\" people HAVE NEVER, AND WOULD NEVER EVEN ATTEMPT TO BROACH THE SUBJECT TO THEIR MATES. For fear of hearing NO, for fear of divorce...whatever...These same people, as one of our single gentleman pointed out...would look down upon us and label us sinners for being \"SWINGERS\" and all that they quite incorrectly feel that entails, and then in the same breath, go out and CHEAT on their mates. (I know one where she cheated on her husband with the pasteur of their church!) Cheating is actually more accpetable than swinging to a LOT of \"vanilla\" people. To share their mate, agree on the format, and practice an open dialogue about it is unthinkable. To cheat is not. >>TO ADDRESS THE CHEATING SWINGER ISSUE AGAIN<< This was never meant to single out you single guys out there, and I am not going to defend this post, or our stand on it. If you have read our profile, you should understand that we date single men and women almost exclusively! We just prefer to know the TRUTH about your situation, and beleive it or not, in this lifestyle...that is a tall order. As someone else said, that is a choice each of you has to make. We would prefer to know the truth about your situation so that we can decide to say NO for fear of creating hurt feelings and contributing to the end of a relationship that we are not even a part of. My mind will not allow me to justify what my heart knows to be just plain wrong. Luvbugs! ;)

KUTV News Story on Swingers - News - "Dark side of the lifestyle?" Just in time for Star Wars. I see your schwartz is as big as mine.

Game ON....which sign is Hornier...(is that a word?) - zodiac signs of swingers? - Slinky is sagittatius Dew is Aquarius

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