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West Yellowstone Swingers

If you are looking for Swingers in West Yellowstone, MT, then Swingular is the place for you. We have hundreds of thousands of swingers all over West Yellowstone looking to meet new people. Here is a list of 16 random Swingers within 100 miles of West Yellowstone, MT. To see more or to contact these members, click here to create a free account.

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Vegas next weekend - Clubs - Our favorite is Whispers. We've had a lot of fun at Swingers Party Club too! It's just around the corner from Whispers.

Tooele swingers party 2 - Doing our second party - Are you in PA

This one time at Swingers Camp - Discussion about N by N camp out - i want to thank everyone that i met for such a great time. the atmosphere was awesome and it made a newbee feel welcome. i was a bit nervous to start with but you all made me feel so welcome i was able to get over that fast. thank you sue,dre and lang for all that you did. it was truely an unforgetable weekend

Swingers in a vanilla bar... - - In my experience, try to ask an innocent question, as in, 'Have you ben to *insert name of local swing club*?'

Eastern Idaho couple looking to meet couples. - - Charleys on Saturday night..... lots o swingers there:) We used to host meet n greets here in Pocatello... there are a ton of peeps here. every one is kinda shy and very busy... esp this time of year. Good luck!

Swingers In Uniform - Pay your memorial day respects here. - SALUTE!!!!!!!

Help us out.. Take this Survey - For Utah Swingers - So the results are super interesting, and there are a lot of early/obvious conclusions... but I'll wait to share the complete data set until there are a few more responses... (Over 300 couples have already responded, which is more than enough to be statistically significant).

Lusting After the EVER ELUSIVE Male-with-Hallpass - The Great Swingular Mystery - [quote=FRIENDLYGENTLEMAN][quote=PALS4FUN] Guilty as charged! In our case though, it's a bit due to the fact that we're somewhat unusual here. I (the Mrs) sorta drive things and hubby is a minor participant. I'm sorta on a permanent hall pass and he's kinda along for the ride! [/quote] I'm going to have to disagree with you there, Pals. Somebody earlier also made a reply that said something along the lines of "this site is male-driven". In my experience, at least, this site is the opposite of male-driven. Sure, there are plenty of single guys and "single" guys, but most of the active couples on the site are primarily female-driven as far as I can tell. Now, that doesn't stop males with hall passes from being a rarity. Just because it's female driven doesn't mean that the male half is allowed to play on his own. Or that they are looking for additional guys. Even here, it seems that it is more acceptable for a female to admit to being bisexual or bi-curious than it is for the male. Take a look at the profiles of your friends; I would be willing to bet decent money that well over half of them have the male listed as straight and the female listed as something other than straight.[/quote]Hey, I'm gonna disagree right back at ya, buster! :) I think that the site and associated swingers are driven by the DEMAND for FEMALES but I think that the swinging and active searching for swing partners is mostly completed by the male half. For example, I'll bet that 90% of the folks posting here regularly are the male half. And yes, there's a huge volume of Bi-Females here, but certainly THAT is not exclusively female driven either. How many guys will raise their hands to participate if they're asked to watch two women going at it then be able to jump in the middle of 'em? A male fantasy. If the women were just interested in meeting other women there'd be female hall-passes getting used all over the place with other women, but there isn't because the husband wants to be involved and the women will generally acquiesce -- again, ultimately driven by the male desire rather than the females. But then, hell, I like weeners too much to ever be gay so whadda I know?! [em]Emo_12[/em] Maybe it all really is driven by women looking for other women and the men just get dragged along screaming and kicking! [em]Emo_60[/em]

Lifestyle Questions by newcomer couple - - We are a couple that are new to the scene and we have decided to make our fantasies come true. My fantasies are for me to watch my wife with another woman and then to join for a 3some. Her fantasies are the same as mine. We are not interested in couples or Males but it seems like that all we get contacted by and we're are not secure enough in the scene as you can probably tell to go to a swingers club. So our questions would be what's the best way to go about finding a bi-female to bring our fantasies to reality and how to stop getting approached by single males and couples. Thanks for any help it is greatly appreciated.

Swingers unnerve families at hotel - - ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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