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Monogamish - - Seems like a day doesn't go by without a new article on the high failure rate of traditional monogamous relationships and the "new" trend toward open relationships. Are swingers ahead of the curve or is this all just new age hooey? [url=https://www.yahoo.com/health/should-we-all-be-in-monogamish-relationships-109895587302.html]Monogamish[/url]

Friend collectors or swingers - - Well we are here to meet people learn more about the lifestyle make friends ..send a friend request our way or you can chat with us through kik (riskeroner) let's not just sit on the sideline let's play 😉.

Opening your marriage - How did the conversation come up? - It was pretty much a mutual idea. We both grew up in very strict religious (Yes, Mormon.) households. We took each other's virginity on our wedding night after a rather weird ceremony in the temple. Immediately we decided that we REALLY liked sex. We started discussing our fantasies and both wondering what we might have missed out on growing up and not being able to explore sexually like many of our less religious peers. We also enjoyed reading and telling each other erotic stories in bed. One day a few years after we got married, while living back east, I wandered into an adult bookstore to grab the latest Penthouse Letters and a cheaply printed "magazine" of adult ads for swingers caught my eye. I bought it and took it home. We'd read, of course, about swinging in Penthouse Letters but had never really considered that people actually DID it. Not too long after that, after MUCH fantasizing, we found ourselves parked outside a small house party, chugging Bartles and Jaymes, and daring each other to go in. That was in 1989! [em]Emo_12[/em]

Facebook group - - I am an admin in a long-standing FB Swingers group for SouthEast Idaho and we're getting ready to close it down. It used to be there were privacy concerns where people who joined would risk exposing other members by sending friend requests to everybody but we were able to handle most of that by staying on top of things. Now, the FB rules and algorithm bots are going crazy. Posts from 2+ years ago are being randomly found and flagged. Posts from the admins are being flagged as well and we've been warned that if too many of these happen FB will shut the group down altogether. But this means two things; 1. the posts that make the page fun and free are all at risk of being auto flagged even though the group is private and 2. Even if a post is not flagged it's not truly private since the FB bots and possibly admins are scanning through everything that happens in every group. Really, the FB rule changes from 2 years ago make the group against their policy even by existing. The new rules read that a group cannot exist for the purpose of seeking or supporting the planning of any sexual activity. Because of all this, our group has been migrating to MeWe and all official posts/events/polls are now hosted there. We'll also be deleting FB content that is likely to be flagged and closing down the group.

Why are there so many swingers from Utah? - - Just check out the Swingers booth at the Utah Family Expo., which is going on right now! You'll find the answers to all of your questions.

On Premise Swingers Club - SLC - I am fairly new to the area , but am aware there is a lerge swingers community here. i understand there was a club here in the past. I am looking into opening a new club. I have run Club Collette in New orleans for a brief time in the past. I have been to clubs all over the country and have an idea for an upscale club. need feedback to see if there is an interest. If so ad me to your friend list and let me know your thoughts. Mark

Alternate Semi Swinging Site? - FInding the right connections - [quote=SIMONEMARKS]Do any of you know of alternative sites for partial swingers. We have struggled to find couples who like to enjoy their own partner while allowing the ladies to play. It seems, here, that it offends when I, the lady, don’t share my guy. It works for us, but oddly is offsetting to many others. For me, if a woman doesn’t want to share her man but wants to play girl on girl…I’m perfectly happy with that. It’s her man, her limits. I’ve been told that means not everyone gets to play? I don’t understand that since everyone is playing. It’s a partial swap. Please let me know if you know of somewhere to find that.[/quote] There are plenty of people here who are fine with that particular scenario and more than a few who are also looking, specifically, for that type of play. No need to go elsewhere. The trick is to find couples that won't try to punk you and get you to do a full swap after leading you to believe they are okay with your rules. Also, there are quite a few women that aren't really bi or are only bi up to a point. It could be partly due to the fact that you're in Cedar. Additionally, we've noticed that your particular play preference is more common among younger couples so that could be making your search difficult as well. And one last problem (I know, right?), swingsites are slowly dying and more and more people are using alternative methods to find people to hook up with. You missed the heyday for lifestyle sites by about 10 or 15 years. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Edit: Oops, my bad. Didn't read carefully enough, Just saw "Cedar" and assumed Cedar City.

Swingers In Uniform - Pay your memorial day respects here. - I may have steped out of line here but I still wanted everyone to know, I just sent this to the asshole (DON_JUAN_QUIXOTE) with all the remarks about the Military. Sir and I use that term loosely, you obvesely have no clue what the F' your speaking about and I can't help but think you are quite possible a F'in Democrat. It's only fair to assume (and we all know what that means) that you don't believe in anything George Bush or any other Rep. has to say. We have to agree with the rest that you TRUELY do not UNDERSTAND what you really have because of people like myself who go to work everyday in the MILITARY. We may not DIRECTLY save your life but when some asshole like on the day of 9-11 comes knocking on your door I am sure you will again be one of the first to cuss us again because we're NOT THERE to save your ASS. Personally if I was there I'may just have to sit back and say "have you ever heard of the "Just Due Process" you know what I'm talking about. Like when a child rapist goes to jail, as soon as the inmates find out what's he there for, he only has one way to go, be a BITCH for everyone else or die. Well I'd have to say you fit right into that mold. Sincerly MSGT USAF

Game ON....which sign is Hornier...(is that a word?) - zodiac signs of swingers? - She is a Taurus and He is a Gemini,,,weg

Do you kiss first and then ask?? - Does anyone else ask about HSV 1 (oral cold sores) before kissing? - Well the 80% number is for adults.. of course kids who have not kissed yet is less. IT is fairly contagious. Enough that the experts recommend changing towels in the bathroom often if someone in the family has HSV 1. So if a couple got married without many kissing partners when they were young and have been married for 25 years the 80% does not apply. The testing reliability is a problem because of cross counts between HSV 1 & 2 or some technical thing I dont feel like quoting right now. But some positives might be negative however a negative is good new from what I have read. As far as swingers not playing because they have a tingle in their lip. I dont see that stopping many of the folks we have met at some of these parties. I hear it all the time life is dangerous and you could get in a car crash today.... YEs but we do what we can to prevent things and some of us more than others.

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