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Parties/Events - Maybe a Good Public Screwing is in Order?! - [quote=KRAZYGIRL]Hi Pals sorry to hear about the year or so of sorrow, things seem to just kicking you when you get to those places s,o hope you can keep your chin up, or maybe we can help you hold it up if need be. If you need help with that public fucking we could hold the towells for you but I want to at least watch, lol I have invited you to club Krazy a few times but timming was off so didnt work.(or you just cant stand my face ) Maybe a party at Club Krazy is needed for you to let loose. Might just have the owner plan one tbose for ya. He he Hope things get better for you two we can understand some of how you feel and it sucks. Cheers Krazyguy.[/quote]Well you are super sweet and I appreciate your attitude 'cause the times you are referring to as far as your parties are exactly the peak of craziness here in reference to my child. We got a few offers about then that I had to turn down and some folks just don't take that so well. (even though we explained ... some just think you're playing games anyway). It's just a bitch enough having a sick child and then all these fucking vultures come out of the woodwork. For some reason it sorta kills my "swingers attitude."

Why so much hate in the swingers world... - - Posted By: TEQUILAROSE Reply posted on: Jan 8, 2008 - 12:56 pm AKLIM, thanks for proving my point. It doesn't matter if they are the minority. I only matter that we all came here to fuck. It takes virtually the same energy to write "no thanks" as "fuck off" and even less to ignore. This should not be a problem at all. It's only an issue because those that wish to take offense make it one. -D- To us, it depends on the writer. If you wrote us and you are a couple, we say "no thanx" if we are not interested. (Not that we would since neither of us is homosexual and we find you both attractive). However, when we write on our profile that we are not interested in single males, hobos, or whatever and you still write us, we will tell you to "fuck off". Why? Because you were rude enough to ignore what we wrote and bothered us.

Female sex fantasies. - What do women really think about sex? - [quote=SUENDAN]This was Harley's final and absolute fantasy on Suicide Squad. [img]https://i.imgur.com/pi2d8rs.png[/img] Women rarely fantasize about the carnal and brutal side of sex men obsess about 24/7. Women dream about protection, stability, health, family life, abundance of resources, being respected and being married to a nice guy, good provider and overall, happiness. It is us men who plant those seeds of complex, open and spicy sexual relations of them. And 99% play along initially out of fear of abandonment by her man. Women are hardwired to have their men interested in her by often providing recreational sexual activity. That's why they usually go along with swinging and that's why they tolerate and sometimes welcome men's extra-curricular activities of him fucking a FWB, hallpassing him or allowing him to shred his cock into pieces to online porn. She feels safe he will not leave her while getting him off her hair for a bit while she runs the household and relaxes. Is a win-win situation for her. Women are often advised to "spice up their loivelife/marriage" to keep her man interested. Men are always advised to take care of his wife/family or face consequences. In conclusion, women do not fantasize about sex the same way men do. They rarely fantasize unless the seeds have been planted by a male. Same way heroin will cause you an immense pleasure the first time you try it but we all know we rather don't try it. Women just want to have a long, relax and beautiful life surrounded by abundance and a loving family. So, Mr. EvilDoers, the purpose of those interesting books you are reading were just to be sold and to make money for the author. The author simply found inspiration on a supposed ideal yet fictitious reality. Not everyone likes them, not everyone agrees. But the actual truth too far from it the same way we'll never see the Death Star opaquing our moon. [/quote] Sorry, I call out your bullshit theory on women. Women do want that but, not all swinging women do swinging because of feeling insecure. There are numerous types of swingers, and exhibitionist. All wanting to explore themselves in open world. To assume swinging is forced upon by the man for the women is also one sited. I think this man asked a great question about what do women think? I think this will be a fun topic to see. Instead of side tracking what he asked to hear about. You went on to assume he was not understanding his own question. His question was simple. He asked what do women want? What do they think about sexually? He did not ask what you thought of any books. Just an idea of what is in your secret garden. Let the women talk!!! Sorry if offended but, I want to know what women do think of? I for one am a women. Sex is natural for us. We reap with it. But, for men it is different. Way different. I wanna hear you women ROAR!!!!

Utah moms (Mormon) TikTok drama - - [quote=guynextdoor]My wife and I met a couple in this friend group last year. I wouldn’t consider them swingers, as their soft swap version was mostly swimming/hot tubbing naked with the occasional “dare” kiss that would turn into making out in front of everyone else. I’ve heard of some couples sleeping around with others but I think that was more of a cheating situation than an open relationship.[/quote]This makes the most sense!

