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National Underwear Day Party on Friday- but can't post it! - Unable to enter location due to "state/province not recognized" error - Wait, what?!!? I thought swingers were sorta anti-underwear...and clothes. Doesn't underwear kinda get in the way of playing with each other's naughty bits? [em]Emo_49[/em]

Physical Attributes vs. Personality - How important is being H/W proportional - The HWP cliche that we read in so many profiles is, in our opinion...totally lame. It's overused...over-rated...and a total yawner. Often...when we're contacted by couples whose profile states anything about HWP...we'll simply disregard them. Honestly...can't anyone come up with something more original and authentic than the good ol' HWP bit? Although Siren and myself consider many to be our friends (platonic)...with all types of swingers...it's always been what's inside that counts (play-wise). Personality is and always will be the deal breaker/maker.

Single Males - Question - As aggravating as it sometimes is, we don't do the block single males option because one of the first swingers we ever had contact with was, and still is, a single guy. On another site we were on we blocked single guys and never heard from our friend, even though we sent him messages from time to time. We finally got an email at our regular mail telling us he couldn't respond to our messages because we had blocked not just the cold messages from unknown guys, but even replies to our own messages. So, if you ever decide to contact that single guy that catches your eye, make sure you unblock or you will never get a reply.

NEW SWING CLUB - NEW INFO - Theres a new swingers club in holly hill / daytona beach fla see banner for info. we have been there and its a nice place. we will be there every friday & saturday as our time will allow us,, so if you want to meet us.. we will see you there.. come and see us tonight k & a ps,, if you plan on attending please let matt & nicky,, know that we recomended you http://www.neverendingbliss.com/

Parties - Venting - I think part of the problem is that the games ppl play ALWAYS have prizes and the prizes are getting bigger and bigger and they want to make sure EVERYONE that plays gets one. Of course they don't want anyone to feel left out sooo... Buy a bag of popscicles and say yeah everyone get creative with the person on your left (for instance) popscicles are cheap and if you make everyone in the game shuffle before you start the game then hell... You just met new people and sucked on something together, lol. Just trying to say get creative with inexpensive things... Decorations, prizes, games... NONE OF US ARE SWINGERS BECAUSE WE LIKE TO FIT IN WITH NORMAL PEOPLE RIGHT? This Saturday should be a great party. Idk cause we've never been but, Tif and Doug aren't buying everything for everybody. Bring your own meat (hell John and I each like different meat anyways) and everyone bring a side for Potluck kind of thing. Anyone who can bring a gift to give as many prizes out as they have gifts that are donated. Don't get me wrong I'm sure this party isn't FREE for them to throw but, the more people throw in the things that they just have generally laying around with them it's sure as hell got to cut the price of throwing the party back for them. It's not like all the prizes are all going to be cheap or anything either. (Idk what all the prizes are but just John and I are donating some AVON gift baskets $20-$150 values but, I sale it, it's discounted for me and I LOVE wrapping them so hell I'm giving something away so I can keep my stock current and Never let my product go bad, that's something that anyone who sales anything should be doing and, hell it's getting close to the end of the year so I get to give something away it makes people happy and I a few months its all a tax write off for me! How can you go wrong?). I can't think of ANYTHING wrong with it and my husband and I get to watch and participate in a wet t-shirt contest. Maybe those throwing the Hallowen parties should give prizes only to the people that come in costumes that were recycled, reused,given, loaned, homemade or made out of things they had in their house and NOT give prizes to ANY of the costumes that were purchased or that ANY money. That's the kind of party that's funnest to go to, when someone had to get creative about what to use and find a way to make it ALL free for everyone. Besides if you didn't spend $500 bucks to get your costume you won cry so much about weather you did or didn't win a damn prize. WE ARE ALL ADULTS RIGHT??? We don't ALL cry if we don't get what we want hopefully. There would probably be more parties for more people (not just people who that they know) we'd ALL have more fun if different people could come that just DONT now because of the cost we would all have more people to FUc|< if that changed. Everyone just ask Tif what they're doing to keep this BBQ as pay for your own meat and have some FUN!!! This one will hopefully be AWESOME!!!

