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Then there's this. - Enjoy! - OMG. A bunch of ACTIVE swingers had an Orgy. Scientific FACT covid has been around more than a year now. Do you know how many ACTIVE swingers have had it that use this forum? They likely all already had it. Sooner or later society is gonna have to realize there are people on the other side. Either that or we live the rest of our lives at home, behind a mask, worried about “germs”.

seniors - why is it so difficult to find senior swingers or single ladies? - Wow...I don't think Tequila Rose needs to jump on this one, as your "opinion" is very clear, and gosh...just right out there, ain't it? However, we simply want to state that in our "opinion", your "opinion" is found to be completely lacking in tact, good intent, social grace, and was completely unkind. If you felt such a necessity to answer with such...how can I put this..."honesty", then could you not have done it with at least more flair and less bluntness? I am not going to get on my "we're all going to be there someday" soapbox, because that is stating the overtly obvious. However, I certainly hope that by the time we get there, we don't run into many people either in or out of swinging, that would have such an utter lack of integrity and social etiquette to tell us that we are no longer considered viable and attractive members of society to at least someone. We wish the best of luck to the senior gentleman, and may he find exactly what he's looking for!

Question - do you talk about other swingers? - We agree that name dropping is a bad thing and in the few years that we have been in this lifestyle we have only had one bad experience and the funny thing is when we vaguely describe the experience only when asked (this means NO names, ScreenNames, locations or anything like that) we ALWAYS get the same response... Ohh so you met "ScreenName" too... our mouth usually hits the floor with the "how the fuck" look. but other than that we would never kiss n tell because its no one else's business who we have or have not met or been with .

Mormons - -


It appears that there are enough swingers that are also believers in a god. Perhaps you should form a more tolerant version to the faith and recruit members. That's pretty much how all the other branches got their start. The believed differently from the "mainstream". Those that believe god or the gods could give a fuck about your sex life should make your own version. Hell you can even write a supplemental to the Original christian bible. If there is such a thing. Anyway, I say do what makes you feel right. If you fuck and it doesn't feel wrong, then fuck. The only people who say it's a "sin" are humans. AG, That just proves that many religions families usually ignore one of the fundemental principles of "God's Intent" and rob individuals the right of free will until they are away from the grips of their families. People feel so dependant on the church because the church is all they know.

Las Vegas looking for swingers info. - - There isn't a " Swing " hotel per say....When the Lifestyle convention is in town they have Hospitality Suites in different hotels..... Check Out www.plushparties.com and www.couplesoasis.com ....The red rooster is wild, but has tons of single guys... the Oasis ( also wild ) doesn't allow them unless a cpl brings one. Good luck Vcpl45

Sturgis 2009 - - I plan on riding out with some vanilla friends. which wont be as much fun as it would if they were in swingers though! any single swinging ladys going that would like to ride with me? let me know.

Now that you're one of them there fancy swingers... - - Whack Me Baby, Whack Me Baby, All Night Long!

What are swingers really looking for ?Are they looking for frien - Has the happen to you. - Just some advice, we respect that you are quite obvious of what you are seeking in your profile, however I do have to say that the forum you are seeking friendship from may not be the best one to accomplish what you are seeking. Since this is a lifestyle forum, most people are seeking others who want to participate with them in the lifestyle, if we make new friends in the process that is a bonus. So if you are not looking to participate in the lifestyle, then you may be better off checking out a "vanilla" couples group. Just our 2 cents

Too old ???? - - I am calling it the way we have seen it. We both started playing around in lifestyles just under 40 years ago. The computer and internet wasn't that big a help, you had to find people at bars and clubs and places couples were known to hang out. You really walked gently then but word didn't travel as fast so you could maintain anonymity much easier. With chat rooms on the net and websites just for lifestyles, it became easier to meet people but also required more caution. We had a blast meeting couples, making friends and exploring all kinds of lifestyle activities. Cyn was a doll and always being chased. I guess I wasn't too bad either since I was never left out. Under 10 years ago we took a break. During that time most of our favorite clubs went away, the news media made big issues about swingers, alot of our friends moved, died or divorced. We decided to try getting back in because we missed the friendships with a more open feeling, not necessarily the sex. We came back in our early 60's, just a few years ago. We changed physically, gained a little weight, went grey, lost some hair... most of the things that happen about now. We posted some nice current pics, updated our profile honestly and waited. A few nice gentlemen responded to Cyn, but even then, it was lean pickings. My opinion is that we are all selfish animals, including Cyn and I. There is nothing more exciting than a hot, tight young body. The physical attraction fades as we wrinkle, expand and change. Finding other couples becomes difficult and very selective. Putting up those bigger numbers on our age does not help. Posting honest pics is a double-edged sword. While it's good to be honest it also deters people away. We have found meeting people whenever possible makes the best connection, the way it was in the beginning. When you let people meet you, learn what they are really like and they see what you really are, the relationship seems to solidify quicker and without having to fake it in any way. Its hard, miserable and frustrating after all the fun we had in younger years, but our bodies aged, not our minds. Good luck.. a good friendship is worth the effort.

What is it to being a swinger couple - Is it always this way - [quote=BISEXUALMOJO4FUN]When you hook up with a couple, you are hooking up to the part of their life they in general want to keep secrete. They don't want you as friends that will filter into their everyday normal life. And there is always times where you know the other couple are great people, but the sex just was not that good. Most all sex is fun, but some sex is way better. You have to be able to sep real life friends and sex friends, its not often they mix well. People have their family, jobs and life in general to protect and don't want you close to any of it or should I say will risk having you close to it. It's not personal, it's reality and swinging is fantacy and you were a booty call. If you find true friends, generally the playing stops. You don't want to risk true friends for a quick piece of bootie. We see swingers who seem to have play friends that work, but if we see them a year later. It has almost always chaged for some reason. So relax, have fun and move on. There will be couples you do not want a play date with again too. :)[/quote] That makes it alright for them to lie?

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