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Black Ring - Who has theirs and how have they caught on? - Explain the black ring thing further. My personal situation is I am not a swinger, I am not part of a couple, I just happened to get involved with a swinger couple and my guy gave me a profile on here. So I don't count as a swinger, I'm just a single girl who likes dick very very much. And people involved with swingers are a good source for easy NSA dick. But I have no problem wearing a piece of jewelry that might let other people see that I have a wild side. As it seems, no one notices, but if more people try? Like seriously if there is a special ring or other piece of jewelry that announces to the world I am a slut and proud of it, count me in.

Swinging and LDS... - Are the two compatible? I know this is a huge can of worms... - Yeah, my bish said green tea was a 'no-no' too. Probably his way of saying, "See? We're not against caffeine, just hot drinks...well, except for cocoa." Don't know about Swingular but on another swing site we're on there are several 'Christian Swingers' groups.

I Have A Question - Poly vs. Open - [quote=PAIRPLAYERS][quote=EVILDOERS]Thanks for the responses so far. I thought of a couple of additional questions. Are you seeking, finding and connecting with other open/poly people here on Swingular or are you finding people thru other means? Also, do you find that most of the people you connect with are single or are they in their own primary relationships? Does it matter much to you if they are single or coupled?[/quote] Great question. Almost exclusively non swinger community singles surprisingly. Have tried amongst the swingers but they seem to have a very quid pro quo mentality. [/quote] Yes, they do! We noticed that dynamic almost immediately when we first entered the lifestyle and were actually talking about it just today in the context of no quid pro quo being a distinct positive in the column of open or poly lifestyles vs. swinging. SO many times when I was even just TALKING to a woman her partner or husband would basically go grab Ms. Evil, no matter what she was doing or who she was talking to, and assume it was perfectly okay to just do more or less whatever he wanted. After all, I was doing something/anything with HIS partner! Wow! Great responses everyone. SO informative! Thank-you.

What really defines a TRUE swinger? - - We don't consider singles swingers, but have no problem playing with them on occasion. We play with both couples and singles and still consider ourselves swingers. Most the time, I initiate simply because I'm the more social and outgoing one. Sometimes he makes the calls. We both have to agree on the situation, but we can take turns making the calls. I think its more important to have fun and do what makes you happy rather than arguing about whether or not I'm a swinger, you're a swinger, they're a swinger, is everyone a swinger? lulz. I dunno. Am I a fake swinger cuz Mark gets to be in charge sometimes or because we play with singles sometimes? Oh well. Guess I'll just keep playing pretend. mwuahahaha.

Having a Swingres day at lagoon - Swingers at lagoon - Just wear a T-Shirt that says WANNA FUCK ME..? That would work. It

Which Motorcycle Survey? - In the market and want your opinion... - Oh, I have strong thoughts on this subject folks. And I am really doing my homework and shopping very thoroughly. I'm taking my time because I won't be buying until Feb/Mar at the earliest. And I've been watching the Can-Am develop over the past 3 years now. One of our nearby dealers carries them alongside Big Dog Choppers and Suzuki. Interesting line-up. It's not that what others think will make my decision or unduely influence it, but I am interested in reading others' opinions and thoughts to compare to my own. And I'm checking with a few different demographic groups. Let's face it: swingers tend to march to the beat of their own drum more than most folks! LOL I brought up the "cool factor" and image stuff in the context of what our own perceptions are of bike culture. I mentioned that we are cruiser types, not crotch-rocket people. I wear western style riding boots and a black leather jacket. But my jacket has armor inserts, all the modern upgrades, and even reflective piping on a traditional cruiser jacket frame. I wear a Bell military-style open face helmet and goggles. My wife rides a blacked out (Raven) 2011 Star Stryker. So we sort of blend the old w/the new a bit. I guess I'm hesitant about the style change. Thanks for the input and please keep it coming. You're helping me cogitate. LOL

