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Male traveling to Phoenix possible relocation where to play? - I'm traveling to Phoenix with the possibility of moving there when to play? - Guys and Dolls 4025 n. 39th ave, west side of town, just south of Indian School Rd, turn off ISrd south 300 feet left side, closed in parking area, play on property. also www.clubencounters.com www.clubdiscretions.com www.myprivatehouse.com Just search google, phoenix adult clubs or phoenix swingers

Who started it? - Who/How/How long? - Before we were in the lifestyle, we went to Hedonism. Nothing happened, but it started an itch that I knew I had to scratch one day if I could convince my wife. Years later at a vanilla party with friends and being drunk, I inadvertently mentioned we went to Hedonism. Our best friends picked up on that and asked if we were swingers. To our astonishment, they told us that they were in the lifestyle and encouraged us to consider it. A few months later, the wife and I went to Sea Mountain in Palm Springs and I told her that I wanted to watch her have sex with another guy. Later that day, she introduced me to a guy and stated that he would be the guy she would have sex with. So, it happened and I loved it. I told my friend who then helped me set up a profile on a swingers website and shortly afterwards, we met another couple from it for our first couples experience. The rest is history. BTW, that initial profile has undergone 1000 revisions as our strict rules were eventually eliminated. Haha!

geting in LOVE while swinging - - Someone mentioned Polyamory. Poly people, at least in most communities, feel that swinging and poly are not compatible.. Fact is, why not? If you are open and honest about your poly leanings and totally honest with your mate and any relationships you may have... then why not poly as well. I know that several people in here and on other sites, swingers feel threatened if you are overtly open abut your feelings. If one truely loves and trusts their partner/SO/wives; husbands/girlfriends; bopyfriends and whatever other relationships that I may have missed, they should not be threatened. If you fall in love with someone that you have sex with.... you have 2 choices..... Tell that person and their spouse and your spouce and see where it goes or simply walk away with the thoughts and get on with your life. The 3rd option is not an option.... If one is poly...thier primary relationship/s take precedence. It is my belief that poly and swinging are not only compatable but that if love happens when one least expects it it has to be handled. Even the vanilla schmuck sees or talks to others and sometimes form closer relationships but don't wish that to affect their perfect marriage. How is that handled? Sometimes it simply cools down or sometimes it ends in a short or long term relationship with or without sex. So as they used to say on the TV sitcom Carter Country....."Han.dl it Han..dl it" Remember the old sage who said "shit happens"

Ways to point out Swingers in public - - We heard that it’s a black ring on the pinky - if the couple both have the rings on it a sure bet ......

swingin - thought this site was a swingers site - LOL virgin cpl....what's wrong? you have a guilty concience about something? I don't recall mentioning your name in any post but if the shoe fits, please feel free to wear it. And what was it you spent 9 years doing? Your profile says that you've only been here since feb. Your math is about as bad as Dons......putting people in a minority.....Hasve you two looked at how many members there are here, and how many people like you and Don post the way you do just to start shit? Do the math.... NOW who's the minority? And Don is right. He didn't start this thread, but he sure turned it into another one of his court holding sessions. As far as me being some kind of forum cop.... I couldn't care less. I know how to avoid threads if I choose to, And if you do a little research you'll see that i seldom post here at all. Mainly when Don shows what a jerk he really is, and now it seems that your following in his footsteps. Goos luck with that.

Single Females or Couples open to single men - - [quote=Sm435]I really don’t think it was a bashing, just an opinion. We mostly play with singles. TBH we don’t give two fucks who we play with as long as there is attraction and we have fun. That said, I think the bashing would be greatly reduced with some site changes. We are in some that you need a valid post count or other ways to validate yourself, before being able to post new threads. Or maybe have forum spots for single’s posts. While we do play mostly with singles, we are definitely tired of trial members sending friend requests or seeing posts of single guys looking for single women. There are sites for that, as that’s not swinging (sorry kitten) it’s called hooking up, so use tinder. What people are gripping about is this is a swingers forum, you must be two people with trust in a relationship to actually swing, and they come here, a site they paid for, to see it crawling with singles posts. Some of the sexy pictures threads that have been going for years, still have comments by singles all over in them. I think they want to see the couples profiles here treated, or have more rights, than the singles. I’m not bashing anyone, in any way, it’s allowed so go for it. They just want the site rules different.[/quote] Very well said. Totally agree we also play with singles but trial members looking for single females gets old.

Roll Call. Who all here has... - Polarizing Poll - ...gotten the COVID vaccine? 1) Got it, and can't WAIT to bump uglies with all you nasty swingers again! 2) Nope, not yet. But I will just as soon as......??? 3) Nope and NOPE! I don't want no tracker-jacker microchip in my arm or no magnetic arm or whatever! I have an immune system and don't trust doctors or scientists or whoever the fuck made that stuff. 4) Not gonna tell you cause it ain't nonna yer business. Don't ask, don't tell...just fuck me! 5) Have vaccine card, will travel...er, fuck. Show me yours and I'll show you mine ;-)... otherwise you ain't gettin' none of this top-shelf hotness! 6) Evil, quit stirring up shit. You KNOW this might start somethin'. 7) Got it, but will still wear my mask at orgies and in BDSM dungeons. I've decided that masks are dead-sexy and kinda kinky in many ways and that turns me on. WAY better than choking/breath-play. *Bonus Question* If you ARE vaccinated, will you still play with those who aren't vaccinated and, if not, will you require proof of vaccination before naughtiness ensues?

Big girls!!! - - Seems that every place is the place for swingers except southern illinois.

Swingers In Uniform - Pay your memorial day respects here. - Well Mr. Juan has shown his true colors. Not only is he a coward, he is a conspiracy theorist. The liberal propaganda has spoken to his inner being. It's told him that big brother is out to get him. Now he's a paranoid piece of shit trying to get fellated by my dead mother's corpse. Yeah dumbass she died in 1998. So, unless you dug her up in Oregon (i see you're in MD), I think you got the wrong corpse. As far as your liberal banter goes regarding the US and it's evil conspiracies, get a life douche bag!!! If you know of a better place to live, I'll send you bus, train, plane ticket or maybe you can swim there. Wait, isn't that what people are doing to GET HERE????? Let's take a pole.... Who Thinks Mr. Quixote's "The Legend in his own mind" has the right idea of what a hero is? It's easy for you to sit in your warm and cozy jack shack, you dickless single loser, and tell me what mindless bullet magnets we are, but all we see before us is the mindless rantings of a coward, lacking the fortitude, honor, integrity, and courage it take to protect what you take for granted. With that being said, you can take your rants, small dick and delusions of grandeur to Canada or France you dickless worm. D&T "Freedom is not FREE!"

Who are you lol - - so deductive reason would say.find out who owns Allure it is public record a bussness licence and liquor licence there might be a home address if the home address matches your neighbor's then you know who they are if not just jump the fence swimm naked in the pool and see if they call the cops then if they do either they don't like you or they are not swingers good luck now which is your place in hickory ridge????

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