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Swinger & 🦄 Bait - An experiment to attract swingers and unicorns. - [quote=1SEXYCOUPLE4U269]Color me stupid but the only part that made sense to us is the unicorn. Still don't understand the lucky charms or the pineapple [/quote] Maybe they're into midget sex...okay, technically leprechaun sex. No judgments. [em]Emo_66[/em]

Game ON....which sign is Hornier...(is that a word?) - zodiac signs of swingers? - SLINKYDEW: in response to your email: i've actually looked at the WHOLE chart several times. i've combined the year, the day, time, month, etc. i've combined traditional astrology and chinese astrology and their year of the animal things with it as well. i think the whole thing is interesting and i've looked into all the backgrounds and details. i still don't believe my personality is based on it or that it's even a guideline for it. but i have looked it all up for fun and curiousity.

Difficult in finding Couples or single Males/ Females - - Hawkeye we know what you mean seems as though the cpls you are compatible with always seem to live far away we have plenty of swingers in our part of the country but most think we are too old for them we look in better shape than those who say we are too old lol. Hell we still both snow ski and even do a black run on occasion who is calling who old lol. Wish we lived closer to all of you who have added us to friends list and have said wish we could meet who knows maybe some day we will ski your neck of the woods not meaning you Hawkeye we know you have no snow but if we ever head your direction we will be sure to let you know :-)Good luck in finding close compatible cpls. Norm&Sharon

Mon chalet - Swingers motel - we were there a few weeks ago, its ok pool was just a bit cool and the hot tub could only have 4 in it at once...you should go to the scarlet ranch great place for dinner and super clean with a great vib 1 out of 4 stars i give it 5

On Premise Swingers Club - SLC - I have been on the receiving end of City attempts at regulation of a club in another state. I believe the only way that one could truely avoid the heavy hand of the morality police is being organized as a church or truely a private club which whould require some form of selection process of club members. Even this would not keep you out of trouble, only grant you leverage in court. There is a case law study avaialable that can give you some overview of the current case law. http://www.moralityinmedia.org/nolc/caseStudies/swingersPack.pdf Renting a location per event is likely the best way to avoid problems. However I know how hard it is just to setup a dance on a per event basis, an on-premise event would be much more work. The effort may be worth it, especially if you have a lot of people to help. One way we made this work was a once a year event where we rented out a hotel during the off-season. The innkeeper was very comfortable with us being there and we were the only people that could get a room that week-end every year. We had the full use of the convention center and the swimming pool.

Looking to establish a group of safe swingers - - We would love to be part of such a fabulous group. Getting together with like minded people who enjoy hanging out, playing games and having fun is exactly what we’ve been looking for. We are safe, clean and D&D free.

What the fuck - I'm not normal, please help me. - Here I am, one of them sick swingers with no morals or values. I can fuck a mans wife and let him fuck mine and feel good about it. Then go home still excited and fuck the wife talking about our experience. We are a menace to society, should be locked the fuck up before our choices destroy the very foundation our country was built on. And did anyone else hate their parents? The ones that would not let you run wild and scream in a restaurant. Said you would never drive unless you had a job and could forward your share of insurance. The ones that neglected you so they could help take care of their ailing parents. What was the sense in that when they couldn't walk and were ready to die anyway. Told you to eat the shit that was put in front of you at the table, if it wasn't good enough don't eat it or find a better table with food on it to sit at. Who would believe that I would someday look at myself and see them. That horrible person that helps a neighbor if in need, makes sure the kids needs are met before mine, tell them the same old stupid stories about how we got fresh air and exercise instead of finger cramps from sending those incredible words with no feeling or emotion. So what the fuck happened when they became adults, why are they not like me? For them saving for the future or crisis that is bound to happen doesn't exist. Maybe they are smarter because when rent and utilities came due they can reach into my bottomless pockets and grab a hand full of cash. But on the way to pay the bills choose instead to get concert tickets and that new 600 dollar cell phone they can't survive without . No big deal they can turn around and reach right back in and grab another handful. No need to bother with a how are you, can I give you a hand with something or spend some time together. Guess I'm done being a cry baby, no one will read this or give a shit anyway, think I'm going to grab my lawn chair, go out and look at the stars fantasizing about fucking Wilma, seeing the smile on my wifes face as she rides Fred's cock during a cruise on the ocean, might even shoot a load. To bad reality will sneak up on me when I realize that deep picket I worked my ass off for has run dry and there will be no cruise. The kids won't come around anymore or even text because we refuse to give them what must be rightly theirs, shit we don't need it because we have a rocking chair and a remote, what else could we want or have the energy for. Hum, you know what, I'm proud to be that sick swinger and don't even give a shit if my kids know it. Give me a little time and will tell you again what society should do with my sick ass. But until I get caught and made to pay for my sins it's time to take my cock out and stroke it again wishing I could be with friends, fucking and sucking with until all are satisfied and happy. Someone help me please and direct me to that magic pill everyone seems to have to make this madness go away. JUST SAYIN, hum anyone know what the fuck that is?

Any Swingers out there? Golf swingers that is... - - Well sign me up for wet t-shirt golf! I think we could all have some fun out on the greens!

Swingers unnerve families at hotel - - The Squeaky wheel gets the news story right! First off Prove what you say, I don

Clits, Dicks, Asses, and assorted body parts. - Parts are Parts. - Clits, Dicks, Asses, and assorted body parts. This is not a dig to the BPP's (Body Part Posters) because I believe you should post what you want to as long at it's within the rules set forth by the administrator. If someone doesn't like them then they should scroll on to what's behind the next door. Now that being said we are more the Playboy magazine types, not that we are Playboy material. We would look great on "John Deer" monthly or perhaps "This Old House" magazines but not Playboy. That being said we are not "Hustler" magazine people either. Never cared for their close up shots of sex organs, cum shots, and still don't. If we were interested in a couple and happed to see these type photos in a forum it would be a deal-breaker. So kids the question is: :-) Are there other up tight, former Baptist swingers in need of serious therapy? Sign up list below: (If no one signs up we are canceling this account and moving to BUTTE MONTANA.

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