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Looking to establish a group of safe swingers - - The dream! Good luck 😘

Hot discussion - Hook up section? - Yup. It's actually gotten so bad that Ms. Evil and I have, for the first time in our long swinging career, blocked single males. We naively thought that maybe the number of single guys would start going down a little since we've heard so much about so-called "hook-up culture" and how it's supposedly relatively easy to jump on Tinder or Kik or to hit a bar or club and pick someone up for NSA sex. So can we assume that it's simply an urban legend? Either that or the single dudes here aren't having any success IRL for some reason? And I apologize, JEFFSMITH1972, for all the terrible things married people have done to you and your "hotty" friend. Thoughts and prayers! [em]Emo_82[/em] Though I kinda have to wonder why you would hang out on a swingsite if you don't like married swingers. If the married swingers left Swingular would it still be a swingsite? [em]Emo_67[/em]

Now that you're one of them there fancy swingers... - - Reading that, I don't like the direction this is liable to go already.... I REALLY mean a Danish GIRL! Honest! Outwitted..again...damn

Staying a couple in the lifestyle - - [quote=Sofutosuwappu]Our experience so far: Religious > naturist > meet naturists/nudists who are swingers > soft swap > non-religious > full swap with couples same room > full swap separate room Thoughts?[/quote] Wow - what a great thread Sofutosuwappu! I just read some of these responses today. We're actually shocked! Evil - 60 couples . . . WOW! This has not been our experience at all. While we are relatively new in the LS (since 2015) and we definitely have less LS play experience than most who have commented - our experience has been very different from that described . . . both in terms of our own evolution, but also in terms of what we have personally witnessed with friends. ALL of the couples we have met in the LS are still together and in loving long-term relationships (as far as we know). Part of that may be dumb luck . . . part of it may be in the 'rules' we set for ourselves. We don't play separately . . . part of the fun is seeing your partner receive joy, pleasure, and excitement! We also specifically seek out people in Long Term relationships . . . and we have stayed away from profiles that intimated a DTF (down to fuck) kind of mind set. Not that there is anything wrong with that - we don't judge . . . just not something we have been interested in. We are attracted to beautiful relationships. As for our own evolution . . we are STILL very religious, we jumped into the LS first . . . and THEN became nudists 🤣 We have made only a slight adjustment to our play style from our first adventure, and we have no interest in becoming 'non-religious' - we have found the LS to be a continuation or advancement of our understanding of the Judeo-Christian commandment to 'Love One Another'. Maybe we just haven't been in long enough . . . maybe we are self-deluded and are secretly living a life of cognitive dissonance . . . but so far so good. One HUGE change is that when we first started in the LS . . . we thought we would want to be completely anonymous . . . going so far as to create 'fake names' etc. (I know . . . but we were still virgins . . . we feel SOME guilt about that . . . but we have subsequently repented!😉) We thought that the less people knew about us . . . the better. That changed 180 degrees within the first 6 months of our stumbling into this LS. Now . . . we only seek friends . . . who can be genuine friends . . . and if that progresses to any type of sexual exploration . . . all the better . . . but the friendship rules. I'm sure we still have a lot to figure out in this regard - but we cherish our new and longer-term friendships . . . and honestly can't wait to spend time with these people. We are missing the summer live concert venues . . . and we can't wait till the next time we meet with friends. If that makes us 'poly-amorous' . . . then consider us 'guilty as charged' - We have somehow managed to maintain significant and deep friendships with just about everyone we've played with. We don't see that changing. Hope that helps - thought it might as far as providing an alternate perspective. We love the authenticity and honesty shown to us by friends in the LS - we honestly have a hard time now maintaining vanilla relationships . . . whats the point??🤷‍♂️ Thank you all for the riveting discussion!

Are swingers moral? - Who determines what morals are? - [quote=CRAZYFOXTCU]My previous comment was in no way intended to say that soldiers are immoral. We need them and they provide a courageous service for all of us. Just to say that those who seem extreme (the gang banger) may be acting in a way we can understand and possibly relate to.[/quote] So what you are sayting is that 9-11 was really a moral act and Iraq was simply a moral responce to that act?

