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Clayton Swingers

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Swingers' club to shut after disabled access complaint - - It doesn't appear the issue was financial. At least not if you read the story. The way I read it, they wanted to conform, and were willing to conform, but couldn't get a building permit to make the necessary changes.

How close is too close - - I think that the question poses a number of possibilities... If only one person is starting to feel something beyond sexual attraction then that person should step back and examine why they are feeling this way. If it is only one way then the person who is having the feelings needs to take stock of the reality of the situation and realize the potential problems involved. If the situation is mutual and noone else realizes it then the two involved need to discuss it... and they both have to weigh the situation. Why is this happening and are the possible ramifications worth the risks involved... If it is possible talk about it with everyone concerned and make a determination as to what needs to be done. I've actually heard about a situation where a couple split over a swinging situation and the lady from the one couple went with the guy from the other couple and the gal from the other couple went with the husband of the woman that went with her husband.. A real twist on the concept of swapping.... Being poly may put a totally different slant on how I look at this problem... since I am involved with a married woman. My wife and her husband are not poly... The other couple are not swingers and we are very good friend as couples... and everyone knows about she and I. It's very difficult to explain to anyone how this works but it does and it can..... So I have a unique perspective on love and swinging... or just married people and love between non married people in married situations. I would generally say, however, that swingers should not get into love situations unless you and your mate and the other couple can handle this situation.. If a love relationship starts to happen run don't walk to the nearest exit and don't turn around. Just possibilities .. There are quite a few poly people involved iin swinging...including some of the older people entering into swinging... They are looking to expand their sexual and love relationships as well. THere are also younger people in the lifestyle who are poly.. The subject has come up a surprising number of times of various swinger sites... So if you're not poly and start to feel love for someone other than you mate... Assess you first as to why... but regardless, if you love your mate....get away fromo that particular situation... Ray

Why so much hate in the swingers world... - - I'm far from PC, but there are some things I don't find funny.

Real Swingers Nasty Play Party Saturday the 14th - Cum meet couples that like to play in Draper - At this time we are only giving out invites to couples and single women

Secret facebook group for SLC? - - I actually started one: Northern Utah / Southwest Wyoming Swingers It isn't jumping yet, but would like to see more people added. Search for Nathan H., I live in Mtn View. I posted this in case you are interested in joining. I figured that if we were able to get a group going we could communicate in ways other than on here. The choice is yours, there is no pressure

KUTV News Story on Swingers - News - So we watched the news piece and we observed that the lady they interviewed was rejected at parties and said she felt like she was in the 5th grade again because she was left out and her husband was busy as hell at the orgies they would attend..........this was nothing more than an attention piece on her part. She's obviously jaded.

Swinger & 🦄 Bait - An experiment to attract swingers and unicorns. - So should I put a pineapple on our porch tonight? Try to turn a mostly vanilla party into something more.

New Swingers Club in Utah - Gauging interest in new club - We would be down a few times a year. We love Scarlet Ranch in Denver and have often thought about opening a similar club in Utah or Vegas

Just looking for other couples happy with super soft and no swap - There must be more of us out there? - Im getting so confused. Seems there are so many rules and borders. I was in a room w a soft swap couple and the attitude was rude and didnt even want anyone watching and had the doors closed alone, now Im sorry but why would you go to a swingers club to have sex in a room alone and doors closed, how stupid. Been turned off to "soft swap" ever since. I respect everyone's bag but if you dont respect others, you'r not gonna get it back . Im very glad Im in the vegas swingers scene and not utah anymore.....and BTW any old couples I used to swing w....Mike will be in Vegas soon! lol

Friend collectors or swingers - - So in our friends list we have played we 90% of them and the other 10% I leave in the list on the hopes they will follow through. That said it’s time to clear a few out that are obviously pic collectors.

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