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Tooele swingers party 2 - Doing our second party - Ok so were moving the party to august the 3rd and we will go with around 630-7 start time

Why so much hate in the swingers world... - - Uluv.... you asked and have gotten may differnt responses. We are one of those couples looking for single males but your location makes it difficult to hook up. As for the hate you feel.... well it is my opinion that people on here give their opinions and a person takes it the way the want. Yes your name sounds a bit like porno but this isn't the Brady Bunch's website either. As for Utah being the whitest state.... that I would have to agree on. My 10 year old son met my sisters boyfriend a while back who is black and told him the he needed to use more soap because he didn't get the dirt all the way off. Thank god the guy was good about it but it comes from not many black people in this state. And then to the comment about single males bring nothing to the table. I have heard that many times on these forums and it bothers me. A single male brings in a lot of different possibilities if you are open enough to the experience. If you are not open or have had probs with single males it does not mean that the single male cannot provide fun for another couple. Tasha

Appropriate Parameters of Sexual Conduct in Modern Society - Should sex still have a unique status or just be another hobby? - Beard, You did open something up but I'm not sure what. I had to copy and paste your original here so I didn't miss or get too confused.. One of your last points first: Moral refers to standards as defined by the church, the government or your neighbors(in light of the Supreme Court decission a few years ago about porn) Ethics, on the other hand are something that we define for ourselves based on our upbringing/environment and values that we have defined based on whatever we base them on. You are right that marriage is a concept designed by religion and the government for the care of offspring and the clear definition of linage for property rights. You use the term marriage, which is a legal term like it is a moral imperative then ask if it should be based on some one or group of common interrests. Then the next breath you suggest that marriage is supposed to be more than any of that and something to do with sharing and intimacy. Finally you go back to somehow trying to make a point, (I'm not sure what that point was) that maybe there should be a conglomerate of reasons for marriage then with the nesxt breath you ask if sex should be forbidden.. Now lets see if this makes any sense to anyone. I'm poly and We swing. I have a lover who is married and her husband knows or us(he is not poly) and B knows of us and we are all good friends. We are, my lover and I, intimate both emotionally and sexually and both non poly mates knowof this. B and I are very much soulmates but then my lover is also very close to that as well. I do not wish to take her away from her husband and I do not wish to replace B. She does not want to replace her husband with me and we are alll OK with that arrangement. In my heart of heart I am married to both in a very intimate way although I do not wish to procreate with anyone anymore. She feels the same way toward me. I would submit that marriage is an intimate, emotional and sometimes physical union of people.. I did not say two people I said people. We have been taught sex as a negative thing and relationships with more than one as a negative thing because we cannot love more than one person or more than one at any one time... I submit that we can love more than one and that the more we love the more we get back from that... Swinging is started off as fun between close friends and sometimes the term wife swapping became a reality.... Sex is fun adn swinging is about sex and today alot of times about relationships. Relationships in my opinion are for the benefit of everyone involved... . So I'm not sure if I understood where you were going but this is my take on the propositions as I understood them. Depending on any person's opinion or preferences sex and love can be the same or they can be separate or they can be coincidental but it's basically up to that person or couple to make that determination.... We, in the lifestyle, may ultimately be right and marriage may change to a more contractual thing rather than some sacrosanct BS that it has become.... Swingers as a group have more than 3.4 time greater chance of remaining married than that of non swingers. The range of failed marriages is between 66 and 77% in all first and second marriages and some 70% of all married people cheat on their mates. Swinger have a better than 85% chance of marriage survival. Cheating is not exempt in Swinging but I think is is greatly reduced... I think as swingers we have sex with friends and it can be just that or it can be more... at least for me..

YOLO Cruise April 26 2009 - swingers cruise - We are a Jax couple....we already added you on our friends list but we would love to chat with others from the Jax area! Pete and Ashley

Looking to establish a group of safe swingers - - [quote=LUVTHEFUN]We don't like condoms. But we have heard the HPV vaccine is not recommended if you are older than 26, 30, or 45 (depending on the type of vaccine). Not sure the options, other than a small group, tested regularly, would be ideal.[/quote] It’s supposed to be less effective with older people mainly because most have been exposed to HPV in some way the older they are. HPV is the number one STI… chances are you’ve had it and never realized you did, then your body got rid of it on its own. As far as this thread goes, while it might sound ideal to have a small group of friends that are tested clean, the reality is it only takes one of those people to stray and play with someone outside of the group that’s infected with something… then they will bring it into the rest of the group. It would take a whole lot of honesty and trust to make something like that work. Can’t control other people if they decide to have sex with others outside the group… and you’d never know if they put you at risk if they decided to keep quiet. Testing in this LS is a funny thing to us. If you’re active in this LS and are playing with others that are also active, those clean STI results become useless very quickly. You would have to test after each new partner, and after waiting through an incubation period first. Couples that say they have “recent tests” are usually talking about months old tests… how many people (men or women) have they been with since the clean test result? That’s not ever mentioned in our experience… If you test on a Monday, then play with someone infected (and get what they’ve got) on a Wednesday, then get a clean result on Friday, you still have a clean result even though you’re infected. We test for our own peace of mind. Never to show others as proof… we will always only ever trust ourselves with our sexual safety, and take the risks WE can control… those risks are never at zero in this LS, and we recognize that. Oral sex has its own risks as well… Weighing risk and reward is part of it. However, leaving our sexual health in others’ hands is something we just can’t do. We don’t trust you other naughty fucking people that much 😂 So condoms always for us. To each their own.

Reject Affair Match - Cheaters are not swingers - This is a good point. This could be an ad from a network...let's check...hang on a sec. Eh. Probably not. Make money where you can I guess, not my site. We'll just batten down the hatches and put up the periscopes! Heheheh..."Let the Buyer Beware!" -Mr. K_T

Hello summer - Swingers couple party - Details

Swingular Member Discounts - Exclusive discounts for registered Swingular members - HELLO I own a custom cabinet shop here in rock hill sc...all custom built-NO Prefab cabinets of any kind I am not in the same state as you all are,but I will put up a discount to swappernet/playful swingers & swinglur. All members who contact me ,I will give them a 15% discount on all work i do for them thats over 1,000.00. Jerry

Seeking mormon swingers - - "Your comments are ignorant." To try and say that nicely...You sound like an awesome fun couple that I'd love to get to know, and I REALLY hope you have a great time in Salt Lake City! Maybe we'll even get a chance to meet. I'm Mormon, and have lived in many different areas of the world and work in a very culturally diverse career, and I just have to say, "Your Mormon experiences, as you described them, are not the norm." The folks here are really very much like everyone everywhere else. I wish the comments here on this site were less harsh at times.

Discretion a Must?!? - Let us know - it worked in our favor, i used to work at a job and an advertising woman who i was very attracted to came in on occasion, she turned everyones head, found her and her man were swingers online much later... it was a good night :)

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