Children's Book 🤣 - Tim and Kate are Swingers - [quote=lavahotswings]https://sellout.woot.com/offers/reach-around-books-come-swing-with-us[/quote]Damn tbey are sold out!

flintstones swingers ? yes or no - - Omg I saw a funny email one day that had those 4 in an orgy...on my phone or I'd find it and post it...was funny as hell!

Anything fun going on this weekend? - SLC - Lots of options this weekend. There's a bar hop swinger party in downtown Fort Myers tonight. A lifestyle pool party in the Cape tomorrow. And there's a nude raft up party on Sunday in Sanibel Bay, which usually attracts 150-200 swingers. Doesn't really help the UT crowd though.

Swinging and Children Don't Mix With Me, What about You? - Unforgettable experience - we would have never took our kids to a cpls house that we met at a swing club first and for most. if we didnt me cpls because of our kids then the world didnt stop.sounds like poor communiations....the cpl mite not have known the problem sence ole hubby went with her with out a fight. something tell us this was doomed from the start.but you got one thing rite unless you know the folks very very well a family get-to-gether with swingers is a bad idea but thats just our thoughts on this.... roger and vickie ps i hope all the english majors forgive my country boy spell

How to hotwife? - My wife wants to become a hotwife - [quote=DELICIOUSLYWET]There is a small Salt Lake City centric Hot Wife Play Group in the group section of this site. https://swingular.com/groups.php?_a=view&_GID=436 We have not used the group to sponsor meet and greets, but some members have had success making connections and hooking up. We would not be opposed to holding meet and greets, but the two of us really don’t have the time to make those arrangements. It’s a relatively small group. There are some great couples and some great guys involved. The group's description is as follows: "This is a group specific to Hot Wife Play in and around Salt Lake City. You either have to live in or near Salt Lake City or be a frequent visitor. [b][u]Single men must have a recommendation from a member couple[/u][/b].[b] All members must be verified as "Real" or "VIP" before admittance into the group. [/b] "Hot Wife" is often used synonymous with the term Cuckold, but it is NOT how most swinger couples view "Hot Wife Play" and not at all what this group is about. Hot Wife Play for most of the swingers we know in Salt Lake City, is where the husband feels he has the hottest woman in the world, and wants to share her, and the wife enjoys all the erotic attention his devotion and fantasy creates for her. When in the mood, swinger couples are not looking for a sexual replacement for the husband, but rather a sex life enhancement adventure to share that includes a single man. The single man lucky enough to be a part of this sort of thing must be very respectful. The stuff of fantasy! Not all men measure up. Our wives don't want to be with physically or emotionally mediocre men. Husbands don't want to watch their wives with mediocre men. Polite, respectful, attractive, intelligent and good humored single men can do well in the swing community. Single men need to take the emphasis off of "Hot Wife" as a singular devotion or lifestyle for couples that say "yes" to single men. Consider it more of a fantasy and a pleasure for couples to make a reality, when and if, that is what they desire, and a single man can be part of that reality. Couples swing in other realms and often prefer couples hook ups most of the time. In other words, let's not consider it any more than what it is, a fantasy, and a possible reality that couples can use to hopefully enhance their relationship and single men can use to have sex with an incredibly passionate and orgasmic woman. Swinger couples, like us, sometimes wish to focus our attention on our hot wife's sexual fulfillment. She is so sexy that watching her in passion's full embrace, with another man can be extremely rewarding and erotic. As for me I watch until I can no longer wait to join in and ravish her. When a woman is just so sexually hot, that she is a gift to the world, and her passions and her orgasms cross over into the realm of the sacred, then encouraging select gentlemen, to join in such divine worship of a hot wife's sexuality is a total fucking blast!! That is what this group is about!! Additional tips for single men wishing to join the group : Look good Smell good Have a sense of humor Be respectful Don't be pushy Don't be whiny Be patient Be honest Be healthy Be confident Be willing to host" [/quote] we were unaware of this group and would love to be added

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