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New Swingers Club in Utah - Gauging interest in new club - We would attend as well about 2x a month or so. The ones we've been to in Las Vegas were fun but one was dirty and nasty. I would think a good dance area along with a pool table and seating area along with play rooms would be great. A big community type play room as well as individual play rooms or a room with windows would be fun. The main thing is keeping it clean! There's nothing worse than going into a dirty, disgusting play area.

This one time at Swingers Camp - Discussion about N by N camp out - had a great time again.... I love meeting new people and hanging with my bestie (GINA & ROB)... I will be at the next party... thank's for a great time Sue.Dre, Lane...

New Swingers Club in Utah - Gauging interest in new club - I love the idea as an old widower of a nice comfortable place to meet and play.I have attended a few house play parties that were fun as well.

What really defines a TRUE swinger? - - Here is a definition that I think is pretty good: Swinging or partner swapping (sometimes referred to as the swinging lifestyle or simply the lifestyle) is a non-monogamous [1] behavior, in which partners in a committed relationship agree, as a couple, for both partners to engage in sexual activities with other people, sometimes referred to as recreational or social sex.[2] Swinging can take place in a number of contexts, ranging from a spontaneous sexual activity at an informal social gathering of friends to a swingers' club and can involve internet-based introduction services.

Single Males - - [quote=CTA313][quote=EVILDOERS] ...get a girl to join you....Not only do you now "bring more to the table", but you have the added credibility that if you can find and finesse a girl into joining you in this little adventure we call swinging (whether it be a girlfriend, a wife, a second cousin twice removed, or just a hot fwb) you might just not be a giant douchecopter.[/quote] Ignoring the need to "finesse" someone and unhealthy gender stereotypes in general, this line of reasoning is a little troubling as it presumes that a male's company is inherently worth less. Or that an absence of semi-romantic relationships somehow speaks poorly of his character. I personally think approaching someone whom you aren't already fairly close with and soliciting to go to a swingers party is a bit out of line. Especially if her company is sought as an accessory to demonstrate to others that he is not, as you say, “a douchecopter”. Call me old-fashioned. [quote=EVILDOERS] I know we can't be the only people who secretly wonder just a little bit about some single guys and why they aren't with somebody. Do they secretly hate women (yes, we've met some that actually do), are they just too lazy (or busy, maybe...but hey, we're all busy) to find someone, are they serial killers and/or just not very nice guys? [/quote] Oh, I hope you are! That's a really unfortunate outlook to have. Promising relationships take time to find, let alone build to the requisite amount of trust and stability to try things like this. In the mean time, I don't see anything wrong with someone pursuing their interests while still holding out for someone worthy of their emotional investment. To me, that behavior is quite attractive should be respected! It doesn't get any better than someone who is confident, self-actualized, and motivated to pursue their desires. Sadly, it sounds their gender influences whether this is seen as a desirable trait. I'm not sure how long you've been out of things (30 years?), but it's easy to forget the struggle when you're comfortable in a marriage. Things are more fluid. People don't feel the need to settle down like they used to. [quote=EVILDOERS]I know many will say they've tried and swinging is a deal breaker for most women. After almost 3 decades in the swinging trenches meeting and talking to other people, both couples and singles, we would disagree....many, if not most, women could eventually come around to the idea of swinging once they feel safe and secure in a relationship.[/quote] This is just confirmation bias if the evidence comes from a sample of people you have met while swinging. [quote=EVILDOERS]...those of us who DID put in all the blood, sweat, and tears into a relationship and allow it to grow to the point of daring (don't think for a second we aren't risking a LOT in opening up our relationships to other people!) to allow others access to our significant other sometimes wonder why some others want to take a shortcut to all the sweet swinging bennies with little or no risk on their own part.[/quote] If you're not comfortable sharing your wife with someone you might view as a potential competition, you definitely don't have to. On the other hand, there are a lot of people enjoy it :) This smacks of the old “you must suffer as I did” chestnut. [/quote] Yes, I agree, "finesse" was a poor choice of words. In my defense, I was at work and rather in a hurry to make a point...that apparently I didn't make well (and my attempts to also be humorous apparently fell flat too). Rereading my post it does smack a little of mild gender bias but I can assure you that it wasn't my intent in any way and most certainly is not my outlook on women, relationships or life in general. My intent was simply to advocate approaching swinging as a mutually desirable activity that two partners desire and share equally in. And not that it matters, but I've shared my wife with probably over a hundred men, married and single, and I've never thought of any of them as competition. But I never thought of swinging as "sharing" my wife either, but instead as her deciding to be sexual with another person and me being totally okay with her decision to do so. Sharing her, to me, almost denotes some sort of ownership or at very least some kind of permission that I would have to give. Both those ideas are not a part of our relationship. Perhaps the concept of "competition" in swinging interactions is a single male attitude? I don't know. And I didn't mean it in any way, shape, or form as a "you must suffer as I did" trope but simply as the idea that we invested a LOT of hard work and time making our marriage what it is and together deciding to risk opening it up to the excitement and also the possibility of harm that is swinging. I think, perhaps, that sometimes single people in the lifestyle don't quite understand the very real possibility of permanent damage (or worse) to the relationship that couples who swing are flirting with. For many (most?) of us, our marriages/relationships are THE most precious thing we have. What, if anything, are you risking? A bruised ego?

