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Latest Tiger Woods Family Portrait - - One thing I love about a forum it does expose those folks with NO SENSE of humor. All the late night shows are having fun with this story, I can't wait to see what SNL has to offer, should be a hoot. If we can make fun photos and jokes about "Presidents" (and we have for as long as I can remember) I don't think a "golfer" should be off limits, which of course [u]he's not[/u]. Here's some jokes posted in another swingers forum here in Florida, so far I haven't seen anyone there start [b]whining and crying [/b]about the jokes. Perhaps our over exposure to sunshine has caused our [b]HUMOR ORGAN [/b]to become [b]ENLARGED[/b]. Apparently the police asked Tiger's wife how many times she hit him. She said "I don't know exactly

Just for kicks & giggles - Ginger or Maryann? - hmmmm....seeing how that we are swingers..we will take both thanks!!! fff= ginger+mrs. waterdiver+maryann = fmf for mr. waterdiver as well:D

POT... Should it be illegal? - - Or Hippocrates...can never remember which. And I have news for you. It AIN'T just the "holy mormon empire". There are more than enough hypocrites in this world to go around (most of us swingers included). [em]Emo_84[/em]

When was the last time you... - Wine Down Wed. Poll - This is a swingers site? Oh shit!!

Why swingers are happier. - - That just spoke of sex, not swinging

MFM Threesome Etiquette - MFM Threesome Etiquette - In some circles the husband gets treated just like every other male in the group and in some they get special privileges. If it is something you worry about then discuss it first. A man may not be homophobic but that does not mean that he wants to suck your husband off either. So consider this, if both men ware condoms it removes a potential problem and the discussion is not necessary. Remember that for many swingers it is not a matter of pregnancy or a matter of safe play but what we simply like or dislike. Etiquette is about how we interact with others and that interaction is not always logical, especially when it comes to sex. It should be OK for anyone to politely say that something is out side their comfort zone without offending the others in a group setting. There are things that can be done in a MFM that simply can not be done as a couple. If you want to have the best sex then you need to speak up and guide your BF and Husband some and let them experiment some. If you do not let them know what you desire then you may not get it. If you decide that you like or you don

Why so much hate in the swingers world... - - WELL ,for me its the name you choosed,, ULUVBIGBLKDICK,, i have been with single men from here, and it's my first impression that i go with. I never like nicknames, to me it was something that just didn't fit right in my thinking. I'm sure i will get alot of lip for this as usual. But you wanted me to be honest so I am. The name you choosed is something i would find on a porno site, To me it's something that tells me something about your personality. I maybe wrong but that's the impression I get with your name. kristy

Young Swingers Night - - We will be there! First event. New to the lifestyle.... Cant wait to see how it goes down!

Why is being a YOUNG SINGLE MALE so difficult enter the swinging - Just a good random converstation starter :-) - See if i want to get laid... I do not need a swingers site to do it. I am here for the fact to get myself in the swingers lifestyle. Who knows maybe meet a girl who is possibly able to liberate me from the single male status :p . I just always had a fantasie about a orgy / swingers party.

What really defines a TRUE swinger? - - [quote=CHLOE468]""Most single males don't know the meaning of "NO" and are just like stray dogs in heat that just keep coming back no matter how many times you hit them with a newspaper. Bad dog. Go away!!!"" Wow......most of the men I have had to 'swat' away with the newspaper are the married swingers whose wives get all the cock they want...but they are left with nothing. I consider myself a happy swinger...I enjoy sex but also known my limitations and respect others no matter what. Guess a happy swinging Adult..???[/quote] The same experience here, been saying it for years... Are there single males who fit the mold? Of course, however, they don't last long before being banned. Are there married males who fit the mold? FAR more than single one. Are there single women who fit the mold? Of course, but far more rare. As far as who's a swinger? Anyone who wants to be....It is a state of mind, not a marital status.

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