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Eden House - What's it like, honestly from people that have attended? - Does anyone have anything good to say about Eden House? We were thinking about checking it out one of these weekends. Where we lived before we had 3-4 options for swingers clubs to go to. All of which had sex on premise. From what I've read Eden House is a "church". What gives? What's the average age would you guys say of people that attend? Is it like a bad 70's porno where you walk in and it's all 45+yrs and over weight with molestor-staches and 5 rolls a girl?

ARE THE LIFESTYLE SWING COUPLES MORE SPIRITUALLY INCLINED - - Great question, I don't think lifestyle people are more or less. I think it's normal number are and are not regardless of the lifestyle question. We have meet several swingers that continue to have issues with this. They feel that their beliefs in god don't allow for swinging. So at times they have major guilt issues with the lifestyle or even just being bisexual. I personally don't get into that line of thinking because I believe that if everyone is in agreement and no one is getting hurt or lied to; then there is no "sin" with exploring the lifestyle.

Vegas: Swingers circle or couples oasis? - Which do I prefer - How far from the strip is Couples Oasis? We will be there the first weekend in April and want some fun!

Tonight - Club - Unofficial swingers bar in slc

Where to go, what to do. - Non club activities - Is now a good time to bring up the wrist bands, distinctive rings,and necklaces of christmas past???? Sort of joking however the idea of non-club get meets has allot of potential, look at the summer campout for instance and once there was a bowling party in a closed venue that was a blast, we went to a swingers super bowl party that was awesome, Lava Hot Springs Takeover was too much fun so we definitely think there is room for different social activities. Now on to how to recognize peeps, good luck with that one as a community swingers seem to have been trying to figure that one out since long before we started recreating. Bob

Tired of Politics and Religion! - - We are just getting caught up on this thread and all we can remember about it is that Bel gets all wet and tingly. Guess this site really is a swingers site after all. And to the Don, our friends own another swing site and guess what, they even started a thread supporting Obama. Yes it was controversial but if you knew them you would understand, they are all about common sense and always support freedom of speech and expression.

Help us out.. Take this Survey - For Utah Swingers - Completed.

Calling all losers! - LS and club scene - As a single male (when we are invited), it's hard to make any connections in a LOUD club. I have some female friends (whom I'm sure that many couples would love), but inviting them to a loud "swingers" environment, isn't always attractive to them. On the other hand, a quiet, more relaxed/intimate setting is much more desirable to the women that I hang with. Also, if a couple would be willing to take a chance on a single male, dinner and drinks might be a lot less threatening for everyone involved. No expectations.... just getting to know each other.

New Meet and Mingle Party House - Is there interest in the northern counties? - Hi 🙋🏽‍♂️ We’re putting out the feelers for interest in a new meet and mingle party house located in Weber county. This will be a selective group of COUPLES ONLY that we would like to put together... if it goes well we would have regular meet and mingles moving forward. This is an option we’d like to have in the northern counties without having to go to a club and advertise to the public that it’s a “swingers” hangout. Couples from farther counties are welcome. We’d like to keep things more discreet and selective in the people that attend, and hopefully make a good group of LS friends in the process. There would be a screening process. We’ll need to know who is coming (face pics) so there are no coworkers showing up at our door that have already seen our nekkid pics on Swingular. That would be a sexual harassment HR nightmare 😂 You can private message with questions, or reply to this thread if you’re interested. Again, if you’re gun shy about providing face pics, this party isn’t for you. We’ll keep an RSVP list of people attending and provide it to the others that have RSVPd, so they can see who they’ll be mingling with. We will not provide face pics to other couples. Just the usernames. Thanks for reading, and happy adventures to all you sexy people 🙂

Swingers cars??? - What ya driving?? - 2010 F150 Lariat, 2012 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited, 2012 Street Glide, and 2007 Heritage, All broke in except for Jeep

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