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Game ON....which sign is Hornier...(is that a word?) - zodiac signs of swingers? - Here are the totals as of 4-7-09 9:30am: Scorpio 13 Gemini 12 Cancer 11 Virgo 10 Aries 9 Sagittarius 8 Libra 8 Leo 6 Capricorn 6 Pisces 5 Taurus 5 Aquarius 4

Hosting a swingers Party - - Two things which may cause problems.. Does OK have any laws which prohibit or limit or place restriction on the number of people who can be in a room or place for the purpose of having consensual sex? And as part of the first question, Is there a restriction on how many may have sex together... like sodomy laws..? Then if you collect money for any purpose it may be considered a business and a permit may be required to meet state law? Two clubs in NC in different locations have closed because of violation of state liquor laws. The parties have been being held in one place for 5 yrs and it was on private property and they charged nothing save for a "donation" to defray costs of setups and food that they supplied for their parties. The local constabulary determined that the Booze that was present (this is a BYOB situation and no liquor sold) in the home(which they called a business) without a license is in violation of state liquor law. They couldn't bust them for sex violations since NC cannot see behind closed doors. BTW both of these places conducted parties on Saturday nights regularly.. So please check regulatory bodies about sex laws and about liquor laws.. Tell them point blank that you want to have a lifestyle party in a public building in a suit or group of rooms that will be closed to the general public and that no alcohol will be sold or served but that people are encouraged to bring what they wish to drink and like any responsible person you will not allow people to drink and drive..You know that if people get intoxicated and have an accident the people who own the bar or who threw the party can be held responsible for contributing to that accident. You can have lifestyle parties without hard booze.... and have plenty of coffee abvailable for people who need or want it.. Be careful who you invite too..know who is at your party that they are not from the local constabulary.. Oh and NO DRUGS allow in the door.. Drugs on the premises can get people arrested who have nothing to do with drugs and you arrested as the people who rented or own the property. Just a few pit-falls that could cum up an bite you in the butt.

Swingers - a couples only lifestyle? - Are singles considered to be swingers? - Single females are called Unicorns.....and single males are fluff (choc or vanilla in flavor)! Swinging is a couples game.... COUPLES! I consider myself a single female searching for a single male within the realms of the Swinger lifestyle.I do not want some other woman's husband for keeps. But I am mainly a HEDONIST and love pleasure.....So if I play with couples or more than one or different variations it is for pleasure.Giving and receiving. LOVE on the other hand is a totally different subject. Hope that made sense.....lol

Swallow or not to swallow - - Mmmm... call me crazy but I love the power of knowing I have made a man cum with my mouth and love the taste. I will have to say though that it is a taste that took a while to acquire a desire for. In my early teen days I did not like it but gradually grew to acquire the tasty flavor. I know several women that do not like to swallow and most of them put on a show of letting it run out of their mouth down their chin or simply tell the man that they don't swallow. However, I have run in to very very few ladies in the swingers community that do not swallow. Just tell the guy up front that you don't.

The Vent part II - Secrecy - I once heard it put *I dont grow potatos where I get my meat*, I prefer to say *I dont play in my own backyard*. I know... I'm just one of *those* single men. You know, it doesnt sound like you give your *vanilla* friends much credit. You assume *they* would not enjoy a local *off premise* swingers club. Have you ever sat your vanilla friends down and talk to them (feel them out so to speak), to see if they are looking for ways to *spice* up their relationship? I've taken many *vanilla* women to the local swinger clubs. Ok, so some wont go back, but others are like *wow, that was fun!! I'm not into swinging and swapping, but these people are great!* Here in the Dallas / Ft Worth area, the lifestyle is HOT and happening! There are at least 7 off premise clubs, and as many on premise clubs. Plus many swingers in the area prefer going to the *vanilla* clubs to pick up men, women, and other couples. In MHO, IF, and I say IF, you go to a swinger club hoping/looking/expecting to pick up someone, I feel you've gone for the wrong reason. Go to have fun, meet new people, network, and IF you find someone at the club you enjoy being with, then I'm sure *as they say here in Texas* ya'll are going to have some swapping fun.... And yes, I have been part of a couple, with a few different women. Why am I not still a couple with any of them? They seem to start really getting into the lifestyle, and then they realize they're having too much fun, and scare themselves out of it. Oh yeah, and I'm the asshole single male, the most unwanted animal in the lifestyle. lol

Please Share ;) How did you come up with your handle? - - Our profile name was thought up very carefully. We put a lot of creativity and time into our profile name. After many agonizing days of trying to get our damn name right we thought this had to be THE ONE!............ HA HA HA HA! We actually typed in things like "utcple" and "funcple" and so on and so forth but everything was taken. SO we live in UT and we wanted everyone to remember us........and it is a swingers site......and my husband is a man-whore.... so what other name would we chose?... SLUT!!!!!! Too bad we don't live up to the name........LOL! Sorry, not too creative here! xo UTSLUTS

Swingers dying out? - Is the utah swinger community dying or becoming to needy? - I'm guessing whether you think things are dying out, is a matter of peperspective. If you have a certain kind of couple you are looking for and want to meet someone new every weekend, I'm guessing the well will run dry quickly. We have very little time, so even meeting a few people here and there can be tough to schedule. I see events, parties and booty calls listed all the time...add in the messages, friend requests (which are usually useless), and new people joining (whom you can choose to say hi to or not), and honestly, I'm not sure how anyone has time for it all to the point of saying the swing scene is dying. Guess we're just too new to remember the good old days. But as far as we can tell, there are a lot of nice, fun people to get to know...and simply not enough time to.

Log in Issue - I am not a robot - Damned quizzes are getting harder and harder. They're really stressin' me out! Do you have to get 100% right to be able to log in or is Swingular grading on the curve at all? I guess if nothing else it keeps all us nasty swingers from drunk logging in and drunk thread posting and/or booty calling. [em]Emo_84[/em] On second thought maybe this is some sort of subtle IQ test to keep any complete morons from hooking up. [em]Emo_12[/em]

Church Swingers, are they out there? - - That is the only web site I know of. I know there are some churchs that are more open then others. We have a frined that is a Minster that is in the lifestyle. R

Is there a small group of couples - - I would love to join a group of swingers.

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