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If you are looking for Swingers in Paia, HI, then Swingular is the place for you. We have hundreds of thousands of swingers all over Paia looking to meet new people. Here is a list of 16 random Swingers within 100 miles of Paia, HI. To see more or to contact these members, click here to create a free account.

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Vegas! - - [quote=titforatat]We went to Whispers in December. It was amazing. We thinks it’s the best swingers place in Vegas.[/quote] In our humble opinion, it is without question,the best swingers club in Vegas. Since we live in Vegas, we have had opportunities to check out a few.

Kik group for UT swingers. - Contact me if your interested in joining a KIK group for Swingers - Definitely interested.. how do we join? Kik needed?

Just curious are we the only ones? - Just curious are we the only ones? - The black-ring on the right-hand has quickly become the new "standard" on how to tell if someone's a swinger in public. (No, it's not a sure-indicator, but it's gaining traction FAST in the swinger community -- especially outside of Utah where Swingular isn't so well known, and there's not so much of a swinger-bubble). - It started off as a discussion on Kasidie a few years ago. (Many people think it's been around longer, but I've never seen any verified instance of it referenced prior to about 5 years ago... would love to be corrected on this with hard proof, however). - Several swingers bloggers and podcasters picked it up and endorsed it. - Almost all of the larger online swinger communities are now endorsing it. - It's even been mentioned a few times on PBTV's show "Swing". - We recently went on a swingers cruise and saw LOTS of couples wearing them. It's actually got some real traction..... The great thing is that it's small. It's cheap. It's not obvious to anyone else. It's easy to 'deny' if you ever ARE caught ("Oh.. I just liked the ring..").. My wife and I both wear them now... But we've never seen them "in the wild" in Utah... We found that they made a great conversation starter. More Info here: - http://www.okswing.com/ind.. - http://www.lifestylerings.com/faqs.html - http://swapfu.blogspot.com/p/black-ring-right-hand.html Swingular tends to create a little bit of a bubble for us Utah people... since the rest of the country uses other sites. The black-ring concept is trending elsewhere, nationally... and not so much in Utah.

Too Young to be Taken Seriously? - - [quote=REN]My husband and I are interesting in joining the lifestyle, starting slow. However I've noticed the majority of people here are older. We both are twenty, is this too young to be taken seriously in the lifestyle? Should we keep at it, or come back in 10-20 years. I do understand if people want their partners to be old enough to have an adult beverage with them. But perhaps it is the maturity level? Maturity level is different for everyone. There are twenty year olds who act years older than they are, and sixty year olds who act younger than we are. To each their own I guess. I'm not asking to have everyone be my friend right now. I'm just curious as to what people think about younger swingers. What is your opinion about say twenty-five or younger couples?[/quote] I think you two should keep at it as well. :) You are young and full of energy. Most of us older swingers wish we had the open minds, you do, when we were your age. There are plenty of people that you can connect with both old and young, that don't pay attention to the age thing. With respect to being close friends, you will have factors like experience and maturity factors that come into play. You're at a different stage in your life than older people and more often than not, this can limit your interaction and ability to identify. That being said, you should keep going. If someone's too old (in their mind), to hump ya, then they're just plain ole too old. hahaha ;) Good luck and have fun. D

Tooele swingers party - - I’m in too

Forum Search - How does one correctly perform one? - Well... While I agree that this site is less friendly in a lot of areas, there are still a bunch of good qualities - the people. This still is and always has been the best Swingers site in Utah and its really reaching a lot of other states now. AFF probably has more eye candy to look at but the forums are lame and you can never count on actually meeting anyone. What were you looking for, POUNDCAKE? Maybe the other members can help. Mr. Sexperimentors

Hollywood Swingers? - - Heard it on the radio today!

Las Vegas - Swingers clubs ect. - [quote=Utahldscouple][quote=Mrnmrsb]Can people who have been to both flirts and playhouselv explain the differences, pros and cons, and such? Been to playhouselv and loved it. Debating flirts. Any help would be great![/quote]Simple. Flirts allows byob and provides mixers, playhouse alcohol is prohibited. Second, playhouse filters and screens it applicants where flirts allows most anyone. Playhouse is in a commercial building and flirts is in a residential building (very well designed layout for sexy fun, e.g. the glass wall play rooms above the DJ). Playhouse allows single males and flirts is couples and single females only. That is about it. [/quote] Playhouselv allows single guys on Fridays only. Saturdays are couples and single females

LDS Survey Results - - [quote=HOTTYZX2]Oh yeah just cuz lds is one of the main religions does not mean it is the most common if you put all Christian religions together and I mean all of them including Mormons catholic etc all combined there is only six hundred million more Christians ( as a whole. ) than the Islam religion making them the most common. So no one is bashing on the most common religion because so far I am the only one to bring up Islamic religion. We are bashing on poser two faced punks..[/quote] The problem with your argument is you didn't comprehend what you read. [quote=LUCKYWONS]We are in Utah, so the most common religion is Mormonism, which makes this poll most applicable to the demographic, [/quote] In other words, Here in Utah the most common religion is Mormonism, which makes this poll most applicable to the demographic (i.e. Utah) A majority of the state's residents are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). As of 2007, 60.7% of Utahans are counted as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, although only 41.6% of them are active members.[ According to a report produced by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life the self-identified religious affiliations of Utahans over the age of 18 as of 2008 are:[7] The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 58% (labeled as Mormon on survey) Unaffiliated 16% Catholic 10% Evangelicals 7% Mainline Protestants 6% Black Protestant Churches 1% No Answer 1% Other Faiths 1% Buddhism <.5% Eastern Orthodox <.5% Hinduism <.5% Islam <.5% Jehovah's Witnesses <.5% Judaism <.5% Non denominational <.5% Other World Religions <.5% Margin of error +/- 6% So, If my math is correct, all groups designated as Christian, other than LDS, make up 25% of the states religions. That is already less than half the percentage of the Mormon church, yet just that 25% completely dwarfs Islam's .5% HOTTYZX2, calm down and clear your head before you go making radical declarations about numbers you obviously haven't researched. Granted this information was valid as of 2008, but I did not find anything more recent, and I think it is at least a good benchmark to go on. [quote=HOTTYZX2] And FYI Utah is the swinger Capitol of the nation. Utah has more swingers then organ and Washington has hippies..[/quote] I would love to know where this statistic comes from. I have been searching for it for weeks now and can't find it anywhere. Does anyone know?

Game ON....which sign is Hornier...(is that a word?) - zodiac signs of swingers? - John Scorpion Joyce Virgo

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