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Habits tonight?? - We would love to dance - How many of the people at habits on a given Saturday night are swingers? How do you know who to hit on? =)

Swingers cars??? - What ya driving?? - ours are still a work in progress for the mrs. a 55 oldsmobile super 88 four door with the orignal 324 and 4 speed hydromatic and i have to have a truck so if thats how it is then for me a 56 gmc with a chevy dash small back window and a in line 6 with a McCulic supercharger hopfully both will be running by next spring and they will be daily drivers as for now a 91 acura integra it makes gas and handles like the tires are glued to the pavment

Can\'t seem to get it going. - What to do? - I\'m going to go a little deaper than the responces I have seen so far. First thing, you said that you have been divorced TWICE. That is not deadly in itself, but some personal examination of why is a good thing. For the most part, swingers are not looking for problems or \"bagage\" just fun social and sexual things with folks. I guess what I am suggesting is that you need to be straight out in getting your house in order and yes as others have suggested, a well filled out profile and pics are in order. Some couples like to add a single male, Some couple like to add a single female... but swinging in general is a couples game. Recognize the fact that you are a way over supply of single males that most couples will find you if they have any disire to add a single male. At this point you really do need to be someone that is desirable to that couple. Do your best and hope for the best. Fill out your profile, post a few pics, ( not just cock shots, everyone knows that you have one) Be nice, be personable, be someone that others would enjoy being with and that includes social things as well. OK, TJ off the soap box (TJ = the janitor just cleaning up the place)

Face pics - Just a statement - [quote=TRAVELING_GUY69]Just my 2 cents' worth..... On one hand, I completely understand people wanting to be anonymous or protect their identity. At the same time, we're all here for essentially the same reason! Is someone from this site really going to "out" another publicly? Maybe I'm just being too simple, but I hope someone in public recognizes me from this site! What a great way to break the ice-"I saw your ad on Swingular...."[/quote] Exactly...what are they gonna say to out you? "Ooooo I saw they have a profile on a swingers site!" Oh yeah? What the hell were you doing on a swingers site?? Can't really out you without outting themselves ;) Blueeyes...didn't u say one time that you had ended up accecpting a friend request from a relative because neither of you had face pics? Aaaaaawkward :P lol

How do you spot a Swinger..?! - tell tell signs of the lifestyle - The wristband would be very cool for big parties and swing clubs. Diane has a necklace with an apple that has a bite out of it from [url=http://www.nasca.com/]NASCA[/url] (was "North American Swing Clubs Association" but now just "NASCA" because they're international ). For those that know it the symbol says it all and for those that don't know it could be just some Mac fan or teacher thing. She did get called out on it once in a very strange way. She was at at GYN appointment with a specialist and he asked what the "Apple" was. She said it was her NASCA Apple and he came back with he had heard about it and "always wanted to try swing dancing . . . but somehow didn't think it was about that type of dance" with a smile on his face. She said if it was not for the position she was in she might have had a good come back but it was all to strange at the time. Both him and the nurse seemed very comfortable with the topic . . . we had heard there was a GYN doctor in the area that was active in the lifestyle so it could have been him. The real trick of having something that both shows your lifestyle and at the same time being innocent is being ready to go one way or the other when asked. Our family sees our boat's name (Swingtide) as just a nautical thing about the change in tides and how it matched a change in our life too. Those that know us online and we cross paths on the water spot us without a problem for something more than the change in sea level. It is too bad that we, as the gay community put it, can't come out of the closet. We have no international "rainbow flag" that we can fly and no "Swinger's Day" at Disney World. Lots of places and people come out with something to sell to identify but hide our lifestyle. The problem with that is it's always changing so there is no way to know. In most towns asking about a Swing Club would be hard because there are not that many and lots swingers don't go the club route. We remain a hidden community connected in groups here and there be it online places like this or clubs or just local groups of friends - we miss out on a lot of new friends because we have no clue who is who most of the time. They need to add a wrist band for couples willing to play with single guys (or not willing). I guess it could get a bit complex - Bi female of full swap/same room/couple sometimes willing to play with single female or a single guy . . . how many wrist bands would that be? New sales pitch at a swingers club "Programs! Programs! Get your programs here! You can't tell the swingers without the program!"

Extramarital Affairs and the Lifestyle - Where do you stand? - we find it rather interesting that man or woman feels the desire to be with others and would risk losing their family for extramarital sex . when all you have to do if realize that that open communication with your spouse is all you need . we do not play alone and that due to the fact we are spicing up our sex life, not mine or hers we do it together because it brings us closer in alot of ways. if the day comes when one or both of us are no longer turned on by seeing the other with someone else , or playing just doesnt feel right , we will stop! lets face it people will always be attracted to others no matter how perfect your marrige seems so why not explore that together and when you look back on it years from now youll be able to say man we had alot of fun and wouldnt change a thing . p.s. the divorce rate for swingers is about 3/4 less than that of vanilla couples! woder why? Hobie n Amy

Party every sat night - - ENTRE NOUS In Washington DC every saturday night there is a nice club that opens for swingers. ABC laws do apply, but it is a great way to meet other couples in the area. You don't have to join the website, just look it over for info about the club. http://www.entrenousqueen.com/AdultWarning.html

Girls that are into DP - How common is this activity among the swingers? - It's great, but sometimes she's in the mood for it, others not.

Swingers in a vanilla bar... - - Say "Hi, how are you two doing tonight" Seems to work for breaking the ice for us.

Memes - Adult memes - Swingers who only play with females.

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