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White Bird Swingers

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Swingers unnerve families at hotel - - The Squeaky wheel gets the news story right! First off Prove what you say, I don

Why so much hate in the swingers world... - - we are looking for friends ,, the friends i have now,, we can party & set around , talk, joke. and whatever.and not worry about what is said or who said it. To give you an example our friend Glen got him a new girlfriend she is spanish, now our friends are people of all colors different religons, there polish italian, irish, african american, etc..etc.. But Glens new girlfriend is new to the crowd. She been dating him for about 4 months. Now we don't swing with any of these people, the problem we have is this ,in our group of friends and Glen is in agreement with this , that we all have to watch what we say now if we say anything that has to do with spanish people, as in joking,cutin' up, whatever.she will get mad. If you can't sit around and joke and cut up without anyone getting offended then your not friends. We have tried to discuss this with her, to no aveil... This is what we are looking for, friends that can get along... without all the other bullshit that goes on in the rest of the world.. kristy & alton

Are swingers moral? - Who determines what morals are? - Speaking of college papers, I actually wrote one on this topic. The "moral" of the story was that sex only becomes immoral if you lie about it. The whole concept of marriage boils down to a contract between two parties. That contract can be written or altered to reflect the preferences of the parties involved. From a religious stand point, "Thou shalt not commit adultery", again adultery implies dishonesty. Swinging does not involve dishonesty, it is an open an honest expression of sex.

Swingers cars??? - What ya driving?? - A car is a cage. So many swingers ride that there is a separate MC club for them "Swingers on Bikes"...

Young swingers party - sold out, who still wants to party ? - We'd like to volunteer our luxurious Bountiful Bench sex palace. Unfortunately due to our advanced age we'll need to hold the party sandwiched in between the Early Bird Special at Chuck-A-Rama and the start of the Lawrence Welk Champagne Bubbles marathon on Netflix...and of course bedtime immediately after that. The entire property is handicap accessible with Jazzy ramps, hand rails in the bathrooms by the commodes and showers and orthopedic mattresses and Clappers in each orgy pit. We have a fully stocked bar that serves a variety of delicious Metamucil based alcoholic beverages, and Viagra plumbed into all drinking water as well as a high tech quadrophonic sound system with the latest Big Band sounds (turned up REALLY loud so everybody can hear it) and even a few of those rock and roll songs by some young fellow named Elvis. We have pornographic films playing on several projectors located throughout the house and one room equipped with the latest Betamax videotape playing device. That's BetaMAX not BAYMAX for you kiddies. Wait 'till you see Park City's realtor extraordinaire and big dick dealmaker Harry Reems (Zeus rest his soul) banging the bejeezus out of Utah's own formerly sweet little Mormon girl Annette Haven. Car (or Jazzy) keys go into the fish bowl at 6pm SHARP and we have extra reading glasses for the lovely ladies to make sure they don't pick their hubby's keys.

Vegas clubs / club attire - - We lived in Vegas for about three years, the perfect parties we're not all that great, we found a few friends and would either go to the swingers circle or whispers... the red rooster and green door were really over rated unless you there during a large weekend EDC or CES convention. Business casual for the men always appropriate. Hope this helps let me know if you have any questions

Swinger cruise - YOLO cruise on Carnival Legend (April 26th) - BEACHWITHUS We know exactly how you feel. Funny how rules begin to change after people have paid their money. We had friends that went on the Nudist Cruise on the same ship, the Carnival Legend, a couple of years ago. They said you could be nude anywhere except the main dining room. And as soon as the ship left the various ports you could be nude again...meaning nudity was allowed every evening. I guess we swingers can't be trusted with our own nudity. :( Hopefully they won't add more ridiculous rules and suck the fun out of this cruise. We're keeping our fingers crossed :) Tony and Irina

Drink of choice - - Thanks you sexy swingers! Love the advice and the information.

Pineapple Stickers - pineapple sticker = swingers? - Could we be any more obvious about a pineapple and your backside. 🤣

Kik group for UT swingers. - Contact me if your interested in joining a KIK group for Swingers - Anyone else? Just made more room.

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