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Comfort level of casual vs relationships? - - probably in the 2 to 4 range. we are swingers, not really polys.

Mystery Escape Room - Looking to put together a small group for night of fun - mystery escape room would be awesome trapped in the mystery room with a bunch of swingers -= also awesome! lmk !

Why so much hate in the swingers world... - - "Ya know.. you are so "FUCKING STUPID" and in my opinion a fucking coward, asshole, moron, scumbag,racist sexist pig fucking ,deserting, lowlife worthless piece of shit.." Uh, you don't even know me. LOL! "Wow so that's what it feels like to be on your mentality level? And I use the word kindley. And once again asshole, you proved my point! You are so uneducated and have no self worth that you must attack personally." Kindley??? Oh you mean Kindly! "Seems I read someplace.. now I am not saying this is true, that such anger could be THE SIGNS OF A CHILD ABUSER AND WIFE BEATER..or a victim of abuse..,can't remember where I read that. Remember you told me in previous post.. old.. fat..no memory. " Wow, thanks for that Doctor Phil. ""YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE A CLUE WHEN YOU ARE BEING BAITED. YOU ARE NO FUN ANYMORE. I don't like you any more. " I knew you were addressing me dummy. LOL! It's you that was baited, you that got personal with me. HAHAHAHA! Oh, and I never liked you. ;-) -D- P.S.

Swingers - Looking for colorado swingers - Awesome thank you

The Run for the Roses... - It's a Horse race... - :h Ok, since there has been some complaint (crybabies) about the uses of the forum. That some members thought the forum is only for swingers. Well, I guess I

Traveling - Finding other lifestyle couples while traveling - Anybody know how to locate swingers in other st ates?

Who is going to Younge swingers week HEDO? - anyone going? - And is that the entire resort that is sold out or just the rooms that are reserved for the Young Swingers group (I realize that the group is couples only)?

Utah moms (Mormon) TikTok drama - - [quote=Gitterdone]I don't know who that person is but I do know that swingers will ways throw others under the bus. It's happened to me several times mostly to get with the female I was with. Men will tattle on each other in hopes that the female will leave and run to him which never did work. Nonetheless the attempt was there. They ways tell and swingers always talk. Yet this entire time I've kept so many secrets about others and never will reveal anything. Too bad no one else does. I've been around for a long time in the lifestyle especially when I was a couple. We knew about marriages breaking up. Two of who I know personally. Actually three now that I think about it. I'll never name anyone. All I ask is the same respect and keep it to yourself.[/quote] Unfortunately some people in the community get some thrill from outing others, gossip and causing chaos. That’s human nature, we suppose. Not been our thing. Guys have offered to take Mrs away and give her what they supposed she did not have. Gals have made the same offer to Mr. Again, not our thing. We’ve seen a few couples try the lifestyle as a way to “save” their relationship. If that’s what they need, it rarely works, there’s probably deeper issues at play than good playtime. We’ve had lots of fun, met really cool people, and learned so much. We’ve also had terrible (mostly comical and some tragic) times, met some creeps and assholes, and made more than a few mistakes. What consenting adults do amongst themselves is their own business. Outing others is not just bad form, but a major downer. But we’d be remiss if we didn’t admit to taking some amusement from watching them throw each other under the bus (more popcorn and a bigger bus, please!).

Identifying Swingers! - Lots of talk and now some action! :) - If you wanted to identify yourself, why not use the NSACA pendent?

Free will versus playing fair. - - Criusers......... This is exactly why we don't really like the group things. Nobody knows what the boundaries are or if there are boundaries. There are lots of different scenarios as far as groups go. Sometimes it's anything goes. Sometimes it's anything goes with some couples but not others. Sometimes there are couples there who are not even swingers, and in most cases, you have to figure that out yourself..... ( that happened at our last party and she was the hottest woman there.) I don't know how long you have been doing this, but the lifestyle is a trip, huh? Never imagined it would be this difficult. But it's still loads of fun, both socially and sexually.

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