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Swingers cars??? - What ya driving?? - We love your idea of a cruse lets put one together a cruse and show would be a blast. We have a 1967 Camaro 350 SS RS and a Caddy CTS

LDS Survey Results - - Believe what you want to believe, but how can you judge anyone else for their actions or beliefs? So what? you don't agree... no need to get nasty or judgemental of others who believe differently than you do. I venture that since you were once a practicing Mormon, you feel the need to be as judgemental as you deem others in the religion are. Quite sad that you must have had some bad experience with someone who was active LDS which put a bad taste in your mouth. People aren't perfect. Nobody is. One must strive for their best and make their own decisions as to how to live their life. If that means I go to church and serve in callings, I'm not being two faced. I am exactly the same person at church as I am with my friends, both swinger and non-swinger. Do people bring their sex toys to church to use in sacrament meeting? No. Well, they must be two-faced too. Who I am as a core human being is not defined by us having extracurricular bedroom activities. There is no lying or deceitfulness. You may think it's wrong, but my husband and I (and several other LDS swingers we know) are comfortable with our choice to play and can still be decent moral people. I don't wish to argue, just wanted to voice that I don't feel ANYBODY has the right to judge.

Female sex fantasies. - What do women really think about sex? - I was just going thru a few e-books that I've had on my device for quite a while and never quite got around to reading. One of them is the infamous "My Secret Garden" written, I believe, in the '70's by Nancy Friday and purportedly a compilation of common female sex fantasies and possibly how they may have originated in the female mind. I haven't finished the book yet as it's a little bit ponderous with a fair amount of what I think may be outdated psychobabble, but I was wondering if anyone, especially some of the ladies here, have read this book (or any other similar one) and what they thought of it. Alternatively, perhaps some of the women here could share some of their most common sex fantasies...maybe even the ones that they really don't ever want to act out IRL. PS- I realize that since this is a swing site that some or all of the things female swingers think about could be outside of the norm, somewhat, compared to women who aren't in the lifestyle and haven't had the opportunity to actually act out some of their fantasies.

Inappropiate before meeting - - I know how I want to deal with it but we need some advice, suggestions, comments on what we should do about this??? A couple contacted us to meet,we exchanger a number of email and phone # to confirm they are a couple. Arranged a meeting date time and place. Everything sounds good so far no red flags, we still have not meet yet. The Mr. of the couple has started to text and sext my Mrs at all different times of the day including at night when she is working NO she was not returning the texts. Remember we still have not meet!!! I think this is inappropriate and crossing a line, my Mrs didn't think it was to bad till last night when he was texting her at work with some very graphic pic and language, that can get her fired in a heart beat. 1.So should I tell him to just cool it till we meet or 2.Tell him fuck you you blew it we don't want to meet any more do not contact us again ever or 3.Call and set up an earlier meet and beet the shit out of him then tell him #2 ya ya I know this is a sex site and we are swingers blah blah blah

This lifestyle - What are we really? - Great thought out comments to this posting ThoughtGarden, and we have to agree with you 100%. We love (but don't ever think that would be romantically- LOL), and miss you guys. A good topic to discuss. As for us, we count ourselves as "Fantasyers" that have things we want to experience and do so with the people that we enjoy (and or love) spending time with. Swingers (hard core) may be at one end on one leg, and Poly may be at the other end and on another leg, but we like being at the "Y" and in the middle, whatever that is labeled. :p

what is the protocol for cheating spouses?? - - We think you should tell all your friends in the lifestyle, what happened, who he is and how to identify his profile. You do not need to be mean or judgmental about it but certainly your friends have the right to know the truth about this man. Married people male or female hooking up with swingers under false pretenses suggesting they are single is an ongoing problem and a little help in identifying cheaters within the community is always appreciated. We think you should be honest with his wife about what happened but do not give her any more personal information about yourselves than necessary. Her husband was who violate an agreement with her. You were duped into meeting him under false pretenses. The betrayal is all his. You do not know her or how she will react or if she may try and exact some idea of vengeance upon you, as if that would be fair or accomplish any good thing whatsoever. People do crazy things. We sympathize with you. Your agreement as a couple to pursue this adventure together should have never been violated in such a way by this man. His actions are so very selfish.

Any Swingers out there? Golf swingers that is... - - [quote=GOODTIMZ]We both golf if you can call it that. Love to get out on the course and play a few rounds with another couple or 2.[/quote] Isnt your local course called Round Valley? weve heard its great & has RV accomidations?

visiting town for a few days - meet - How do you go about and meet swingers in a new town if you were going to be there for a day or two.

Singles who are married and cheating - - better get a cup of coffee cuz this is gonna be a long read: there are a few things you have to take into consideration when you decide to be in the swinging lifestyle. i think the biggest thing is finding out if your spouse is into it. most people, i think, go into a relationship knowing what their spouses boundries are. and then there are couples who evolve in their relationship and the more trust they have in their relationship, i would think it would be like a "coming out" of sorts. like..."hey, um...honey...the johnsons next door are having a party this weekend...and we were invited" "Really?" "Yeah, and i hear its one of THOSE kinda parties" "well, honey..we better wear our crotchless underwear" i dunno..something like that..like, at some point you decide that swinging is for you, right? or you go into a relationship knowing that swinging is an option. buuuuuuuuuuuutttttt... if you go into a relationship knowing that swinging is definetly not what your spouse is into or in the evolution of your relationship you decide swinging is right for you, and your spouse isnt into it, and under no circumstance is it ok....then, in my humble opinion, you arent in the lifestyle. now, if you come to some sort of open relationship agreement if your spouse isnt into it but agrees to let you get some strange, fine. if you take it upon yourself to sign up for a swinging website behind your spouses back, hook up with couples behind your spouses back, then YOU ARE CHEATING! if you are cheating, then you are just asking for trouble: 1. you are being dishonest 2. you are bringing your drama into someone elses life whether they know it or not. what happens if the wife finds out and shows up at your house party with a shotgun? 3. what happens if you get an s.t.d.? you bring that home with you to your spouse, and if you have them, your children. even if you use condoms you can still get s.t.d.'s, its happened. 4. when your spouse does find out, and they will...you are humiliating them in front of their friends, family, job...cuz somehow they all find out. that leads me to believe you have no regard for someone elses feelings so why would i want to swing with you? 5. you are giving other single people, male or female, a bad name and reputation. 6. you are giving swingers in general a bad name and reputation. jenn and i are honest with each other. we are not in a place where we are gonna swing separate, we communicate and talk things out so we have a full understand of where eachother is at, at any given moment. if jenn or i didnt want to swing anymore, or if we wanted a break from it, we talk about it. we arent perfect by any means, but we do our best to consider eachothers feelings in this lifestyle. we dont invite drama into our lives so i would have to say...no, we dont swing with someone who is cheating on their spouse. we would both suggest that if you feel the need to cheat that you should either talk it out with your spouse and seek external help or if you dont think that will help, you should consider ending the relationship. this is all just our opinion. we know its easier written or said than done. but if you arent happy with your spouse, why would you drag them down with this? communicate..compromise...talk it out..but dont be a cheater, cuz its not cool. brandon

Creating an Amazing Swingers Profile - How to market yourself better - I think my advice above boils down to: 1) Be honest.. Don't try to mislead people about who or what you are. 2) Make an effort to give others a chance to get to know you and trust you. 3) Don't be gross. And this stuff is nothing more than my opinion.. While I would love a world where everyone is required to agree with me, that probably won't happen for at least 5 more years, if things continue to go well. ;)

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