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Wolf Creek Swingers

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Wannabes and net fakes - Will the real lifestyle members please stand up - How many of you have taken the time to examine just how many of the coined and meaningless profiles there are on the net in general, not just here on this site. We have been in the lifestyle as life as allowed for over 25 yrs. Long before the introduction of the net. Now it seems the lifestyle as an entire new perspective. Lets see we have who knows how many version of "swingers" Hard, soft, mild, wild, interested, looking for, etc etc. That said and in consideration of all of these well coined and copied versions, I have a suggestion for one, HOW ABOUT "REAL" Real replies to emails or messages, Real arrives for scheduled meetings, Real post genuine pictures, Real is proud of their gender and does not have to "fake" another's, Real would never open a dialogue with "interested what are you looking for", Real has actually either involved themselves in the lifestyle or at the least have a genuine desire to physically do so, not play games. And finally, "Real" respects others by being real in person, on the net and or the phone, Give it a try people, you may find this lifestyle very interesting by being "Real"

Las Vegas looking for swingers info. - - Only thing that I have heard about is that RED ROOSTER joint... Lots of strips clubs any penty brothels outside of town.

YOLO Cruise April 26 2009 - swingers cruise - Just thought we would say hello to all our fellow cruisers. We are looking forward to the cruise and makining many new friends. We are cabin 6174 a suite with plenty of room for our new friends. Please come by and say hello. Steve and Sue

Swingers Rock Club - Live music, Dancing, and Sexy Friends - No where in my profile did it say I could spell that word correctly, as sad as this may seem it's been spelled like that for well over a year, and you're the first to point out my error thank you, here's a cookie 8-) Shawn

ha just horny...How bout you? - yep horny still haha - Keep this going peeps. We are real and swingers are here!!!

Why so much hate in the swingers world... - - Uluv.... you asked and have gotten may differnt responses. We are one of those couples looking for single males but your location makes it difficult to hook up. As for the hate you feel.... well it is my opinion that people on here give their opinions and a person takes it the way the want. Yes your name sounds a bit like porno but this isn't the Brady Bunch's website either. As for Utah being the whitest state.... that I would have to agree on. My 10 year old son met my sisters boyfriend a while back who is black and told him the he needed to use more soap because he didn't get the dirt all the way off. Thank god the guy was good about it but it comes from not many black people in this state. And then to the comment about single males bring nothing to the table. I have heard that many times on these forums and it bothers me. A single male brings in a lot of different possibilities if you are open enough to the experience. If you are not open or have had probs with single males it does not mean that the single male cannot provide fun for another couple. Tasha

Its Saturday night - - Hello everybody Its saturday night and why is there so many of us swingers sitting here online and not out playing with friends? Let\'s hear all of your excuses... ours is we have kids tonight.

Have the forums become... - Forum Poll - ...a sad parody of the booty call section? 1) Yes, but how the fuck else do you get people to consider fucking you? I mean it's just TOO HARD to actually read profiles and write a thoughtful, provocative email expressing your interest and reasons why you think you might be a good match with a particular person or couple. 2) No, the forums were actually designed expressly to make it so someone has to expend as little effort as possible searching for and connecting with other like-minded swingers. 3) I didn't know there was any other way to try to connect with other people besides the forum. Besides, I'm spending 3 Gold Dragons per month to be a member and I damn well expect to get my money's worth in easy, free nookie! Dracarys! 4) Fuck you, Evil. You probably only get lucky when the junkies who live under the viaduct need a fix and you have a few bucks leftover from your SSI check to pay them for a BJ. 5) Meh, we just spam out Friend Requests and hope a few of the people we send them to will do all the work and try to convince US to fuck THEM. It's reverse psychology! 6) I'm starting to think this poll is just a tad sarcastic. 7) It's Saturday night and our Dance (Fuck) Card is so full we'll have to visit the ER early tomorrow morning for the severe chaffing from fucking so many people. Who needs forums? 8) That does it! We're going back to AFF and cruising for sex partners at run-down dive bars after last call.

Gym locations again 2018!!! - Which gyms are you guys at? - [quote=XANADUME][quote=HELISWINGER]I’ve heard of treehouse. Is it true you guys have butlers? 😂[/quote] We are at Treehouse. Yes, we have butlers there, but we call them "man-servants or "towel boys." Lol Ironically we have never even been blinked at, let alone HIT on at the infamous "swingers gym." The staff is fastidiously careful to avoid even the slightest sexual comment or compliment. It's terrible. We just work out, throw up, and go home.[/quote] Love it

Game ON....which sign is Hornier...(is that a word?) - zodiac signs of swingers? - Here is a link to a poll on The Swingers Board about what reader's zodiac signs are. The majority in this poll is Virgo. http://www.swingersboard.com/forums/polls-never-ending-threads/7691-whats-your-sign.html We're a Cancer (him) and an Aries (her).

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