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Swingers Party - Doesnt mean who ever is there is open to everyone elsa - Posted By: H2ODREAMS Reply posted on: Jan 4, 2007 - 1:06 pm We have backed way off of these parties as when the Haloween party was winding down. One guy that was to drunk came over pulled my wifes top down and tried to suck on her nipples. I moved him away from her and his wife just giggled and said "he loves boobs" That was enough for us to take a step back. To many get so drunk and blame that for their actions. iLLDOU2......... WOW ,SO MEL GIBSON WAS THERE? hehe SERIOUSLY SOME PEOPLE ARE JUST RUDE..DRUNK OR SOBER....BUT IT IS UP TO THE HOST TO HANDLE THESE THINGS...... or THINGS CAN GET OUT OF HAND.....

Swing Color Bands - Swing Color Bands - [quote=MASSMN]I agree the wristbands are a good idea but Having so many colors is ridiculous and confusing as this site is proving. What is everyone going to have to carry a cheat card in their pockets to remind them of what colors what. Why not stay to the basic's: One color which just signifies you are swingers and can be worn outside the club these also can have a universal Logo of choice. Have Two clors which shows Female is BI, multicolored, and Third, tri-colored, which shows Both are Bi. That's One band with NO more then 3 colors which u can wear anywear and maybe meet new people u wouldn't have been able to do before. Again, keep it simple and less confusing. [/quote] I think the color chart is great... all you have to do is remember what your color is about and then when you run into someone that has a band on and you don't know what the color stands for you will be impaled to actually go up to that person and ask them what it stands for...[size=200] [color=#56121d"]this is what is called a great conversation starter...[/color][/size] this is what we are trying to get across to people.. you don't need to remember all the colors just the number that is on the bracelet... Last night we sold over 47 of them at the meet and greet so people are going to be wearing this out there so be looking for them!!! If you didn't get yours last night contact us and we will get the ball rolling to get you one.... Mr Trixiee

Speed dating swinging style - - So the reason we (KOIGIRL) and I hosted it was we were tired of the meet and greets where everyone had their cliques. Also the parties we went to were not swinger parties. Everyone stood around until someone got drunk and then there was drama. Not all parties are like this, but the one's we went to were. So we decided to hold the party. First, we held it at my place. Second, we screened those who attended. there were young couples and vet swingers. We limited it to 10 couples invited (8 showed). We did have some drinks and refreshments, but once everyone got there people drew a number 1-4. There were two of each number. Based on the number you paired off with the couple with the same number. A timer was set for 20 minutes. Everyone went someplace quiet and just talked. When the timer went off, one group rotated. So those that had 4 went to 1 and so on. After a little over an hour, we went into the family room and had a few drinks and were talking about doing a second round. However, this didn't happen as truth or dare started. Almost everyone was naked. There was a new couple who was shy but even they opened up. If anyone was uncomfortable, there were other rooms. It was made clear that no unwanted advances would be tolerated. There weren't instances of this. People started breaking off and going into separate rooms for fun. If you have questions, let me or KOIGIRL know.

Identifying Swingers! - Lots of talk and now some action! :) - what does NSACA mean? i think the pendant looks great and i would wear it 1 because i luv silver and 2 cause like wear chains from time to time don't know if wife would wear it or not but i think they look cool and would like to get on let me know how thanks mr. shy

Orchard Place - Event info - Ryan and Kara are top-notch hosts and the venue is by far the best in Utah for swingers. It's the closest thing we have in Utah to a swingers club -- but it's better because it's clean, comfortable, low-pressure, the music is not loud (so you can actually chat and get to know other couples), and it feels a lot like a low-key meet & greet with a little bit of a charged sexual atmosphere. The crowd trends towards the younger side (mid-40's and below) but there are a few older folks there. WAY better than habits.... but we hate loud music and dancing... so... ;)

What to wear to a swingers party??? - - We would really like to attend the Valentines Day party but we are new at this and we are wondering what to wear? What do men wear? What is appropriate and what is not? ;) XOXO

Swingers Dares - Text for cards in the game - Hehehe...thanks! And yes, I think "All of the Above" should be a choice - might need more than 2 minutes...got an egg timer? Another good one: Dare: A good man/woman is hard to find and even harder to hold on to. Be creative...how many bits of how many good men/women can you hold onto at once?

St. Louis - - Welcome to St. Louis!!! Its always great to have more hot swingers around. You will find your way around soon :) .

Staying a couple in the lifestyle - - [quote=Sofutosuwappu]Our experience so far: Religious > naturist > meet naturists/nudists who are swingers > soft swap > non-religious > full swap with couples same room > full swap separate room Thoughts?[/quote] Wow - what a great thread Sofutosuwappu! I just read some of these responses today. We're actually shocked! Evil - 60 couples . . . WOW! This has not been our experience at all. While we are relatively new in the LS (since 2015) and we definitely have less LS play experience than most who have commented - our experience has been very different from that described . . . both in terms of our own evolution, but also in terms of what we have personally witnessed with friends. ALL of the couples we have met in the LS are still together and in loving long-term relationships (as far as we know). Part of that may be dumb luck . . . part of it may be in the 'rules' we set for ourselves. We don't play separately . . . part of the fun is seeing your partner receive joy, pleasure, and excitement! We also specifically seek out people in Long Term relationships . . . and we have stayed away from profiles that intimated a DTF (down to fuck) kind of mind set. Not that there is anything wrong with that - we don't judge . . . just not something we have been interested in. We are attracted to beautiful relationships. As for our own evolution . . we are STILL very religious, we jumped into the LS first . . . and THEN became nudists 🤣 We have made only a slight adjustment to our play style from our first adventure, and we have no interest in becoming 'non-religious' - we have found the LS to be a continuation or advancement of our understanding of the Judeo-Christian commandment to 'Love One Another'. Maybe we just haven't been in long enough . . . maybe we are self-deluded and are secretly living a life of cognitive dissonance . . . but so far so good. One HUGE change is that when we first started in the LS . . . we thought we would want to be completely anonymous . . . going so far as to create 'fake names' etc. (I know . . . but we were still virgins . . . we feel SOME guilt about that . . . but we have subsequently repented!😉) We thought that the less people knew about us . . . the better. That changed 180 degrees within the first 6 months of our stumbling into this LS. Now . . . we only seek friends . . . who can be genuine friends . . . and if that progresses to any type of sexual exploration . . . all the better . . . but the friendship rules. I'm sure we still have a lot to figure out in this regard - but we cherish our new and longer-term friendships . . . and honestly can't wait to spend time with these people. We are missing the summer live concert venues . . . and we can't wait till the next time we meet with friends. If that makes us 'poly-amorous' . . . then consider us 'guilty as charged' - We have somehow managed to maintain significant and deep friendships with just about everyone we've played with. We don't see that changing. Hope that helps - thought it might as far as providing an alternate perspective. We love the authenticity and honesty shown to us by friends in the LS - we honestly have a hard time now maintaining vanilla relationships . . . whats the point??🤷‍♂️ Thank you all for the riveting discussion!

Are swingers moral? - Who determines what morals are? - Simply put If you are Religieus you need to check their deffination of MORALITY. If you're not then WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE IN, some form of "God" or "Paganism" etc. Then Finally what do you Fell and think is RIGHT/Wrong. CAN'T BE JUST ONE CORRECT RESPONSE.

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