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Those damn single men! - Where do they fit in this lifestyle? - SexyPoker What is funny to me is this. While you feel single men should be ban from swingers sites and clubs, I'll bet you think its just fine for single women to be in the club, on this and any other swingers site, and sitting on your lap willing to fuck your brains out... No I'm not mad, I'm not upset, and I dont take any of these post personally, I expect a percentage of couples to post against single men. I see this as educational for anyone who reads it. The *whats in it for me* remark speaks VOLUMES!!!! Lets explore that question... What is in it for you as the hubby? IF approached correctly, a male friend to hit the topless clubs, a hunting/fishing buddy, if you ride, a biker to cruise with, maybe a friend who can and will fix your car, truck, bike, PC, or do the handy work around the house that you dont know how to do, or dont have time for. You get a wife who loves you deeply, and can see that you are willing to let her explore somethings that maybe she wouldnt ask you to do? She just may respect you more, and allow you to do things you've not been able to talk her into. You may be surprised at how much pleasure you get watching your wife enjoy herself with the other man, and once that other man is gone she make turn up the heat and give it to you better than before, hell most single men dont care if you *the hubby* step up and help in giving her pleasure, (who else would know her sweet spots better than YOU)... Your wife gets to find multi-orgasms as you and the other man DP her, and then one or both of you give her that pearl necklace she so loves... What do you get out of it? A HAPPY WIFE!!! Remember if SHE is HAPPY, YOU are Happy!!! There can be a lot of positive effects of the RIGHT single man playing in your sandbox.

Pink flamingo - How many swingers have a pink flamingo in their front yard? - [quote=Defiantstranger]Couples who have a joint Facebook account with “His/Her Name N His/Her Name” are often swingers.[/quote]

Where to go, what to do. - Non club activities - Hoe about a swingers bowling league ?

Reject Affair Match - Cheaters are not swingers - I would have to say that I am not a fan of the ad either it goes against everything we stand for. But with that said, How many of us have profiles on other swinger sites that charge WAY more money.... and that does not even include a lifetime membership. This site is someones business like it or not I would assume they need other ways to gain revenue, With lifetime memberships, the majority of us have paid our dues and they will not see a dime from us again unless we attend a party. Bandwidth cost $$$.. I would gladly put up with an add for naked alien fish monkeys covered in slime if that meant that our cost for this great site was kept to a minimum.. I would hope that the majority of us are open and honest with our spouses and that this "banner ad" is not even a temptation. If they get no click though traffic i would think it would go away...

Bubulaplease - Confidentiality - [quote=PROVOCATIVE]While we're talking confidentiality, I read an article about our future president's plan to increase domestic spying once again. He's also called for a boycott of Apple because they won't allow the government to have a backdoor into their phones. Texts to Android phones, however, are vulnerable, even when they originate from an iPhone. Phone data is also at risk. The article mentioned that apps like Signal and What's App are the only ones that are government hack-proof, but the person you are texting must have the same app. Another question I have to ask is: How safe is the Swingular phone app? I'm hesitant to use it on my phone after the inauguration. [/quote] The NSA probably already knows you're swingers. And if they don't, Google almost for SURE does! lol And as far as increased domestic surveillance after the inauguration, I think you only really need to worry if you're, like, a Muslim...or a minority...or a liberal...or a woman. [em]Emo_10[/em]

Kik group for UT swingers. - Contact me if your interested in joining a KIK group for Swingers - Yes please. utahfuntimes1.

Another way to identify swingers - Totally hot T-Shirts - Is anyone else going to buy some? -K-

who's spouse do you want to fuck - - THANKS Recon for putting a blog on here that is about swinging, for swingers, and FUN to read!!!! FINALLY, what the blogs on swingular should be!!!! And thanks Sexypants, besides you two, Funsaltlakecouple, hotcouple00_x2, ramic180, recon, smedine, stillhotinpoky, jjswingin (and the list goes on) we can't think of anyone else we would rather play-with-pink-parts than with each other...Ha Ha Ha!....There are so many pink-parts....sooo little time!!!!......xoxoxo L

Do you mix your vanilla and lifestyle friends? - - We tell anyone who is a late night friend, ie: serious friend, vanilla or not that we have an alternative lifestyle. It has made things so much easier. Our vanilla friends are closer. We make it very clear that we don't have any interest in sex with them for concerns about ruining what is a already a good relationship. I am not talking, work vanillas, they don't need to know. I am talking about people with whom we go dancing or bar hopping. Why lie about who you really are? The whole reason for jumping the hurdle that is the "lifestyle" is to be free with who you really are. Then you are supposed to hide it with people who are supposed to really care about you? Nope. Because of this, it is really cute when we throw a party or get together. The vanillas spend the whole time excitedly trying to guess who the swingers are. Most of the time it doesn't take much to guess. This reminds me of what got us started on this course. We threw a mostly vanilla roller skating party with some vanilla friends. They invited a whole bunch of people and we invited a whole bunch of people. We invited 3 couples who were swingers who did not know or probably didn't care to hide what they were. The vanilla couple invited once swinger couple totally unaware that they were swingers. We got very outed that night. lol It went really well so it carried over as a "good idea". Piper

Just for kicks & giggles - Ginger or Maryann? - c'mon you guys, no fair, i know we're swingers but you can't have both! that's part of the game, it's a hard choice but you can only pic one!

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