I’m defense of single males - Funny old geezers - [quote=DELICIOUSLYWET][quote=PARTYINLV]We are in our sixth year on this site. We are also currently on three more sites, even after dropping two more. When we joined Swingular, we were taken aback from the negativity toward single guys. We did not see this this level of animosity on any other of the sites we are or were on. Aside from the folks from Idaho and Wyoming (and very, very few nationwide), this site is predominately Utah based. I am not negatively judging Utah since a survey or research was never done, but we had to wonder if this hatred is a Utah thing. Or was it a few couples who made it seem normal to hate and everyone just jumped on the bandwagon? Human history has taught us that ostracizing is easier than accepting. Who knows? We certainly don't understand it. Many couples correctly point out that single guys are not [b]"swingers"[/b] since they don't swap. But, we believe that single guys are part of the [b]"lifestyle"[/b] for many couples. Why is fmf ok, but mfm is not ok? As a side note: The vast majority of our play is with couples(our preference). But we occasionally like mfm for the different dynamics it offers. We have been very lucky with mfm and haven't had a bad experience yet, which I cannot say is always true with every couple we've met.[/quote] We live here. Our experience is that most couples do not hate single men. Most married men are not intimidated by the presence of single men. Most couples and singles whether super active or rarely active in the lifestyle don’t post anything in the forum section of this website. As is the case with so much on the internet, a few of us that do read or post in the forums, may give others the impression that we are a good general representation of the community’s mindset. Obviously we aren’t. What we read here is mostly just personal preferences. There are some thoughts expressed that we find interesting, sometimes enlightening. Sometimes people are just venting. Sometimes it’s angry venting stemming from personal experience. As for insecurities, we all have at least a few.[/quote] Perhaps I am just mistaking the complaints I see in forums on the home page as a reflection of the general attitude here

Virtual "Cheap Thrill Seekers" - - We empathize with much of what we have read in this topic so far ... Unfortunately, fakes who try to deceive their way into your bedroom and flakes who get their kicks setting up false dates are all too prevalent, not only on Swingular but throughout the entire swingers' community online. For the past three months, we have wasted tremendous amounts of our precious spare time perusing countless profiles and advts, and writing and responding to countless emails and text messages. Despite our concerted almost-daily effort,` we have met only two genuine couples. The vast majority of people we have had contact with over the past 3 months have been fakes or flakes ... and we refuse to play their game any more. These people only exist and thrive on sites like this, and make our pastime difficult and unpleasant, because we allow them to. Evildoers is correct in his/her statement that digital technology has made it easier for people to pretend to be something they are not ... But that depends entirely on the technology being used, which we will discuss in a moment. We (genuine couples) cannot eradicate flakes and fakes from sites like this one, but there are simple commonsense steps we can all take to take the fun out of their participation here. 1. Only communicate with certified/verified couples or females. This is not infallible, but it will reduce the amount of fakes/flakes you come into contact with. 2. Publicly expose and shame all fakes and flakes using the forum. If Swingular doesn't like the forum being used this way they can delete the countless number of posts they will receive, else provide another suitable avenue. 2a. If Swingular doesn't come to the party, start up an online "Flake-o-Dex". It's not as problematic as it sounds if you already have website hosting ( :D ). The major problems with this are getting the site known so people will use it, and moderating the site to ensure that only genuine complaints are posted. But these problems are not insurmountable. 2. Screen your prospects. Stop communicating in text or email after the initial contact ... Advise them by text, email (or on your profile page) that you will want to meet them on webcam (Skype or Swingular videochat) before any real-life meeting. For the most part, fakes and flakes won't contact you again, but if they do, a no-show on cam is far less inconvenient and costly than a no-show in real-life. If a couple or single female are genuine swingers who truly interested in a real life sexual encounter, they should have no inhibitions in meeting you privately on cam. 3. If you only want to meet real couples or females, put yourselves in a place where you will only meet real people and where real people can meet you. Fakes thrive in the anonymity of text-only groups and hate videochat because they can't hide who they are ... So make use of the Swingular Video chat room and stop using text-only groups like Kik to meet people. We both met in a video/text chat room in 2008 (and were living in two separate countries at the time). Many of the people in the room were hiding their faces until they got to know each other (including us, initially) but, from day 1, we could determine everyone's gender and general appearance. Still anonymous (for those that wanted it that way) but no fakes there and none of the problems that are occurring on this site. Well that's our view on the matter ... Whether you choose to consider and try our suggestions is entirely up to you. :)

Great Article About Swinging! - Great Article About Swinging! - [url=http://www.5280.com/magazine/2010/11/sin-city?page=0,1] Swingers Article...[/url]

Male on male - Not sure if this is where this goes, but male on male tonight only. - [quote=NAUGHTYELFS][quote=CARRIERMAN][quote=MASSMN]I think part of the problem why guy's don't want to put it on the profile or try it is they may be afraid if their GUY friends would ever find out that might cause problems with their friends. Remember these site's can be accessed by anyone this is the same reason alot of swingers don't post a face photo. [/quote] AMEN!! But you'd be astonished at how many people here on Swingular just don't understand why some of us choose to NOT have a "public" profile pic.[/quote] true but then again if someone you know just casually finds your pic and profile it means they were on here looking for the same thing you were and have just as much explaining to do.[/quote] Unless they're just surfing, and stumble on it. I know - sounds like I'm paranoid, doesn't it? But I have an awful lot to lose.

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