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Event Ideas - Can we get more events that don't center around alcohol and dancing? - [quote=TRIXIEE][quote=EUPHORICFLOODTIDES]How about pajama and lingerie porn night at the movies. The attendees come dressed for bed. Think a small Independent theater would be game?[/quote] Humph ... we TRIED to get a group to meet at the DRIVE INN theater on Riverdale Rd last year but I think we were the only ones that showed up ... NO ONE made an attempt at introductions at the vehicle we said we'd be in [/quote] Tee-hee, I'm picturing the mess left at a "small independent theater" after a swingers viewing of a porn show. How much do ya gotta pay someone to clean that one up? [em]Emo_85[/em] Then I'm picturing a porn pic being displayed on a Riverdale Drive in theater, wondering how long before the cops'd be there to bust it up 'cause of all the teenagers parked on that road out front trying to peer over the fence!! But seriously, that seems to be what I've noticed about some of the "alternate" events that get proposed -- seems like a good idea but no one shows up? It'd be fun to go to the drive-in though Trixiee, maybe we ought-a try that again when the season arrives. So does anyone know where I can get a cheap panel van?? [em]Emo_28[/em]

Swingers In Uniform - Pay your memorial day respects here. - I'm very proud of both my husband and my two oldest sons who proudly served their country in two different branches of the military. They would have gladly given their lives to protect the very freedoms that make this country what it is today. And we all still get a lump in our throats when we hear of a soldier lost. When we see military tributes and when we hear the national anthem. One of the most touching quotes I've heard is one my son brought home from basic training. ......"A true soldiers doesn't fight because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him"........

If only you could tell in public who is and isnt in the LS - - For anyone squeamish about my whole branding idea we could always just have all swingers get microchipped...and then we all carry around scanners. It might be a little awkward "scanning" people as they walk by us in a restaurant but it would avoid embarrassment from misidentifying people as swingers when they're really just dressed slutty. [img]http://pincincinnati.org/wp-content/uploads/microchipping-your-pet-01.jpg[/img] Hell, the fact that we were then all carrying around scanners might be a good way to tell if someone else is a swinger too...or just a pet advocate looking for lost puppies. "Pardon me but are you lost and looking for your home or would you like to come to a hotel and fuck us?" [em]Emo_4[/em]

Utah Nude Beach Sunday - hike first then time at the beach - [quote=KRAZYGIRL] Well of course they both sound fun, and they go together, naked, shooting sexy swingers with my high powered water wiener,the sneek up part is the fun part, have got to get close for the kill shot because it will lose its velocity after about 3 feet and wont do much damage.[/quote] Where do I sign up for your newsletter, because that's a riot.

Why so much hate in the swingers world... - - If you choose individually not to play with singles, then that is ok. We all have our preference. However, why try and bad mouth the entire group, in an attempt to demonize them to everyone else or to exclude them from social gatherings. But Don I am not trying to demonize them ALL I did say in my experiance 75 to 80% ... LOL... I just host M&G and meet them there other than spend my time on emails.... and I don't bad mouth the entire single males group...... trust me I do give them a chance when writting to me... now if right of the bat I get can we chat on yahoo?... can we trade pics?... I say...pics for what?... you can see mine on here... I say am sorry but I don't think we are a match... now if it was like that pesky one this morning I say FU I already blocked you for a reason.... I host M&G's ever month over here... last time we had 3 cpls and and 10 single guys in my room... so obviously I don't push them all away.... Now Uluv...... he seems like a preatty decent, respectfull guy... but he is not our type, that is all... and I don't think we are his type either... so you see we all have our preferance when it comes to who we are going to take to the room, car, beach, rooftop ...lol

find a girl to join us - - [quote=007HOTTIE]Ok, are you effin' kidding me? I am so sick of ppl whining because they can't find a single woman. Does this website look like finda3sum.com? No, it's a site for swingers! Go to craigslist and come back when you're ready to play the game like it's supposed to be played![/quote] not that we have anything against MFF threesomes arising through this site (please oh please oh please), but to 007 we say: HERE! HERE! and AMEN! Recently came across a profile of a couple ONLY HERE to find a single female to move in and live with them as a standing 3rd, room and board and a new 4-wheeler provided (for incentive I guess).... are you kidding me? this isn't russianbrides.com (or wait, is it, nope, closed that tab... whew). I mean more power to them, but c'mon, the name of the site is SWINGular right? or am I missing something?

Sturgis 2009 - - OK the knuckle saloon in sturgis, august 3rd at 7pm; so how do we know the swingers from the regular sturgis crowd?

Gym - - [quote=EVILDOERS]Gold's in Bountiful is FULL of nasty swingers. [em]Emo_12[/em] At least one class teacher and one trainer. [em]Emo_89[/em] [/quote] Really? Both of us are there all the time and never realized. I've never though to look good for the gym I really just go to work out. If you ever see a red head guy lifting weights or in yoga or a lady with a brace on her right arm in zumba there feel free to ask if they are PandJ we will probably get really excited.

Handling aging and lifestyles - How do you handle getting older? - [quote=HYM4CYN]Something none of us can control at present is growing older. For most of us, getting older means physical and some mental changes. These changes have a tendency to make us less desirable especially to the younger crowds, yet the minds of the maturing swingers still feel the need for participation along with the attraction for others. So, the questions are: How do you handle getting older and finding yourself less attractive to others and less involved. And, what are your age boundaries, if any. The youngest you will participate with and the oldest you will friend and why. We have our own opinions, we will express later, but we would like to see what others think.[/quote] We have no age boundaries, when we were in our 20's we would play with people up to their 60's. Now that we are in our 40's, we play with couples in their 20's occasionally. We had played with couples younger than our youngest kid lol. Our secret? If a couple does not like us there may be a million reasons for us to worry about it. We had been turned down by older and way less attractive couples than us. We just move on to the next one, stay positive and don't overthink shit.

I Don't Care if You LIKE Me... Let's F**K! (???) - - We are not a "friends first" couple but the attraction has to be there personality-wise too. We totally agree about friendships in the lifestyle. We didn't enter it to make a bunch of new friends but wow, some of our best friends are swingers. What a great, unexpected benefit! Most of the people we are friends with we have not fucked. For some the personality attraction is there, for others the physical... and we need both. We even have some friends that are physically attractive to us, have personalities that make us very good friends, yet the sexual chemistry just seems awkward for whatever reason. Another odd observation of ours has been that a less physically attractive person becomes very attractive an fuckable with the right personality, but a very physically attractive person is sexually repulsive to us if they are an asshole. We have probably slept with less than 10% of our close friends in the swing community. Everyone we did play with did not end up a friend but not because we didn't like them. Sometimes it's just a matter of not having time to build a relationship and friendship not being a pre-requisite for us. I guess, long story short, for us to fuck you we need to like you, but just because we like you doesn't mean we will end up being friends... if any of that makes sense to anyone but us. lol. -Glen

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