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Psychology Research - I need help with a research project. - I would like to thank everyone who did the research survey for me. I hypothesized that non swingers would view us as more capable of deviant behavior like using drugs and alcohol in large amounts. I was correct. I hypothesized that swingers were more likely to use positive methods to handle relationship conflicts and I was also correct. I also hypothesized that swingers would have high openness to new things and high extroversion. We did find that swingers were more open to new experience but there wasn't enough on the other. Something we found interesting was that non swingers used more aggressive methods to solve relationship conflicts and they had high sexual depression. My teacher is talking about possibly working on this to get it published. I am beyond happy that I can show us in a better and more recent light. Thank you all for your help. If you have any question let me know.

Whtas up - Please tell me? - ..........OK so pretty much no one has contacted me in Vegas. I couldn't find enough time in Utah but here, for some reason seems to be so difficult to even find anyone worth seeing. I am not s picture whore, just has to be something , anything there. ......Please, I am so bored and hoping someone can find the time to help a girl out.....I', starting to get a complex, unless i travel 6 hrs. and now they are saying single girls aren't swingers lol............Oh Lord..Help me out. Someone who isn't; gonna hit it and quit it.............PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Alex - New to the lifestyle looking for my first encounter into couples and single females - Utahldscouple / openmarriage - My mistake. I read two different responses and mistakenly attributed them both to openmarriage! The other was "don’t understand how single guys can be swingers". My bad.

Swinging Events....what do you think? - - To Fellow Swingers & Friends We are planning on throwing a swingers party in Los Angeles within the next few months and we are looking for positive and negative feedback with regards to your past party experiences. Please take the time to respond to this email so we can better provide an overall and fun experience for the LA party. Please consider what made the party successful and what would you like to see different? Who knows...maybe we will have one here in SLC soon. Looking forward to receiving your feedback, Thanks again, Adam & Leigh

Swing Camp (7/15 - 7/17) - Swingers Campout in Birch Creek Idaho - Yes, we have considered Fall Creek and an older group used to hold campouts there in the past (called "Booty Camp"). One of the primary considerations for us as a group is that we have some place we can reserve because it would suck to plan something like that and get people, especially ones from out of the area, to come only to find that someone beat us to the spot (it is not uncommon up here for people to take their campers to spots they like, such as Fall Creek, and leave them there for weeks or months, which makes it difficult to plan an event. There is a reservable area at Fall Creek, but we didn't get to it in time. It is something we will be looking at for next year, for sure.

Anyone else in or near Daybreak? - We know you are out there! - A daybreak swingers group would be great. We live in daybreak now and know a couple of other that do as well.

Creating an Amazing Swingers Profile - How to market yourself better - [quote=BMSHELL][quote=UTAHSJCOUPLE]Shit! We aren't verified. We are totally screwed! ~The Mrs.[/quote] I hereby certify the Mrs is real. I further certify that good spelling gives her a lady boner! [/quote] It's all true! LOL!!!

Swingers In Uniform - Pay your memorial day respects here. - We dedicate this to men & women out there that are sacrificing and have sacrificed their lives to the U.S.A. and her citizens, for without those sacrifices, we wouldn't be relishing in the lifestyle. So as soldiers ourselves, we salute you highspeed sons of bitches out there who make this all possible. HOOAH! Sincerely, Don & Tami

I need a room! - Do you have a room for rent? - [quote=DELICIOUSLYWET]Off subject, just a bit, but has anyone every considered renting a room out to swingers on a month by month basis, as a play room? The renters would not be there all the time, just when they have a hook-up. So the landlord would not have to share their home 24/7/365. When their renters are there they might make a bit of noise and such, but hey that might be interesting and a side benefit. If they collected $400.00 or $500.00 a month and maybe three or four swinging households kicked in it could be a way to economize play-dating and not have to worry about hotel security knocking on the door due to noise complaints. I am guessing the room would get used maybe two nights a week. The landlord and the swinging renters and any of their guest would sign an agreement on rules etc. Hey it might be a way for a select single guy to meet a few people as the landlord. Hey, he might get an invite from time to time to join in. [/quote] What about a person who rented it out on a daily basis, say like 20 or 30 for play time, and the swingers agree to clean up?

Sturgis 2014 - The wife and I are wanting to know where the swingers play @ Sturgis - Been to Sturgis three times all three times stayed at the Chip. It was a blast non stop partying. Lots of sexy people and you make of it what you want out of it. The thing we like about the Chip is the concert line up. Big bands included with the cost of the camping for the week. A few restrictions but not many. Don't know if they have concerts at Glenco but we wouldn't mind checking it out some year. Wont make it this year it seems to run with the BBR in Idaho every year. Have fun and hope to ride with a few of you this summer. Dave and Jackie

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