Small Town - Speak Out - we live in a small town and no one seems to put a pic on their profile, we look at it this way, if you are a trial member or courious, u can only see the first pic, but if you are really wanting to get into it you will get a membership and see what is available. You should not worry about showing a pic because these ones viewing it would also be swingers. Does this not make sense????? Todd and Renee'

What to wear to a swingers party??? - - We would really like to attend the Valentines Day party but we are new at this and we are wondering what to wear? What do men wear? What is appropriate and what is not? ;) XOXO

(Utah) HOT AND WILD ORGY PARTY! - DESCRIPTION (Notice:) *Looking for Open Minded and a Discreet person / And I can message only on em - DESCRIPTION (Notice:) *Looking for Open Minded and a Discreet person / And I can message only on email. Thanks. Kindly email me for more question. By the way, I am Angela 27 white. We are conducting an upcoming orgy party in this area? If you are looking for GROUP of FUN. Come and join us. Or Email me here at ([email protected])) ----- "Party Descriptions:" Cuddle Party is open to anyone 18 years or older. All ages, races, religions and LGBTQ community warmly welcomed. * Do you long for more touch, nurturing, or affection in your life? * Is it hard to find safe, non-sexual touch? * Are you ready to explore conscious connection, authentic consent, and empowered boundaries? Then a Cuddle Party is the place for you! Come and experience the abundance of love and nurturing touch that is available to you. This is a GREAT place for beginners!!! We are a recently established group of experienced and semi-experienced swingers who meet on a fairly regular basis at a number of locations in our member's area for group fun. It is a safe, comfortable and fun environment for all, You can be single, a couple or an existing group of swingers with experience or those new to the scene " It doesn't matter if you want to join in with a full sexual group experienced. Play as a couple or just watch you will still be welcome and all personal boundaries are respected at all times. Some of us are straight, some bi, and some bi-curious so whatever you fancy getting in touch and we will consider you for our next meeting. There’s no question about it ~ we all crave more touch. The body's bliss hormone, Oxytocin, is released by nurturing, welcome, consensual touch and is essential for the wellbeing of your body, your heart, and your spirit. Your nervous system, blood pressure, and emotional health all benefit from healthy, heart-full touch! Safe touch also enhances your ability to connect with and trust people, your capacity to respect and care for yourself, your creativity, and your sense of safety, comfort, and belonging. Infants who are deprived of touch fail to thrive, and we never outgrow that need. In today’s high-tech low-touch society, we especially crave the authentic connection, deep listening, and nurturing touch that we were born to receive. Though touch is natural, the skills that make it welcome and enjoyable sometimes need to be learned and practiced. Skills of communication, expressing boundaries, asking for what you want, and saying ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ with clarity and kindness. At a Cuddle Party you gain: * Clarity and confidence about your wants and needs * Boundary and communication skills * Comfort, support and encouragement * The secrets to welcome, relaxed, platonic touch * Satisfying your pleasure. WHAT TO EXPECT During the OPENING EVENT we have TOY SEX PARTY SHOWS! FREE BEVERAGES DRINKS AND FOODS. CONDOMS AND SEX TOYS. LOGISTICAL DETAILS Be sure to REGISTER in advance. There are a limited number of tickets (20) available. Confirmations with complete details and directions will be e-mailed out to those who register. (Please Email me before buying a Ticket) Early Registration: $35 Regular Registration $50 PLEASE BE ON TIME. Doors lock at 7:15 pm! Plan to arrive between 6:30-6:45 pm The opening Welcome Circle is for introductions and to go over the Agreements of the Cuddle Party. This is an important aspect of the Cuddle Party experience and creates a safe container for all participants. It is essential that everyone be on time. Once the Welcome Circle begins, no late arrivals can enter. WEAR your Costumes. (Costume is provided on the party. You must need to ask, how to get it.) This will be a shoe-free environment, so please bring and wear socks if your feet get cold. Out of consideration for other participants, please be fresh and hygienic and DON’T WEAR any strong fragrances, colognes, or perfumes. *BRING your open heart, and be prepared for the open hearts of others! Optionally, consider bringing a pillow and blanket or any other soft fluff to enhance your snuggling experience. CANCELLATIONS AND REFUNDS *If you cannot make it, let me know immediately!! There may be a waiting list of people who really want to come! I can only fill extra spaces if you notify me in enough time. Out of kindness to other snugglers, please email me immediately if your plans change. * Refund up to 1 days in advance. * If you decide by the end of the Welcome Circle that it isn’t the right time/event for you, you may leave and receive a full refund. * If you are a no show, or arrive after the doors have closed, no refund. ------------ PS: YOU MUST NEED TO AGREE THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. ASK ME IF YOU WANT TO REVIEW IT.

Barack Hussein Obama - Political.. I think - Two points: 1. To blame Christianity because of the idiotic few is absurd and shallow. If that is our basis for judgment, then we must say all swingers are awful because some cheat on their spouses, or all children are bad because a few bully. Thinking Christianity is the downfall of anything is really sad. Please think bigger! 2. Those who put out stupid misleading information about either candidate in desperate untruths are also sad in my book. I just hope people are smarter in this country than they were the last two presidential elections!

Any Swingers out there? Golf swingers that is... - - [quote=CPLWHOSHARE]I (male side) plays but she is always willing to drive the cart and coo words of encouragement. We do both play tennis though but fun in the sun on the links can be fun as well.[/quote] My mrs will drive as well. She wants to learn to play, but hasn't had much time yet. I like to get out and play for the enjoyment, bogey-double bogey golfer, but it's fun.

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