Cabincpl - Hot Tub Purchase Virgins - [quote=MJOFSLUT]We have both a Bullfrog A7 and an Arctic Spa Tundra currently. Bullfrog is in SLC home and Arctic Spa is at our St. George home. I’ve owned 4 Bullfrog Spas now. I’d never buy another Bullfrog Spa after having the Arctic Spa Tundra. Cleaning Bullfrog spas is very laborious, involving, pulling out seats and cleaning both the interior finish as well as the backside, hoses and fittings. These are not easy to clean and keep clean folks. Meanwhile, at our second home in St. George, the Arctic spa practically maintains itself and very easy to remotely monitor chemicals and raise and lower and turn on/off jets. The salt water system is the best. And saves you sooooooo much money in chemicals, cleaning and filters. We were recommended the Arctic Spa by 2Gemini’s and very happy we went that route, especially for a second home that needed east maintenance. GO WITH ARCTIC SPAS.[/quote] We have been thinking of getting the ultimate swingers accessory a.k.a. hottub. Nice to see a fellow southern utah couple chime in. We might have to check out this tundra spa. You know for research. 😏🤭

How Old Is Old - - My two cents is....Why should I open myself up like a flower and let every bee take some of my pollen dust....No that is never going to happen lol. I don't care about age nor does the hubby. We are not the oldest or the youngest....Probably right in the middle. Being in the middle you get pulled from both ends....One will win while the other might not. However, if I open my mind I like to take my time and enjoy the splender in all of it. Mostly having the right connection is KEY to everything and everyone! We have been lied to a time or two about ages and been suddenly surprised but, we still had a great time and may not and usually does not end in sex on the first time. Takes us a while to find a couple that we like and who likes us for who we are too! I personally do not like to be told I do not have an open mind from people way older or way younger. As we are SWINGERS which to some means you are EASY...Which is not true in any way and why some bottom feeders make it hard for other then cry out for the unjustice.....Ummm Sex is about feeling alive and if you make us not feel that way, no matter the age. Then we shall pass by and keep looking.

Willing To Earn It??? - We're willing to play...but... - You need to stick to what you believe in & what works for you. There are lots of different types of swingers out there. Some like to dive into a dark room with a bunch of naked bodies that they can't even see & go to town. Others just about want to know your whole life story & be reassured 9 different ways to Sunday before the clothes start to come off. Most are somewhere in between. The right ones for you are out there somewhere. You just need to find them. Look on the bright side. You know what you are looking for. That's a good start.

Utah Soft Swappers meet and great - Button up 134 Pierpont, Salt Lake City - [quote=Smartflirts]Recon knows what’s up. They have been around a while and they are trolling you. LOL. Our profile talks a little about softswap and how some fullswap couples can be douchebags to those who don’t full swap. Some of those douchebags WISH they had been more open and cool to us when we first started. The truth is the LS is and should be just fun. No matter your level of play or even no play and just social fun...social fun, flirting, and being open and dressing sexy is our favorite thing. Swapping, at any level, is great as is any sexual experience with the RIGHT people. It’s all the other fun stuff that surrounds those experiences that really makes it fun.[/quote] Fwiw, We know RECON. We've actually met once or twice IRL and know his (her?) sense of humor. In fact, we even know the origin of their screen name. It's, like, short for 'recondition' or 'reconstruction' or 'recontour' or something like that. Anyway, I just thought I would use his/her acerbic comment as a teaching moment to help anyone new to the scene with some of the jargon or slang, if you will, that swingers use so that they'll know which tab (usually A) goes into which slot (usually B)...and when. Nobody ever told us this valuable insider info when we were noobs and we made a LOT of swinger faux pas. We were taking off our clothes at wholly inappropriate times (and places), tabs were going into the wrong slots (often even into the wrong genders!), dogs and cats were sleeping together...it was MAYHEM. It took us many years to figure it all out on our own and by the time we actually did figure it out we were old and decrepit and nobody wanted to swap (soft OR hard) with us anymore. Now all we're left with is ULTRA soft swap which usually involves using sock puppets, pantomiming sex, while we watch another couple...also using their own sock puppets. It's quite sad and pathetic. [img]https://www.askideas.com/media/25/They-Love-To-Get-Fisted-Funny-Sock-Puppets.jpg[/img]

Pet Peeves - What in the lifestyle bug the hell out of you? - Flaky people. People who seem too scared when it comes to having sex. We don't like spending too much time in the butt-sniffing stage. We understand comfort levels but,we are all swingers and you can't learn to swim by sticking your toe in it. Either get in or get out. Married guys posing as single guys or claiming to have a hall pass. Then, for some reason or another, we can't meet with the Mrs. As if we can't see through your bullshit. And last on my list: We did a couple of bukkakes. It was fun but, we are over it now. We don't need any more offers. If we get any more messages that say, "Hey, would you like a cum facial tonight?" we will ignore it. It is a fantasy which has been fullfilled. Thanks but no thanks

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