T-Shirt Contest - Help us create some super hot Swingular Apparel & win yours. - brain storming here... Swingers do it together. Swingers play together. Silly rabit, sex is for fun. We play together, wanna join? Have strap-on and know how to use it. Be nice and I'll show you my toy-box. We're open and loving it. blah blah blah.... Hubby's favorite line is "nice shoes wanna fuck?" That's it for me -Mrs. Curious

I’m defense of single males - Funny old geezers - Here’s my two cents on why there is so much distain for single males on this site. First, the very name of this site suggests that it’s a platform for swingers, meaning SM are barking up the wrong trees. Yes, there are definitely couples on here who like MFM etc (i certainly do) but the fact that it is predominantly a swinger site should suggest to single guys that they and what they offer only appeals to a small subset of people here, and they should lay low and take a back seat rather than trying to be front and center. In my opinion, single guys should feel like guests here. They’re the third wheel, after all. We know there are single guys who are ready and willing to fuck our wives…let us come to you rather than being in our face. Any guy with even average EQ should understand this. Second and just as important….maybe think twice before you hit “submit” on a comment you want to make because more often than not the comments from single guys are cringe-worthy. If you hid the profiles of a random set of comments, I guarantee I could pick which were written by the single guys. You say, “I do however, love being a third and love meeting new people and wish to get more involved. “. Yes, you and every single male on the planet. Single males…do you have a place here? Sure. But your place is not to make up 50% of the content when a MUCH smaller percentage of people here are interested. Back into the woodwork a little bit and you might get a better reception. Happy 4th!

any sugestions - I think a lot of the people on these sites are posers here for the pics..... - they have this feature called a validation. If more people would get validated as a real couple then it would make it a little easier. We are a bit expierenced in this area on how to locate the fakes. There are things you pick up along the way. I mean not like you should have to. We never share pics on YAHOO unless we have met the people in person or know that they are real IE phone call or webcam. Or someone else that knows they are real. Someone that has been here multiple years and has not met anyone is a red flag. Most swingers unless you dont have pics on your profile that show what you really look like wont ask for more pics. They dont want them cause they want to see the real thing. Fakes always come up with the dumbest excuses for not being able to prove they are real. We have not been validated on this site but had we been validated to a degree that it is obvious that we are not fake we would want to talk to people on the phone to assure they are real. We get thier number cause it is obvious we are real as I said. We are new to this site but another site we are on we have over 20 validations. So it is a little easier to do so in that case. Most people in this day and age have a webcam. Or have the money to go out and buy one for I think the crapiest is 20 bucks. Easy way to prove you are real. Also real swingers dont get upset at the fact that they are challenged on being real. They just prove it. We have called people out and they have gotten pissed. It is rather funny cause that is the biggest red flag of all. Sorry for the mess and bouncing around I just wrote as I thought.

Here's something Ive been curious about - - [quote=EVILDOERS]I think over the years we've pretty much seen and heard it all in regards to this subject and who is and isn't a "real" swinger. It kind of all boils down to semantics, doesn't it? Is it really that important to label it and each other? If swinging is a more of a mindset then yes, singles (male and female) are swingers too. I think, perhaps, that what some of the couples might be trying to get at (inelegantly IMO) is that in many ways perhaps singles don't really have as much invested in the process as couples do. As a swinging couple (remember it used to be called "wife swapping") you are in effect opening your relationship to some very real risk. If you don't think that's the case you either are in denial or haven't been around the scene that long. Singles simply aren't running the same risk although it could be argued they do have some risks, especially single females who at very least have some safety issues going into sometimes unknown situations alone. I guess you could argue single males also have a few risks as well. Also, of course, there is the whole argument of singles "not bringing anything to the table". An oft quoted argument to denote they don't have a partner to "swap". True enough in some regards but not entirely true in that they bring themselves and variety to the table for those couples not looking for a couples swap or who want to fulfill other fantasies or who have difficulty finding a fourway connection or attraction. Ultimately I think it's unnecessary for couples who don't want to play with singles (most often it's just single guys, a double standard perhaps?) to diss singles by saying they aren't swingers. And it's also probably not necessary for a few singles to complain that they aren't given an equal place at the table when they indeed do not come prepared to risk the same that couples must risk. Bottom line. Swing how you want to swing and don't swing how you don't want to swing. There's actually room for everyone even if we aren't all necessarily sitting at the same table.[/quote]Absolutely agree. Well said Mr Evil! BTW...Do you know if those X-Ray glasses really worked?? I always wondered...still do. I have particulair attraction to "landing strips"....They could be real handy sorting out potential play partners!

april 2011 swingers cruise - - we are booked on the april cruise out of tampa. We are wondering where everyone is staying the knight before,and if there are any groups or forums where we could meet online before the voyage. C @ M

asking your swinger friend if you can join them. - - [quote=EVILDOERS]"I am not in the lifestyle and don't think I ever really fully would be" "K USSIR your not a swinger but you wanna have sex with you friends wife with your friend there? HMMMMMMM I smell a swinger in the making" Naw, I smell a single guy who just wants to get laid. If you aren't really interested in swinging just leave it alone and get your jollies elsewhere. There are plenty of ways for you to get your rocks off in bars and clubs and on Craigslist. It's your VERY common SM attitude that makes it tough for the very few single guys who get it and really want to be part of the lifestyle. No wonder so many people constantly say that singles aren't really swingers. But don't worry. You aren't alone. We've met TONS of single dudes over the years who've admitted that they would NEVER allow their wife (if they ever got married) to fuck another man. Swinging is an attitude and a mindset. A guy who would let you fuck his wife is risking a lot and sharing with you the most important thing in his life. If you can't grasp that concept you should just stay home and jerk it to online porn.[/quote] Yeah, that was well put And thanks deliciouslywet for your response too. I guess I'll leave it alone and if I'm hanging out with them and it happens great if not that's fine too.

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